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3 3573 00078 6019 





Two Thousand Ten 

Regional High School 

415 Center Street - Bridgewater, MA 

1,514 Students - 131 Faculty 

Liz Boutilier, Erin Pochay 


Lindsay Arrighi, Jeff Sylvia 





.;■' — i 


—i — i 

U - 


Thank you Mr. Peabody, Peabz, for a wonderful 
four years. Having a Vice Principle who is so 
personable with a great sense of humor has 
made getting in trouble a little bit more 
bearable. His signature mustache and taking 
care of business attitude will forever be 
remembered by the Class of 2010. Again, thank 
you for being there for us, we will miss you! 

The Class of 2010 

. — • ■ 

Class Advisors 

On behalf of the senior 

class, we would like to give 

a special thank you to our 

class advisors. Mrs. Home 

and Mrs. O'Brien put forth 

their time and effort to make 

our senior year so 

memorable. All of this would 

not have been possible 

without them. 

Thank You! 

A special thanks 

ro Matt MacArthurr, Wes Clark, Dan Grady, Shane Morris, Kyle Gomes, 
and any of our other classmates who are going to serve our country. 

1 1 




The past four years at 
Bridgewater- Rayn ha m 
Regional High School 
have been full of 
wonderful moments. Our 
parents, teachers, and 
coaches have all helped 
make our four years in 
high school so special. 
The yearbook has been 

divided into the 

following sections: 






When put all together, 

these sections have 

helped form our lasting 




■ I 






• ■ 

fli-jf f Tj tv<?Xi • **yOk ^* • l\i v 


Retiring Faculty 




From the Principal 


Aministrative Staff, 




H i 







/ • "W \l III 

oreign Language 1 Q 

1 'if- / rsa 

Arts, Business, Health 1 "7 


Special Education, 

Cafeteria and 
Custodial Staff 






Retiring Faculty 

Mr. Robert Kostka 

Mr. Robert Kostka, chair of the Social Studies Department, is retiring this 
year after being part of the B-R family for 40 years. He has developed a 
true following with his sociology classes. As his many students will tell you, 
his Type 2 personality (and what kind of wing did you say you had???) will 
be sorely missed along with his dedication. Thanks and gratitude to you, 
Mr. Kostka! Enjoy your retirement years! 

Mrs. Patricia Anania 

Mrs. Pat Anania came to us from West Bridgewater. She has been at BR 
for 15 years. Mrs. Anania passionately teaches earth science. She loves 
nature and strives to excite her students about their environment and what 
is happening around them. Mrs. Anania has led the Science Olympiad team 
for 10 years. She has kept this team alive through very difficult financial 
times. This team has grown and had many successes under Mrs. Anania's 
guidance. Pat has given a lot to the students of BR. We will miss her in the 
science department and in our school. Thanks Mrs. Anania! 

Mr. Alan Coughlin 

Mr. Al Coughlin is the Senior member of the Science Dept. He has been the 
department head for 5 years. Mr. Coughlin is a veteran and a hard worker. 
He has taught earth science to thousands of students over the years. Mr. 
Coughlin is professional, kind, and respectful to all that work with him. He 
has been a good friend and a dedicated teacher. We will miss him. Thanks 
Mr. Coughlin! 

Mrs. Susan Brougham 

After many years as a first grade teacher, Mrs. Brougham arrived at the high school 
in 2004 as our new librarian. The transition from elementary school to high school 
could not have been smoother. She was a welcome addition to our staff and a 
fierce advocate for our library. Her creativity transformed the library by adding 
decorative bulletin boards and educational posters. She set up quiet study areas for 
staff and organized and trained a wonderful group of docents to assist us as well. 
She was able to provide new and modern resources even under difficult financial 
times. We wish her all the best as she retires and will truly miss. 



166 Mt. Prospect Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324 



June 2010 

To The Class of 2010: 

You have achieved an important milestone in life. Graduation is a time to reflect on the past 
four years of a challenging yet rewarding high school experience. It is also a time to look 
forward to a promising future. 

Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School has provided you with the necessary knowledge 
and skills upon which to build your future. Knowledge is not enough to be successful; it is how 
you use that knowledge that counts. Use your wisdom to do the right things, to act on 
principle and with compassion for others. 

Go forth with the confidence of your teachers, families, and yourselves into a world that holds 
limitless possibilities. On behalf of the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School Committee, I 
wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Make us proud! 

Congratulations to the Class of 2010! 

Jacqueline B. Forbes 
Superintendent of Schools 


J I 


>* 1 

















From the Principal 



To the class of 2010, 

I wish you the best of luck! I have been honored to work with such a fine group 
of young men and women during my first year as Principal. Four short years 
ago, we embarked on this journey together and I feel that in that short amount of 
time we have learned and grown a great deal from one another. You never 
ceased to amaze me with your hard work and ability to rise to the occasion in all 
that you have done. The core of your experience at B-R is one you should all be 
proud of. Through all the ups and downs over the course of your high school 
years, you passed the tests put before you and met the expectations set for you 
not only by your school, but by your families. You have established high 
standards for your peers to follow and you have always represented B-R in the 
most positive light. 

Although this chapter of your life is closing, another one is beginning the 

beginning of your life as young adults with increased responsibilities and 
expectations. Remember to always have the courage to seek the truth, to speak 
the truth, and to stand up for the under dog - even if yours is the lone voice 

doing so. Have the courage to trust your own moral 
compass - your innate understanding of right and wrong. 
And have the courage to accept that you are not perfect, 
nothing is, and no one is - and that is ok. 
In closing, I want you to remember one thing.... be proud of 
what it took to get to this special day. Remember the hard 
work you put forth to get to this moment and realize that it 
is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. 
Congratulations and good luck to you! 

Angela Watson 

Alan Peabody 

Assistant Principal 

Richard Warnock 

Assistant Principal 


Administrative Assistants 

Alice Akins 

Joyce DeMello 

Carol McKenna 

Lee Ann Spearin 

Judith Sylvia 

Ray Wilcox 

Helene O'Neil 

Sally Reid 


Department Head 
MaryAnn Mozzone 

Bill Barber 

Attendance Supervisor 
Mary Boogie 

Sherri Damon 

Mary Dooley 

Katelyn Driscoll 

Resource Officer 
Jack Hobson 

Lisa Hallgren 

School Psychologist 
Sue Kaszneck 

Michelle Rossi 








4* - 







m to! 




Department Head 
Geraldine Benedict 

English Teacher 
Linda Blocker 

English Teacher 
Donald Burke 

English Teacher 
Sharon Davis 

English Teacher 
Michael Hayhurst 

English Teacher 
John Jessop 

English Teacher 
Mark Jones 

English Teacher 
Dana Osgood 

English Teacher 
Glen dePontbriand 

English Teacher 
Caroline Settino 

Department Head 
Robert Kostka 

History Teacher 
Dolores Paterna 

History Teacher 
Richard Sypher 

History Teacher 
Lindsay Arrighi 

History Teacher 
Sarah Hardy 

History Teacher 
Cate Jewitt 

History Teacher 
Jack Powers 

History Teacher 
Ronald Scarbrough 

History Teacher 
Cheryl Spear 

History Teacher 
Barbara Murdoch 

History Teacher 
Jeffrey Sylvia 

♦ I 



Department Head 
Susan Kinney 

Math Teacher 
Rosemary Haigus 

Math Teacher 
Leigh Cooley 

Math Teacher 
Daniel Cox 

Math Teacher 
Sarah DeSisto 

Math Teacher 
Carmela Kiessling 

Math Teacher 
Kevin Pacheco 

Math Teacher 
Robert Ringuette 

Math Teacher 
Patricia Eddy 

Math Teacher 
Deborah Rucker 


Department Head 
Alan Coughlin 

Science Teacher 
Wayne Horton 

Science Teacher 
Patricia Anania 

Science Teacher 
Elizabeth Calef 

Science Teacher 
Paul Conroy 

Science Teacher 
Sandra Kelly 

Science Teacher 
Jonathan Levesque 

Science Teacher 
Barbara Norman 

Science Teacher 
Virginia Jerome 

Science Teacher 
David Patrick 



Foreign Language 

Department Head 
Laura O'Brien 

Spanish Teacher 
Laura Barber 

Spanish Teacher 
Amanda Beatrice 

Spanish Teacher 
Tanya Bejarano 

Spanish Teacher 
Nicole DaSilva 

French Teacher 
Jean Donovan 

Spanish Teacher 
Dianne Harrison 

Spanish Teacher 
Lindsay Kelliher 

Spanish Teacher 
Lindi Russell 

Spanish Teacher 
Stephanie Savoy 


•■' ■ 



The Arts 

Jill Griffin 

Fine Arts Teacher 
Shirley Wood 

Department Head 
Louise Home 

Business Teacher 
Kathleen Cirbben 

Business Teacher 
S teve Fernandes 

Business Teacher 
Angela Kendell 

Business Teacher 
Deborah Robbins 


Michelle Beshansky 

Nurse Aide 
Eileen Bailey 

Health Teacher 
Scott Blake 

Athletic Director 
Daniel Buron 

Physical Education 
Lorna Hickey 

Physical Education 
John Kearney 

Physical Education 
Dennis Rodrigues 


Special Education 

Department Head 
Mark Mosher 

Sharon Anderson 

Donna Brazao 

Robert Brogna 

Matthew Connolly 

Visual Impaired Aide 
Julie Devincenzp 

Amy Jordan 

Kara Kuntupis 

Robert Peterson 

Kathy Rogers 

Joanne Silipigno 

Colleen Welch 

Lisa White 

Natalie Winsor 


Marcia Larson 

Lynne Temme 

Mary Zunnino 

Maria Morrison 

Donna Tyson 




Susan Brougham 

Technology Dept. Head 
Jennifer Doyle 

Library Aide 
Carol Webber 

Cafeteria Staff 

Custodial Staff 


■V * 








■ " ■ 




m * 







Varsity Team: 

Seniors: Brittney Morgan, Katie Sheridan, Kailey Walsh, 
Courtney White 

Hannah Amirault, Erica Bynarowicz, Arielle Catton, 
Amanda Colby, Jessica Dion, Shannen Heath, Amanda 
Jones, Kristina Manter, Cheisea Mason, Taylor Murphy, 
Brittany Pace, Christina Page, Karyssa Shaw, Sam 
Spatola, Noelle St. Louis, Ali Rogers, 

""And the Britney song was on... " 

This year's Varsity Football Cheerleaders proved to be a 

wonderful group of girls. These ladies have a great ability to 

balance fun and hard work. It was through their dedication 

and perseverance that we were able to have a successful 

season. The team placed second in the OCL and qualified to 

advance on to the regional competition. Senior Captain 

Brittney Morgan describes the team as "amazing girls who 

bonded to form one of the closest teams BR has ever seen 

and I'm proud to have been a part of it". Senior Captain Katie 

Sheridan says "Cheer girls, thanks for a great year! 

Unforgettable times at Gillette! Good Luck next year! " These 

girls along with our other two seniors Kailey Walsh and 

Courtney White will be greatly missed next season. "G-N!" 

Coach Hardy 


r v*». 


Boy's Cross Country 

"This year went well. A recovering program led 
by great seniors including captains Nick Marini 
and Michael McKinnon. A good bunch of kids 
represented the school well this year, and the 
future looks great for the Trojan Cross-Country 
team. Thanks for a great year guys. " 

Paul Urban JR 

From left to right: Doug Smith, Mike McKinnon, 
Nick Marini, John Krill, Shawn Quigley, Ryan 
Drowne, Steven Cooney 



'To the Seniors of the Girl's BR XC 

team: Thanks for a great season. It 

has been a privilege to watch you 

evolve from timid participants to 

fierce competitors. I hope you will 

make long distance running a life- 

long healthy habit! Good luck with 

I ^H^l r J £ S ■ i J» 

your future endeavors. 1 am so very 

' * 

proud of each of you. 


Laura Hohengasser, Coach 

From left to right: Katie Whittington, 
Emily Ciliberto, Alexis Damish, Sarah 
Cote, Kassandra Aveni 


<m * 




W ' ^^it^ 


i 1 

■ Li ■ 

Girl's Cross Country 




Field Hockey 

The Lady Trojans, led by 14 seniors, and 4 

captains, Jill Wyman, Megan Gilmartin, Emily 

Hemming and Amanda Wong, finished with a 6- 

10-2 record. The team exemplified commitment 

and tenacity at practices and games and 

remained positive throughout the entire season. 

We will miss our senior leadership, but are 

hopeful for the 2010 season. 



•vj • 


The BR golf team had several goals at the start 
of the season. Among them was to qualify for the 

state tournament and finish well in the Old 

Colony League. Unfortunately they got off to a 

very slow start with a 1 and 6 record. Both goals 

didn't seem possible as they entered the second 

half of the season. They won their next four 

matches and finished strong with an 8 and 8 

record qualifying for the State Tournament by 

beating Attleboro 241 to 269 in the last match of 

the season. Their OCL record was 5 and 3 which 

allowed them to finish in second place. They 

finished 7th in the MIAA State Division 1 Golf 

Tournament, with 2010 returning golfers Cody 

Nussbaum and Chris Oien posting scores of 79 

and 81. The Old Colony League Tournament 

recognized the top ten finishers and three BR 

golfers received awards. Co-captain Matt Hart 

and Cody Nussbaum tied for third place and 

Trey Sibert finished in sixth place. The team 

looks forward to the 2010 season with five 

returning starters and with many promising 


Coach Pimental 

I I 



^^ . 



-- "» ^ ■--■ 



i_ t^;t*/ 

S. c 




if? <j 


fr ' 

W : i 


/ : 


& .^^> 


IK* ^ WJf fl L^ fl 2 

r 2a— 

-1 r 


fi i 


T 1 



i ^ 

m ■ 

** « 



I -* 


i f? 


- ' 





y j I 
I • *< ; 






! -4 


The Trojans surpassed all expectations this 

year by holding a 10-3 overall record. With big 

wins against Attleboro and Taunton, it led to 

an OCL championship for the team. 

After beating Needham in the Division 1 A 

playoffs, the Trojans got the opportunity to 

play in a snow-filled Gillette Stadium for the 

Super Bowl. 

The Bridgewater-Raynham Trojans Varsity Football Team 




■"fcr '., i < 






' » 



**"*" "SbS 

Boy's Soccer 

The S-/ 1 ? Soy's Soccer Team enjoyed a fun, thrilling season, 

posting one of their best records in years. The Trojans, 

runners up in the Old Colony League, qualified for the state 

tournament midway through the season, as Senior Captains 

Bias Loucagos, Skylor Nelson, and Tom Mullen provided 

remarkable leadership. Highlights of the season included a 

2-1 victory over Brockton; an exciting come-from-behind 3-2 

win against Dighton-Rehoboth, in which B-R scored twice in 

the final 3 minutes (Tom Mullen had 2 goals and an assist); 

Skylor Nelson netting 2 goals and adding an assist in a 4-1 

defeat of Taunton; and a win on Senior Night. Everyone 

contributed to the team 's success, and seniors Sebastian 

Celeita, Bryan Cohoon, Matt Curtis, goalkeeper Zeke 

Georgantas, Brendan Glavin, Tim Kennedy, Marquis Marshall, 

Collin McLaughlin, Shawn Morin, Matt Needham, Nick 

Rogers, Junior Saad, and Mike Zutaut will be difficult to 

replace and certainly missed next season. Nevertheless, they 

leave the B-R program in good hands to a group of solid 

underclassmen, including Jeff Sherman, Sam Babchuck, Joe 

Esposito, Nick Burnett, Garrett Kelly, Tyler Smith, and others. 

The Trojans should be a contender for the OCL crown and 

post-season play again next year. 

Coach Pacheco 

Back Row: Coach Mr. Pacheco, Mike Norguard, 
Nick Burnett, Mike Zutaut, Sam Babchuck, Jeff 
Sherman, Junior Saad, Joe Esposito, Tyler 
Smith, Tim Kennedy, Sebastian Celeita 
Front Row: Shawn Morin, Zeke Georgantas, 
Matt Needham, Matt Curtis, Elias Loucagos, Tom 
Mullen, Skylor Nelson, Collin McLaughlin, 
Brendan Glavin, Marquis Marshall 
Missing: Bryan Cohoon 
"Italics indicate Senior, 
"Underline indicates Captain 


/ < > W\ 


" ' 

Back Row: Dani Levy, Melissa Laubi, Kalie 

Imprescia, Katie Palmer, Jess Ferrigno, 

Jackie Lynch, Jacqui Perkins, Kelsie Clark, 

Andrea Murray, Jordan Quintin, Coach 

Caroline Settino 

Middle Row: Krissy Cicalis, Mikaela 

Esposito, Jess Sullivan, Reilly Lindsey, Jill 

Yung, Jill McElroy, Rachel Bergeron, 

Katerina Lampros 

Front Row: Erin Desrochers, Molly 

Pomroy, Amanda Brown, Sam Wholley 

The Lady Trojans had an impressive year. They 
had two ties and one loss in their first three 
games of the season, but they soon found a 

balance and went on a six game winning streak. 
The young, but talented Trojans were able to 

overcome obstacles such as injuries and the flu 
that seem to take over the players one by one. 

The girls not only found a balance in their play, 

but they competed like champions into the 

quarter finals of the post season tournament. 

This truly was an astounding achievement since 
many regarded this year as a building year. 

OCL Record 6-2-0 Overall Record 12-5-3 

Coach Settino 

Girl's Soccer 



The team continued to work towards turning B-R Volleyball into a winning 

program. The senior captains were great leaders on the court. Jess Chute 

was an aggressive and powerful outside hitter. Kate Bumpus balanced the 

roles of middle hitting and setting. Tara Conti played well wherever she was 

asked. Standout juniors this season were Allie Sasenick, Daryl Medeiros, 

Kelsey Baumgarten, Kendra McMasters and Steph Sylvester who each 

contributed individual strengths to the team. The girls worked extremely 

hard and showed improvement as the season progressed. The Seniors have 

shown dedication for the past three seasons with me as their coach and 

never gave up no matter what their record was. 

Back Row Left: Brooke McLaughlin, Kayla 
Sullivan, Kate Bumpus, Allie Sasenick, Cait 
Davies, Morgan Fries, Jess Chute 
Front Row Left: Allison Hausen, Kendra 
McMasters, Kelsey Baumgarten, Elissa 
Turpin, Daryl Medeiros, Tara Conti, Steph 





« "v r 

■ .- 



Top: Isabella Devincenzo, *Taryn 

Arrighi, Sam Clifford, ' 'Amanda 

Brown, Kaitlin DeRocha, and *Jess 


Bottom: Audrey Dolloff, Jordan 

Quintin, Chandler Quintin, Kaitlyn 

McGlaughlin, and Morgan Fries 


Taryn and Amanda are exceptional student- 
athletes that have had numerous 
achievements both on and off the court 
during their B-R Basketball career. As our 
team captains and senior leaders, they have 
a competitive spirit that has propelled our 
team to achieve their goal of making a return 
trip to the state tournament. 

The 2009-10 Girls Basketball team had 3 

returning Varsity players and 8 newcomers 

that made up this years squad. The teams 

commitment, hard work, and dedication 

helped the team achieve their goal of 

qualifying for the state tournament and 2nd 

place finish in the OCL. 

Coach Nicole Orlando 




4 \ 

M ! I 

^ ^ 


The 2009-2010 Lady Trojans Varsity Gymnastics 

Team had a season for the record books. The 

girls had a 7-0 record in the Cranberry League 

North Division. The team not only competed 

well together, but their unity and spirit was 

extraordinary. Senior Captains Rachel Livolsi 

and Jillian Kitterick, and Junior Captain Kelsey 

Baumgarten lead the team. The team also 
qualified for the MIAA South Sectionals in hopes 

of qualifying to the MIAA State 

Championship. Individual highlights were Rachel 

Livolsi qualifying to the MA state individual 

competition on Bars, Beam and Floor, Rachel 

placed 4th in state on bars losing only by .075 of 

a point. Freshman stand out Mary Korotsky also 

qualified as an all around competitor^ very hard 

task to do as a freshman. In the Cranberry 

League, Jillian Kitterick was named 

Sportswomen of the league and Rachel and 

Mary both took home All Star awards. I'm very 

proud of the team for their gymnastic talents, 

positive attitudes and willingness to work hard 

and challenge themselves. 

-Coach Stephen Cudworth 


l - It 

r i • 


The 2009-2010 Boys Ice Hockey team has high 

hopes for their season. Last season they 

reached the state quarterfinals losing to eventual 

State Champ Springfield Cathedral. Only losing 

four seniors from the team gives the boys 

expectations for even greater things. Led by 

captains, Jimmy Weldon, Josh Deangelis, Ryan 

Donovan, Robbie St. Germain and fellow seniors 

Matt Hart , Tyler Whealan and Ryan Drowne, the 

team began the season ranked 13th in the state. 

The players and coaches have hopes of a repeat 

Old Colony league Championship and trip deep 

into the State Tournament. 

Coach Jones 

Ice Hockey 

^. \ 

.9 T»J|B 


is \ m 



Boy's Winter Track 

The Winter Track team led by Tom 

Mullen, Kyle Reid, and Neil 

Harrington look to lead the mighty 

Trojans to an OCL companionship. 

The Trojans are the pre-season 

favorite to win the league. The 

seniors on the team, Nick Marini, 

Marquis Marshall, Cam MacDonald, 

Russ Reed, Mike McKinnon, Mike 

Warish, Doug Smith and Steve 

Cooney provide great leadership 

that is key to winning a 






Developing from a team of 8 to a team 

of close to 30, the swim team has 

grown exponentially. With a new 

coach and many new members the 

team is doing very well for their third 

season as a Bridgewater-Raynham 

High School sport. Team spirit was 

very high this season and many 

friendships have developed. 

The 2009-2010 Bridgewater-Raynham 
Swim Team 

Ian Bell, Kyle Couture, Doug Hall, Kevin 
Hexamer, Michael Moreshead, Sean 
O'Donnell, Tyler Oslund, John Shea, 
Amanda Bell, Jenna Beneski, Laura 
Brandos, Kelsie Clark, Julia Coakley, Emily 
Cox, Jen David, Erin Derosier, Kristine 
Dunham, Lauren Fox, Jenn Harringtion, 
Lauren Kelly, Jackie Leombruno, Jill 
McElroy, Caissie Niles, Chelsey Pringle, 
Abbie Rosen, Cori Spagna, Chelsea Tate, 
Katelyn Travers, Meghan Wood, Michelle 
Young, Kim Wolohojian 



The Bridgewater-Raynham Regional wrestling 

team won the South Sectional State 
Championship in 2009 season. The graplers are 
striving to achieve this goal for a second straight 

year and have their eyes contending for a 
Division one state title. The captains are Donnie 
Sheridan, Steve Libby, Steve Capobianco, and 
Matt Libby. The defending D1 South Champions 
are looking for big seasons from Seniors; Shaun 
Quigley, Tim Kennedy, Cody Jaramillo, Juniors; 

Adam Travaglione, Tad Peterson, Colin 
Harrington, Bob Holstein, Nathan Jaramillo; and 
Soph; Brandon Echevarria, Dan Crieghton, and 
Vasili Gerakis. Hopefully with hard work some of 
these athletes will make the state championship 
board for the 201 season and battle for a team 
title. The coaching staff is lead by Head Coach 
Jeff Francis and assistant coach is Scott Blake. 
Volunteer coach Lee Beane (B-R Graduate and 

All-American Wrestler at B-R), Ken Carigan in 

eighth season and off season specialist. Rob 
Leroux (New England Champ) Devin Hennessey 

in his second season (Two time New England 
Finalist) Tony Libby as leg specialist. 

This is the family. 

The 2009-2010 Wrestling Team: 


Steve Capobianco 

Matt Libby 

Steve Libby 

Don Sheridan 


W i^^^ ^ 

i AS ■>' 1 



Winter Girls Cheerleading was filled with smiles 
and joking around. They performed well at all 

the games and had fun while doing it. The team 
included: Kaitlyn Grahm, Stephanie Schlatz, 
Kendall Smith, Jill Korotsky, Erica Leonard, 

Anna Haluch, Haley Murray, Stephanie Chicoine, 

Nicole Urbano, Krysta Williams, Lauren Mason, 
Jordan Chapman, and Carly Cullenberg. 




Boy's Lacrosse 

The 2010 Boys Lacrosse team went into their 

second varsity season with the goal of winning 

the Maritime Lacrosse League championship. 

Captains Tyler Whealan, Dan Johndrow, and 

Josh Crawford led the team on their charge 

towards this mission. These leaders, along with 

senior Mike McKinnon and fourteen other 

returning players formed an experienced core. 

This group, with the help of seven newcomers, 

showed tremendous work ethic and 

enthusiasm. The Trojans played committed, 

smart lacrosse; hoping to earn their first 

tournament berth. 






. , 

39 48 41 

im MNHAM V*' 1 " 1 * 1 

The 2010 Girls Lacrosse Team is driven by 

their spirit and determination. Not only are 

these girls a team, but they are a family on 

and off the field. Led by senior captains 

Stephanie Cicalis, Megan Gilmartin, and 

Kristen Jones, the team works together 

and strives for excellence at each practice 

and every game. They face upcoming 

challenges throughout this season's 

schedule and have great hopes of coming 

out on top in the Maritime Lacrosse 

League. Through the struggles of 

becoming a new Varsity Sport, they've 

prevailed in playing by the motto "Leave 

Your Heart on the Field." 

Girl's Lacrosse 



The B-R Baseball team has high hopes for the 2010 
season with a good nucleus of returning starters from a 
team that went 20-3 last season, finishing in the South 
Div. 1 Final Four for the 2nd consecutive year. Seniors 
Eddie Campbell (Capt./18-1 career record/Va. Tech), 
Mike Connolly (Capt./excellent SS/UMaine), Nick 
LeBlanc, Will Rolls (3rd base/Franklin Pierce), Brendan 
Glavin and Jon Palmer (CF/ECONN) as well as juniors 
Billy Zolga, Mike Devin, Kyle Campbell and Garrett Kelly 
give B-R excellent pitching depth and experience. 
James Alfonso (Capt./U Hartford) returns as one of the 
best defensive catchers in EMass and will be backed 
up by Connolly and sophomore Brandon Hoyle. Neil 
Harrington (Assumption for football) will lead off and 
play 2nd base, followed by Palmer, Connolly, Campbell, 
Alfonso, Rolls, Ryan Drowne (senior OF/DH) and Zolga 
(OF/3B) to give B-R a strong offensive line-up. In 
addition, juniors Sean McCall (SS/OF), Matt Ives (OF), 
Cody Nussbaum (1 B) and Matt Collins (2B) will be solid 
starters. Seniors John Scleparis and Russell Reed will 
be valuable reserve players off the bench. 




The BR Varsity softball team is looking good 
this year. Nicolle Brenza, Amanda Wong, and 
Haley Sarcevicz are the three senior captains 
this year. Behind the plate catching for Audrey 
Dolloff is Nicolle Brenza who was named 2009 
Ail-American. Return infielders Amanda Wong, 
Alyssa Gray, and Alyssa McKinnon should be 

leading another strong defense this year, 

backed by returning outfielders Devinn Doherty 

and Haley Sarceviez. New additions to the 

varsity team are juniors, Rachel Bergeron, 

Stephanie Sylvester, sophomore Rachel McCall 

and freshman Chelsea Corriea. 



Boys' Tennis 

The tennis team is coming off of a 15-3 season. 

During that season all stars, Steve Viera, Zack 

Hall, and Shane O'Connor, did very well. They 

have all returned determined to improve on last 

years tournament run. Co-Captain Elias 
Laucagous will be returning to the first doubles 

team. Others contending for spots on the 

starting roster are seniors Pat Koczela and Ryan 

Johnson, and Juniors Josh Steffen and Alex 

Laham. A strong group of sophomores and 

freshman add to the competitive mix. 


The Girls Tennis team faces a challenging year 

as the defending OCL Champions. Senior 

Captain Jillian Kitterick and Samantha Counts, 

along with returning veteran Allie Chabot, Liz 

Baird and Randi Hatch will lead the Lady 

Trojans in 2010. Sophomores Sarah Almeida 

and Emily Thomas look to challenge the rest of 

the teams for playing time as we have the 

longest turnout in years and some talented 

young players in the mix. 

Girls' Tennis 



■ '*• 





( f! 

L>n. *•/ «ilv 


The Lady Trojans Track Program has excelled 
throughout the last four years with help from 

Kassandra Aveni, Molly Pomroy, Andrea 

Murray, Erin Desroschers, Jill Wyman, Sarah 

Cote, and Alexis Damish. Theses ladies 

worked very hard to clinch the title of Old 

Colony League Champions four years in a row. 

With countless OCL All-Star and All-Scholastic 

achievements among these girls, the track 

program would not be the same without them. 

These athletes competed at Division State and 

All-State levels numerous times. 

-Paul Urban 

Spring Track 







■ i 


MM f '" 




v--i> ■ 

waV. Ml 

v * 


t*i "f. 


Anime Club 

£ * 




Art Club 





" : 













mr ■ 


" ^ 

.1 . 4 




The Anime club is new to B-P 
this year. The developing clue 
is enjoying watching, creating 
studying, and discussing the 
different types of Anime. 


The Art Club's mission is to 
promote art throughout the 
school and community and to 
create more art opportunities 
for its members. Members ■ 
explore a variety of art making 
techniques including glass, 
clay, drawing and painting 


A group of extremely talented 
musicians, the band has annu£ 
concerts such as the Prism an; 
Holiday concerts; and are ofter 
asked to play at local events, 
such as town parades. 


' afe 129 is a student run 
f staurant that serves lunch to 
: 'udents, staff, and community 
Members each Tuesday during 
ri e school day. Each week the 
enu is different and consists 
an appetizer, entree, dessert, 
id beverage. The students 
-epare, cook, and serve the 
iod throughout the lunch time, 
uring lunch each student has 
job such as chef, waiter, bus 
erson, or cashier. 

Whether singing by themselves 
II r with the accompaniment of 
t\e school band, the chorus is 
/ welcome addition to any 
?jnction, and they can often be 
"ound singing the National 
anthem at sports games or 
participating in one of B-R's 
nany concerts. 


•<V /*9 

■a* w 

<&+ t29 

"¥'& <®fW 

*"* «fl# 


Cafe 1 29 

8 # 



/he Drama Club is back! The 
! jroup is open to anyone 
rnterested in improving their 
::raft, practicing new 
.echniques in performing, or 
earning the technical aspects 
)f theater. This year the 
dynamic group explored a 
/ariety of plays for diverse 
audiences. The goal is to 
promote the performing arts 
:hrough expression. 




Drama Club 

W 1 ' 

\ i 

" gf 

17 ^ t+M 

If * ' 1 


[ \ jl 

■■•'* \ 

^L J " 1 


II 1 

1 C X 8 

1 „ii ^sjp 

: oreiqn Lanquaqe Club 

Foreign Language Club take 
close look at a variety of 
countries from around the 
world. Throughout the year 
celebrate many holidays 
including El Dfa de Los 
Muertos, the Chinese New 
and Mardi Gras. In addition 
make crepes and churrosar; 
exploring other languages 

f' # 


Gay-Straight Alliance 

The GSA works to promote 
awareness GLBTQ (Gay, 
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgeit 
and Queer) issues and create 
safe school environment fore 
students. Activities include D: 
of Silence, AIDS Awareness 
Day, Out of the Blue theater 
performances, PFLAG 
speakers and networking wit' 
other GSAs. 

r v $i 

m. # 






* A A. 

Library Docents 


Library docents are friendly, 
enthusiastic, committed 
students who enjoy working 
with diverse groups of studer; 
and faculty. They are trained;: 
assist with all aspects of libra' 
work including checking book 
in and out for our patrons, 
locating and shelving books, 
assisting with computers and 
photocopies, as well as 
participating in library tours ar 
orientations. Docents learn ne 
skills, give their time and 
energy to their school, build 
impressive activity profiles for 
their college applications, anc 
are some of the most helpful 
students at BRRHS! 

ie dedicated members of the 
ath Team consistently work 
t problems from every area of 
ie immense subject, 
jmpeting in meets across the 
tgion. They also help prepare 
" ,rthe annual Pi Day in March. 

ie combined Mock 
ial/Debate/World Affairs Club: 
ie Debate Team will be trying 
<r both the defense and 
aintiff in a case where an 
dividual lost their college 
wings in the stock crash of 
308 and is suing the investor 
f misrepresentation of the 
?curity of the funds; Debates 
nge from health care to the 
crease of troops in 
rghanistan. The World Affairs 
ub makes arrangements to 
)llect items for our troops, is 
anning a cultural food day, 
id posts headlines from 
ound the globe on our 
jlletin board. 

onsisting of seniors inducted 
uring both junior and senior 
ear, the National Honors 
ociety combines high 
cademic expectations with 
ommunity service, creating 
/ell-rounded individuals that 
/ill go on to serve the 
ommunity in whatever they 


tAl t 


Mathematics Team 

* % 






Mock Trial & World Affairs 




1 1 




vi^ ^TH 

,fflOPonA :r 



.» <X 

National Honor Society 

r^^^B j 

v V 


■ o;iyf 

^^^* ^^L. ^^^r A 

tfSAv v 

s " * 


Peer Leaders 



The peer leaders are a 
community service group tte 
volunteer, such as: Hallowed 
party, bake sales to raise 
money for the needy families 
Mr. Mitchell's scholarship 
Banquet, collect coats for the 
needy, Breakfast with Santa 
cancer walks, served the Se r 
Citizens Thanksgiving dinner 
We have about 30-35 studer 

M Hi 






Peer Mentoring 


: 'Jd 




w \ 

This is the second year for a 
fabulous new program at BR, 
Students have volunteered ar 
undergone training to become 
mentors both to high school 
peers as well as younger 
students. The Mentors 
developed the BRIDGE 
program which works to 
introduce 8th graders to the 
high school improving the 
transition. Mentors put on 
programs for other middle 
school grades to promote 
social action such as reducing 
bullying, appreciating 
differences, respect, etc. 
Mentors are also available to 
help new students entering BF 
during the school year to make 
a smooth transition. 

The School Committee Studer 
Board is an elected group fror 
each grade who interview club 
advisors and present their 
findings to the Bridgewater- 
Raynham Regional School 
Committee. Committee 
members are very enthusiastic 
to hear their reports and 
receive these monthly updates 
as to all of the terrific events 
occurring within our school anc 
the achievement of our 

School Commitee Advisory Board 


he School Council is a group 
i - f students, teachers, 
dministrators, and parents. 
; he group works diligently to 
reate a school improvement 
Ian and to review handbook 

^ •»' 

» M 


!AVAY#*. v.tif 

* *.* 

<* j>^ 

School Council 

The School Climate Group 
works consistently to highlight 
and showcase student 
achievement and to promote 
Dositive interactions in our 
school community. This year 
:he group co-sponsored the 
annual Breakfast with Santa 
and sponsored the popular 
Best of the Bunch" Breakfast. 
Through various activities, the 
group members help foster an 
appreciation of individual 
differences, cultivate feelings of 
Dride in the school community 
and the community at large, 
and assimilate the meaning of 
r espect towards self and others 
at Bridgewater-Raynham. 

The BRRHS Science Olympiad 
Team belongs to the SE 
Massachusetts division which 
is part of a nation-wide 
organization. Mostly seniors, 
this year's team has won many 
medals! Moriah lllsley, our most 
highly respected captain, has 
four years' experience and has 
done a great job building the 
team with her leadership, 
creative ideas and dedication. 
This strong, winning team has 
made B-R proud. 

School Climate Group 



, UftVATl 1 

Science Olympiad 


t t 


Ski Club 



Throughout the winter, theSf :: 
& Ride Club plans trips to a 
variety of ski areas around h 
England including Waterville 
Bretton Woods, Sunapee, M 
Snow, Loon and Sunday Riv 
Ski & Ride Club is a great vw 
to make friends and enjoy a 
day out on the slopes! 




The TJ2 team builds a rob 
creates an animation, desj 
their own tie dye uniformsl 
writes a newsletter, manad 
web site, and travels aroiM 
the country! 





2009 ' 


ll> ^ 

m > 







The staff of Unitas works 
tirelessly each year to present 
B-R with the best possible 
yearbook. From sorting 
pictures to designing layouts, 
every member has a duty 
Editors Liz Boutilier and EErir| 
Pochay will be missed for tJ 
hard work. 



te ' pen to all students, this 
iC; oactive group promotes 
Jfc A/areness of social and 
Environmental issues. By 
taking videos, organizing 
rc vents, and bringing in topical 
Speakers we encourage healthy 
e: ehaviors and environmentally 
s! ound practices. Some things 
> look forward to are a 
;cycled fashion show, Green 
Awareness Day, recycling 
within the school, tobacco 
revention, International Day of 
■eace activities, etc. 





V >4J 1 11 



,* * 

A < 




▼ ▼ 



^KvS5s*s?. : . 

V' tf 

I '1 

f* 1 « 

Y.E.S.S. Club 




Iaynhma , 





Freshman - Class Officers - Sophomore 




z^ 1 


/^" -, 




Junior - Class Officers - Senior 

I at. • • i . 
i - ■ i 


fV II 


Raynwater Players Spring Musical 

The Raynwater Players put 
many hours of preparation 
perform a Broadway musical 
each year. This year auditiol 
were held to cast the 
immensely popular A ChoruB 
Line, a show that earned a 1 
Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 197! 
It also won nine Tony awards 
and received a Special TonyB 
Award in 1984 when it becarl 
the Longest Running Showiq 
Broadway history. The 
members of the Raynwater 
Players support their endea 
through fundraising and ticki 
sales. From dancing, singing 
and acting, to costumes, make 
up, and sets, members wo 
both on stage and behind t 
scenes to put on the best s 
possible. Audiences excited 
await a fun-filled evening of 
musical theatre each year. 




■ ■• 


lis is a club that consists of 
;udents (voted in by peers) 
>m all grades who will be 
sting a variety of fundraisers, 
.immunity service, school 
5 ctivities along with annual 
S rives. These will include a 
gtuffed animal drive for local 
ehouses transporting children 
ambulances, as well as, the 
jod and turkey drive for 
hanksgiving. There will also be 
coin drive, teacher/cafeteria 
ppreciation week, the 
iculty/student basketball game 
pirit week, collection for troops 
verseas, etc. 


Student Gounci 













■Htah».. " — * — i i ^m mmm 




76 1 

F a ^ m 



MR. B-R 






Si hShH Bfl 


I *" 






■ H 

■ ■ 

Younger Years 




.**■■ •» 


■ H 


High School Years 


•fc- v:>\fi I 



Junior Prom was held at Christina's in 

Foxboro. The entire night was filled with 

dancing and everlasting fun. "BR Wuddup!" 

will forever be instilled in all of our minds. 

T.J. Banks and Stephanie Slicis were named 

Prom King and Queen! 

A fun time was had by all! 





t r t t t 

December 5, 2009 

This 2009 B-R football team had an amazing season. The 

team made it all the way to the Superbowl at Gillette 

Stadium. The team played great, even through the tough, 

snowy conditions. Although, the team suffered a loss, the 

experience will be unforgettable. 



Full of fun and laughter, BR's spirit week 

entertained us all! 
Whether it was Decades Day or Superhero 

Day the surprises were endless. 
B-R's halls were full of spirit when we had 

Safari and Jersey Day! 

Rivalry actually brought the school together 

for Pirates vs. Sailors Day and Color War. 

This exciting week ended with a pep rally for 

our Thanksgiving football game! 






T.7- ■■ 



• 1 ' **»»-, 

November 30, 2009 

The age old rivalry between Juniors and 

Seniors was put to the test again this 

year. Although the air may have been 

raining and cold, it did not stop the Senior 

girls from dominating the Juniors. The 

game was filled with laughter and new 

memories that will remain in the minds of 

Juniors and Seniors alike. 

Congratulations 2010 Senior Girls! 



November 20, 2009 

This years semi formal was a huge 

success. Freshman, Sophomores, 

Juniors, and Seniors all mingled together, 

danced and shared good times. Mike 

Duran and Katie Sheridan won the titles of 

Mr and Miss Regional. 




November 25, 2009 

The Pep Rally was a great end for a successful Spirit Week. The Seniors' 

energy was phenomenal and set a positive example for the 

Underclassmen. The annual scavenger hunt was a hit and of course won 

by the Seniors. As always the highlight was the Cheerleaders' and Football 

Players' dance routine.The Rally drew to a close with the reveal of class 

superlatives, and everyone left with high spirits. 



Varsity Football Team 

* * * 

The Bridgewater-Raynham Band 

Seniors 2010 

Juniors 2011 


1 Wm2L ^^ 

k-4 . te fc* 


'■Jkl St 

p *» " fir 

■yurfE2 IF "IS 

Sophomores 2012 

Freshmen 2013 


Mr. B-R 

There was a record high of 20 

boys competing for the title of 

"Mr.BR 201 0" this year! The boys 

showed off their swimsuits, 

talents, and evening apparel for 

the judges to vote upon. It was a 

tough race, but Matt Lynn 

ended up winning the title! 

W^- ■'•fr* tHH 


^^^^ ^fl 

V ^^M 

^r ■ 





Baby Pictures 


A Day in the Life 




Senior Portraits 

















% * 




Do you remember . . . 

Acid washed jeans? 

Really big, outrageous hair? 

The Macarena? 


Average gas prices of $1.13? 

Welcome back to 1992! 

We've had a great time in 

high school, but let's not 

forget our 

baby years . . . 









> pan i 








1 CUT ^Z^^| 




w \. 














ViVmmUA ^^B 1 


flT ^| 


i ■ 


/Tfc x i 

ii ^mmm^F- 

HjB Ek** 

■^fcs^ 5* — 









^ m ^\ 

fo' -"' 





( ' 

V V 





















Oh, what a beautiful baby . . . 




































I5i I 



*J. < 

L - 











Top Grossing Movie: 



























































r -^ 

>' I 




















1 • • i 

- j 



















St. Germain 








St. Thomas 






L • ' 

r * 


lSr -- 


L S 











1 A 










,' I 

•\ -1 






Forever 21 


Student Car 



an Geggatt & Katelyn Ha 

aghan Higgins & Mike Duran 

ike Connelly & Megan Gilmartin 







Cody Jaramillo & Tara Conti 

I *< To BeTardy 


Mike Connelly & Amanda Brown 

hannen Silva & Dana Giove 


Best Friends 





w $& 

H i 



Kyle Reid & Cam MacDonald 

Sam Wholley & Katie Palmer 

Sarah Cote & Russell Reid 


Ryan Alexandria 

James Alfonso 

Activities: Baseball 1-4, NHS 3-4 
Quote: "The man who thinks he can, 
and the man who thinks he can't, are 
both right. Which one are you?" 
Memories: Thanks for everything Dad & 
Valm I love you guys. Gt's at "the 
facility", 2K9 all night, "NEAH", BGT, 
"nice shoe", Eddie's stolen bat, karate 
guy, ninja grip; EC & JP, thanks guys. 
RL 12/26/09 -Thanks for everything. 

Julius Allen 

Daddy, 315, Jax 
Activities: Football 
Quote: "Behold greatness" 
Memories: White 20, cruising, chillin 
with my boys, Football 09, KB, IJ, JP, 
JW, MD, Gordy, EP-forever, That your 
word fam. 

Korey Amado 

Jason Anacki 

Joshua Anacki 


Activities: Snowboarding 
Quote: "Live life to the fullest" 
Memories: Good times in ski club 
Freshman year to graduation. Best 
times I've had in my life. 

Keith Anderson 


Activities: Biddy 1-4 

Quote: "You cannot speak more clearly 

than you think" 

Memories: TY Mom, Dad, Kenny, and 

Kevin. Good luck class of 2010. GT 

JW, TL, KJ, RL, MS, PO, CO, PK, HB - 

Hey guys we made it. 

Taryn Arrighi 

Tare, Tay, T 

Activities: Basketball 1-4, Student 
Council 1-4, Peer Leaders 1-4, 
Volleyball 1-2, XC 3 
Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, 
live as if you'll die tomorrow" - J. Dean 
Memories: ILY Mom, Dad, T.W., and 
Tess! TY for everything Kelsey - Best 
Friends for 1 5 years more to come, love 
you long time M.M., M.G., E.H., C.A., 
J.B., R.H., - Thank you! Love Always 

Rebecca Ataman 

Activities: Soccer, friends 
Quote: "Live and learn" 
Memories: Homeroom w/e A & K.K in 
English, 2nd & 3rd n/s.s, LB., E.P. & 
A,S. RING POP r.c interesting mems 
with Andrea J.M Seniors 2010. 

Kassandra Aveni 

Activities: Soccer 1-3.XC 4, track 1-4 
Capt., STUCO 1-4 Sect., Peer Leaders 
1-4, Foreign Language Club 1-4 
Quote: "Everything happens for a 

Memories: "Best Halloween Ever", 
Powder Puff, Semi, Big Distance, 4x800 
allstates, proms '09, D.M.B., Falmouth 
Crew, Mexico, Crusaders Soccer Club, 
RIP Matt Cream, TY girls & Kelrysha, 
GL Gabby LY Mom & Dad. 

Courtney Avila 

Activities: PL 1-4, FLC1-4 

Quote: "Regrets are a waste of time, 

they are just the past crippling you in 

the present." 

Memories: MPM- the ledge at Dunks, 

Your mom's dances & Jeter song. HP- 

your all-nighters, cooking, sleepovers & 

sleeping in. MB & BB- G-per. study 

with all the NB stories, language love. 

AD- beefcake supreme, chichi, & team 

Evan. MB, MM, HP, LP, EH, VC, AD,TA 

Ashley Baddley 


Activities: Dance! 

Quote: "Do not dwell on the past; do 
not dream of the future, concentrate the 
mind on the present moment." 
Memories: Nana, Grampa, Uncle Dave, 
Auntie Bobbie, Kayla<3 My girls: 
Ashley, Kara, Nia, Sam, Erin! I love you 
D.H.! Good luck you guys! So many 
good times. Summer '08!, tanning, 
nails, uptown, ect. Class of 2010! <3 

Andrew Bajercius 

Dobbie Drew 
Activities: Skateboarding 
Quote: "You can't put your arms 
around a memory" - Johnny Thunders 
Memories: The love of my life, Brooke 
Elizabeth Femandes. Battling leagues 
of aquatic dolphins. M.M. owes me 
money. Skate and Destroy. Schroder 
Chill sessions with my homies J.C., 
C.C., P.G., Hyde Park, S.S., S.S., 
Warpet tour '07, Blink 182, Brandnew. 
G.G.L! The Atkinsons are the best. 

Brian Baker 


Activities: Lacrosse 1 -4 

Quote: "The only correct actions are 

those that demand no explanation and 

no apology" 

Memories: GT mobbin 1 1 0's. GT at 

Biddy. GT driving through BSC with 

the megaphone. Important people: 

A.M., J.B., T.M., M.W., D.S., C.T., E.R., 

M.D., K.C., C.B., E.C., A.B., M.S., M.D. 

Asif Bajwa 

Chelsie Baker 

Quote: "No one has a solid answer, 
we're just walking in the dark." 

Thomas Banks 

TJ, Mista, T, T! 

Activities: Baseball 1, Basketball 1-2, 
Student Council 4 
Quote: "U wana go fishin" 
Memories: "BR what up?" GT's Prom 
09', Summer 09', GT's with DS, EC, KS, 
KJ, JK, JA, RL, Thanks Mom & Dad, 
Josh & Maryanne, p.s. Thanks to my 
second family The Sheridans!!! 

Nia Barbosa 


Quote: "Let me be myself, so I can 

Memories: Town clerk- student 
government day, running for class 

Timothy Barnett 

Jeffrey Bean 


Activities: Biddy League, iMoto 

Pitbikes, Bowling (1-4 all) 

Quote: "A man who dares to waste one 

hour of time has not discovered the 

value of life" 

Memories: Thanks Mom, Dad, Gramz, 

and Gramps. Since Freshman year I 

have laughed everyday, and managed 

to maintain acceptable grades. 

Samantha Bell 

Quote: "Never take life too seriously, 
nobody gets out alive anyway." 

Quote: "You can't go through life 
thinking that everyday will let you 

Memories: CSS, KH, KS, MH, TA, FH, 
MM, LP, CD, AD, SC, and W. Thank 
you for everything. I love you all. 
Thank you for everything Mumma. 


MaryBeth Bernier 

Joshua Bevilacqua 

School Achievement Info Here 
Yearbook 2-4, Musical 1-4, Track 1-4, 
Baseball 1 -2 


In ten years I see myself as an 


This is where you would put the student 

information. You will need to allow only 

so many characters so 

Activities: Football 2-4, Wrestling 2-4, 
Track 3-4 

Quote: "Live life one day at a time.' 
Memories: Football team, wrestling 
team, the Reed family, all my brothers. 
KB, CS, JW, TJ, NH, KR, CM, RR, DS, 
JA, MD, MC, SM, CJ, RS, JP, TD. 

Paul Bevis Jr. 

Quote: 'Everything happens for a 


Memories: 2/18/08- Jackie thank you 

for being such a big part of my life 

these 4 years. I love you. 

Connor Bissett 

Rancer The Pit Monster 
Activities: Tennis 1-4, Legacy 3-4 
Quote: "I still wana be a mailman.' 
Memories: thk, legacy, bout it, Peabz 
Nation, deves, smile/ giggle, the Rube, 
Team: Cooney, Larry and John, Lone 
Wolf, Lumina, 09', tennis team, Jude, 
Jimmy, Drew, Slam dunking, Cumbies, 
Brownfield, Roddy's class, MC, Kl, KB, 
TD, SN, AN, SM, MP, SC, PG, JC, DB, 

Brianna Blair 

Elizabeth Boutilier 

Activities: Yearbook 3-4 editor, yess 
club 4 

Quote: "Whatever you are, be a good 
one." Abe Lincoln 

Memories: Mom, Dad, Josh, thank you! 
E.P, S.K, S.S, CS, J.E, you guys are 
amazing friends. Rockin' K day, 
Supernatural, J names, 10-11-09, 
Dave's Diner. So glad it's over. Good 
luck class of 201 0. Are we. . .chance? 

Bryan Bosworth 

Activities: Band 1-4, S.O. 1-4, Musical 
1-2, STUCO 4, NHS 4, Math Team 4 
Quote: "It's kind of fun to do the 
impossible." Walt Disney 
Memories: LS, AS, KS, PH, EM, MD, 
CA, AM, AD. "Dia Despues Dia" GTs 
Spanish 08-09. TY friends and family, 
you're the best! CA- we still have to 
make the cookies! Team Bosmon! HR 
w/ NB HAHA! GL class of 2010! Shoot 
for the stars! Hasta lluego B-R! 

Carly Brady 

Carls, Carla, Carlyle, 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Spring 
Track 1 -4 

Memories: MS 8-06, GOOD MORNING 
AMERICA! Grammy's house, 
and Brownie, Mac and Melon, 
baklavak, Hard Rock Cafe, Baby Got 
Back, SNORT!, Grassy Banana, Bob 
Segar and Birds video, Florida with 
Sam, camp! Taquita + Kauwi 

Richard Brandos 

Nicolle Brenza 

Activities: Soccer 1-2, Softball 1-4, 
Student Council 2-3, NHS 4 
Quote: "Live, Laugh, Love." 
Memories Michelle and Nichole- thanks 
for everything, Love you LLA <3 Erin- 
Since we were 5! Love you always. 
Softball ladies; BB-homeroom buddies! 
Mom and Dad, thank you!! Love you 
more. Nana, forever loved and missed 

Amanda Brown 

AB, Brownie 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4, Basketball 1 -4, 


Quote: "Live, Laugh, Love." 

Memories: GT at soccer... Paul, Team 

Gryffindor. GT in soc. Class, FBG 

Squash Carlz and Crust, Tequita and 

Kauwi, Bob Segar turn the page, 

Sweedish fish with AM and CB. 

Henry Brueggeman 

Quote: "If toady was you last day, and 
tomorrow was too late, could you say 
goodbye to yesterday." 
Memories:"Back up popular demon", 
working at Dunkin Donuts. Blowing up 
rubber gloves in NH, Halloween parties, 
Canobie Lake Park, Viking Bowling 
Alley, Silver City Skate Rink, Racing to 
Friendly's, star gazing at the Raynham 
Middle School. "So much better than a 
book..." Tele-Tubbie. Having long hair. 

Rachel Bryant 

Rach, Rachie 

Quote: "L'amour fait les plus grandes 
douceurs et les plus sensibles 
infortunes de la vie." - Madeleine de 

Memories: GT at prom and the BR 
Ftball games and with all my friends + 
family. TY Ashley Szeto for being my 
number 1 best friend. I love you like a 
sister and I'm so glad we met back in 
4th grade. I'll always be there for you! 
BFF! Have a nice year! 

Activities: Volleyball 1 -4 

Quote: "Chaos" 

Memories: Mom, thank you for 

everything, don't know where I would 

be without you! Derek 12-05-08 <3 JC, 

KS, LP, JM, SC, CS2, AS, BM, MF, TC 

- good times girls. 


Kevin Bumpus Jr. 


Activities: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-3, 

Spring Track 1-3 

Quote: "Witness" 

Memories: LEGACY, Football, Slam 

Dunking, Quading, White 20! TD, JW, 

IJ, CB, SM, MC, SN, CS, WH, JA. 

Alice Burch 

The Truth, Mama Burch, Bewulf "G' 
Activities: Yearbook 4 
Quote: "Limits like fears are often just 
an allusion"- Michael Jordan 
Memories: First I want to thank my 
parents and family for all of their 
constant love and encouragement. 
Next I have to thank my true few, 
Clairissa, Necie, Dayquan, and 
Jazzmyn, for always being real. I love 
you guys. - Do work. 

Erin Burke 

Adam Burns 

Activities: Bass 

Quote: "I want to get my kicks before 

the whole house goes up in flames."- 

Jim Morrison 

Memories: Treehouse, screenhouse, 

The Matrix, Squarepusher, Kicks from 

Shao-lin, Remington Tonker Toy, The 

Resident Rothbury, Me N Maurine, 

Stallion Biscuits @ Biscuits Borderland, 

Cape house, Baltimore Jow, Phish at 

Fenway & Blackberry. 

Jessica Burns 

Quote: "Live fearless." 
Memories: KJ, BO... my very best; love 
you girls. I don't know where I'd be 
without you. SO many memories. 
Colorado. Providence Rl... seriously? 
Kalens basement, and Cookie. 
Plymouth. 311. Snowboarding...101. 
Aruba! Cruisin', Summer 07-08. MJ, 
forever in my heart. TY Mom, Dad, Kev, 
Mat, Gram & Gramp for everything. 

Tyler Buron 

Ty, T.R., Pabzz 

Activities: Football 1-4, Student Council 

1-4, Spring Track 1-4, Basketball 1, 

NHS 3-4 

Quote: "It is amazing what can be 

accomplished when no one cares who 

gets the credit" 

Memories: GT's at football, prom, semi, 

and Mr. Sylvia's homeroom. TY Mom, 

Dad, the rest of the family, and friends. 

Morgan Byrnes 

Morg, Morgie, Morgz 
Activities: TJ2 1 -4 
Quote: "a purpose of human life, no 
matter who is controlling it, is to love 
whoever is around to be loved" - K. 

Memories: The past 4 years have 
blurred in my mind. I come out of high 
school with the memories of people 
who have helped me become who I am. 

Michael Calapa 

Matthew Caliri 

Activities: Gettin' rowdy 
Quote: "Money, power, respect." 
Memories: THK, 'B, Legacy, Titicut, 
Dever, Cumbies 104, Buck, Bearclaw, 
Rowdy, CB, MP, AN, HH, TD, KB, CS, 
SN, JT, TW, SM, TS, Karen, Liz, Nick. 

Kelsey Cap 

Kelsey Cap! 
Activities: AC + SO 
Memories: I thank all those who were 
insane with me. And I appreciate all the 
tears from laughter, the bicycle 
adventures, the Wednesday afternoons, 
the letters, Jo, the Beatles, the stars, 
and all those moments where I sat 
there and thought "Wow, I am in love 
with everything! All is groovy." 

Edward Campbell Jr. 

Activities: Baseball 1-4 
Quote: "Victory happens when ten 
thousand hours of training meet one 
moment of opportunity." 
Memories: ILY Mom, Dad, and Evie. 
GT's at the Facility, NEAH, Vineyard, 
BGT, 2K9 all night, Nice shoe, 
legendary, TJ + JA best friends, karate 
guy, Lead evaporated, Mista T, Hey, 
how are yah, 050809, K.F.S.S.P.H.E.G., 
G1 10 study, SEE YAHH!! 

Steven Capobianco 

J ball 

Activities: Soccer 1-2, Wrestling 1-4 

Memories: Bus rides home from 
wrestling, Tim throwing deli meet at 
Shawsie and hitting him in the face, 
Bald Gills speeches, good times with 
Collin and Shawn, Laurens house, 
Beating Plymouth South to win the 
South Section. 

Krystal Carey 

Quote: "Friends come and go, but 
memories last a lifetime." 
Memories: C Daly- since age 2, ily. 
CS2! = lovie. AM- our terrible driving 
experiences home from school! TM- 
wubbs! AM, TM, BB- Bourne, beach, 
mini-gold, SUBWAY 

Nicole Carraggi 

Clayton Carro 

Samantha Carson 


Quote: "I said I'd never let you go and I 

never did" 

Memories: Haley- best friends for so 

long! Nieghbors on High St., laughing 

so hard we cry! Been through 

everything. My sister, my ride ordie, 

ILY! Gertrude- we stay jammin in your 

car to ghetto music, trips to Curry, haha 


everyone else - thanks so much. 

Sebastian Celeita- 

Meaghen Chalmers 


Quote: "You can trust them too, even 

when you're in the dark. Even when 

you're falling." 

Memories: Thanks: RAS, HMC, SWO, 

MJI, RSB, PSC, Mommy + Daddy..for 


Maxwell Chappelle 

Peter Charette 


Activities: Golf, Football, Baseball, 
Track, Ski Club, Student Council 
Quote: Stop swaggerjacking 
Memories: BR hockey "crew", football 
games, good friends, good people, and 
good jokes. I'd like to say thank you to 
all of the people that have been with me 
throughout the past four years. My 
coaches, teachers, and especially to 
my Mom and Dad. 

Marc Chargin 

Stretch, Big Bird 
Activities: Working, Basketball 
Quote: "Never let love hold you down." 
Memories: Mrs. Rucker's class, friends, 
Jerry, Nikk, Tim, Masquez, Valli, Liz 
Boutilies, - Mrs. Arrighi 

Heather Charland 

Activities: Dance 1-4, Dance Team 2, 
TJ2 3-4, Pep Band 1 
Quote: No one can make you feel 
inferior without your consent 
Memories: TJ2 trips, R.B. M.C S.O. 
R.S., I love you guys! My second family, 
tie-dye Fridays 



Ariel Christopher 

Heather Chubbuck 

Jessica Chute 

Jess, Jessie, Chuter 
Activities: Volleyball 2-4, Basketball 1 - 
4, Soccer 1 , STUCO 2-4 
Quote: "If you don't learn to laugh at 
yourself, life is going to seam a lot 
longer than you'd like." 
Memories: Summer, my bestest, much 
love. CDAVE whaddup Brotha! Rowdy 
Roosters, chem crew, Bball DO WORK! 
Trever- good luck, have fun. Thanks for 
the memories BR! 

Stephanie Cicalis 

Steph, Stephanya, Stephaz 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4, NHS 4, YB 4 
Quote: "If we couldn't laugh we could 
all go insane." 

Memories: Freshman Earth Science, 
LSR Bortex, Dashner, Breakfast parties, 
Pasta, APUSH, Piccadilly Plum, Fire, 
Prom/tents, demons, spirit weeks, pep 
rallies, lax to the maxx, disrupting 
societal norms, semis, Sousa's class... 
Mike or Amanda? KJ and KC... DP's 

Emily Cilberto 

Activities: Soccer 1-2, Cross Country 3- 
4, Winter Track 1-3, Spring Track 1-4 
Quote: "Things had a way of working 
out for the best when you let them run 
their course." 

Memories: Thanks Mom and Dad. 
Andrea, we fly high in any cyclone, yea 
think one! Past parties, XC girls, gts at 
track. Thanks to those who were 
always there AB< MD, MB, CB, AM 

Wesley Clark 

Activities: TJ2 2-4, NHS 4, Golf 2, 
Soccer 3, Ultimate Frisbee 3-4 
Memories: Coming to B-R was 
probably one of the best things I've 
experienced. It was a pleasure to spend 
these 3 short years with you guys. MB, 
EF, MC, AM, DG, SQ, NM, JTthe kid, 
Dunks, the President, and everyone 
else out there. 

Samuel Cleggett 

Kyle Cochrane 

Bryan Cohoon 

Timothy Condon 

Joshua Conlon 

Activities: skateboarding 

Quote: "Hey Larry!" 

Memories: THK, S.S.S., T.C., the 

Bronco, doin' dumb adventures that 

doesn't matter but was the only thing 

that mattered. 

Michael Connolly 

Activities: Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1-4, 
Football 1-4 

Memories: SM, EC, ED, MG, KS, AD, 
MD, TM, NH, JP, BR baseball '09 Final 
4, BR football '09 OCL Champs, Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Jack, Kayla, Bo 

Tara Conti 


Activities: Volleyball 2-4, NHS 4 
Quote: "Stand up for what you believe 
in, even if it means standing alone." 
Memories: JM- Betty, CD- Cdave- KS- 
Ksutz, AD- Adoll. From Prek- KB, LP, 
TROJAN! Wuddup Brothah. Sarg & 
Dash! Napkind. Documenting crazy 
outfits. Some of the best Times I'll 
never forget. Fam J 

Steven Cooney 

Andrew Costello 

Sarah Cote 

Activities: Cross Country 2-4, Winter and 
Spring Track 1-4, NHS 4 
Quote: "We must walk consciously only 
part way toward our goal and then leap in 
the dark to our success." Thoreau 
Memories: I'm going to miss those long 
runs with the "distance crew" and our 
crazy practices in every type of weather. 
Junior prom was awesome and there were 
so many laughs on the bus! HS really has 
flown by, and ty to everyone over the years 
for making it such a great experience. 


Samantha Counts 

Sam, Sammie, Samuel 

Activities: Tennis 1-4, Art Club 104, 

Science Olympiad 2-4, NHS 4 

Quote: "Every time you play monopoly, a 

deer dies." 

Memories: Trying to steal Henry's 

parking spot and failing. Making 

mayhem w/ Mike during art club; 

Sneaking into Kelsey's art class and 

making her laugh until she cried. Playing 

Apples to Apples for hours at Allie's. I 

remember thinking it would never end. 

Jenna Creswick 



Kyle Couture 

Coach Daddy 

Activities: Swimming 3-4, Football 1, 

Hacky Sack 

Quote: "Tune in, turn on, drop out." - 

Timothy Leary 

Memories: Good times with all of my 

friends. Thanks to all my cool 

teachers... you made school a little less 

bad. Thank you Dad for getting me in 

line with my grades; thank you Mom for 

taking time to understand who I am as 

well as accepting that person. 

Jessica Crouse 

Baby Mama 

Quote: "Sometimes good things fall 

apart so that better things can fall 


Memories: K.B., CD., C.S.2, love you 

girls; thanks for everything <3 Thanks 

mom for helping me through 

everything. Good luck class of 2010! 

Michael Cummings 

Christian Cunha 

Matthew Curtis 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Ski Club 1-4, 
Track 2-3 

Quote: "The greatest pleasure in life is 
doing what people say you cannot." 
Memories: Homeroom pow-wows with 
Michaela, Meaghan, Ricky and 
Dayquan. Mr. Horton's study with Nick, 
James, Bruno and Chris. Hanging out in 
guidance with Ms. MacDonald and 
Officer Crowley 

Meghan Cushing 

Activities: Soccer 1, Softball 1-2, Track 
2-4, NHS 4 
Quote: "Stay Gold" 
Memories: Mr. Blue, Fast and the 
Furious Bridgewater drift, Cup of tacks, 
German Shepherd puppies, Chuckie's, 
freshmen hit and run, seeing buds at 
BK, Jim, Seeing Grease, Junior year 
English class, Visiting Plymouth Rock, 

Chelsey Daly 

Quote: "Friends may come and go but 
these memories will last forever." 
Memories: CS2, JC, SB, KC, KH, KM, 
AK, ER, JB, LM, KO, LD, KB, KL, MO, 

Dayquan Damas 

Day- Day 
Activities: Track 3-4, Band 2-4, Spring 
Musical 4 

Quote: "Keep your friends close and 
your enemies closer." 
Memories: Mix it up this year. It was the 
most fun that I have had in school. 
Spring Musical.tryouts. I enjoyed the 
intensity of it all. 


Alexis Damish 

Activities: XC 1 -4, Track(Winter/Spring) 
1-4, NHS 4, YB 4 

Quote: "Change, when it comes, cracks 
everything open." 
Memories: Freshmen yr. at the old 
school, Mrs. Benigni's English Class, 
meeting new people, "Suck it up and 
run", track (Distance!), "hypocrites", 
Junior Prom with Bboz, XC Captain 
2009... It's been a great experience + at 
times a crazy ride - ty so much and 
good luck to everyone! 

Caitlyn Davies 

Cait, CDave, Champ 
Activities: Volleyball 1-2 4, NHS 3-4 
Quote: "Don't go where the path may 
lead. Go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail." 

Memories: JC, SL, TC, KS, AD, MD, 
Vball '09 - take it like a Trojan!, 
"Whaddup Brotha?!", Sarg+Dash. 
Rowdy Roosters. Berkley Corn Maze. 
Cape '09. Right Round. Washer Toss. 
Bridge Street Fires. Fam5 <3 

Erin DeGrenier 

Quote: "Do not let your fire go out, 
spark by irreplaceable spark, in the 
hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the 
not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let 
the hero in your soul perish in lonely 
frustration for the life you and have 
never been able to reach. The world 
you desire can be won. It exists.. .it is 
real. is possible.. .it is yours." 
-Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged" 

Jennifer David 

Jenny Bear, Jen, JD 
Activities: Dance, Soccer 
Quote: "Loving what you see, but you 
fear what you think." 
Memories: SS, NK, CS, JW, CD, LO, 
HC, TB, SJ, ZM, Russell, and everyone 
else that's always been there through 
everything, ILY! Mom and Dad, Family, 
and Buddy, ty and ily. Summer 08&09, 
amazing, Jonas in July, Bruins, Sclub 
4ever!, Fashion42, Football and hockey 
games, Plymouth, Boston, 91 

Joshua DeAngelis 

Jlow, Spanky 
Activities: Hockey 1-4 
Quote: "Tough times don't last, tough 
people do." 

Memories: Walpole game, Chillin in 
Dunny and Sully's caves, Football over 
Anthony's, Snow Globe tackling, Billy 
flicking Jimmy, Barnstable game 
sophomore year, W-H shoot out, Dan's 
attic, Dokie's mean cely against 
Barnstable, PENTAGON ILY. Erin, Meg, 
and Jill you guys are the best. Kyle, 
Evan, Jimbo, you'll always be my boys. 

Alexander Denneno 




Erin Desrochers 

Erin Dero, Edirty 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, 
Spring Track 1 -3, STUCO 1 -4, Peer 
Leaders 2-4, Mentor 3-4, Class Pres 4 
Quote: "Life is about the Journey, not 
the destination." 

Memories: tt<3 Jill + Meg - thanks for 
everything ily! Team Gryffindor!, 
trackies<3, JD- TY for always being 
there. DP's, table talks, late night play 
practices, 4x800LOVE. LY Mom, Molly, 
+ Kellie, TY for everything! Marty-TY! 

Andrea Dolloff 

A. Doll 

Activities: Field Hockey 1 -3, Basketball 

1, Softball 1-4 


Memories: Candy forever, JV Softball 

'09 love you girls, CS you fell down the 

stairs and I let the door hit you, late 

nights, early mornings. TC, CD, BO, 

NM, QM, Aud, Lboots, JM, JC, EH, JK, 

ML, Eric, WP, MR, good times. Mom 

and Dad thank you ily. CiS<3 



w PL 



k_ * 


\9lw ^ 


Michaela Dimos 

Activities: Soccer 1 -3 
Quote: "What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us" 

Ryan Donovan 


Activities: Hockey 1-4, NHC 09 3-4 
Quote: "Legs feed the wolf Gentlemen." 
Memories: I will always remember 
hanging out with the Pentagon and the 
hockey boys. Playing WHL 09 with you 
boys and playing hockey has been the 
best time of my life. I love you guys and 
also, thanks Mom, Dad, and Alyssa for 

Meaghan Dowd 

Quote: "And whatever happens to them 
along the way, in that enchanted place 
on top of the forest, a little boy and his 
bear will always be playing." 

Richard Dray III 


Lauren Drosos 

Quote: "Cherish all your happy 
moments! They make a fine cushion for 
old age."- Christopher Morley 
Memories: Congrats 2010, we did it! TY 
to my friends and family, I love you. So 
many gts. "Dia Despues Dia", TY to all 
my friends who have stood by me. 
Couldn't have done HS w/o you! 
Goodbye BR and good luck! 

Ryan Drowne 


Activities: Cross Country 4, Hockey 1 - 

4, Baseball 1 -4 

Quote: "Hey lotta hop!" 

Memories: Summers in Maine, the pits, 

and Saran wrapping. Playing NHL 09, 

GT's in O'Neil's basement. The crew 

never forget; BM, SQ, NM, KG, MK, 

PO, and NL. Thanks Mom, Dad, Peter, 

and Carolyn. Love you guys. 

Ashley Dubord 


Activities: Fall/Winter Cheerleading 1 , 
Softball 1 , Dance Forever 
Quote: " I do what I want." 
Memories: EH, KS, LP, KS, CA, MC, 
thank you guys for everything. 
Beefcake Supreme! Thanks tubby, Pat, 
and Mom love you guys. 7/2/09. 1 am 
Sasha Fierce. 

Ryan Duff 

Ry-Guy, Rduff, Duff 
Activities: Bball 1-4, NHS 3-4, YB 3-4, 
Math Team 4 

Quote: "You can't be afraid to fail; it's 
the only way you succeed." 
Memories: Gt's all 4 years at B-R. TY 
Mom, for everything. TY to all my 
teachers. Love all of my friends for 
always being there + making this a great 
4 years. LSR Vortex, DASH! 4 great 
bball; intense state tournament games, 
Fri nts at ftball games, GT's at Jr. Prom 


Thomas Dunphy 

Activities: Football 1 , Wrestling 1 -3 
Quote: "Buck." 

Memories: KB, MC, SN, SM, CS, SN, 
JA (315), JT, Buck, HH, TW, I J, The 
Box, NH, CB, Scotland Field, Thurs. 
nights, Bear claw! Bear claw! 

Jennifer Elias 

Jen, Jenny, Jeff 
Activities: YESS Club 3-4 
Quote: "We knew exactly who we were 
and exactly where we were going- It 
was grand." - Stand by Me 
Memories: I made some great friends + 
have some wonderful memories. "Hold 
on...Keanu Reeves!", 10/11/09, 
Summer '09, Apple tree gang, "step 
one, diamond dust.", hugging Andy 
Samberg, Capachiones, 11/14/08, 
Sorry about the owl, "it is written 






|^v~ >W ^ 

|y^v **- * ■ -*^^> ^-^v 



. ^^ ~^ aa * £ ==*>^^ =:a,!fe 

? _ 








. i 

^ * 'i 






fcu »» ItiV 

Michael Duran 

Activities: Football 1-4, Winter Track 1-2, 
Baseball 1-3 

Quote: "Aww Duran, how much you want 
for that sandwich?" 

Memories: ILY Taramarie Kjelgaard you 
are my everything. Madden , Pasta 
Parties, Fri. Night Lights, Getting Taped 
Up, COD4, CODMW2, BR Trojans Football 
'09, BR Hockey Super Fan, Team DoRo, 
Chem Class, Maine, Freestyling w/ Bevs, 
Biddy, TY Mom, Dad, + Family. 

Amanda Emerick 

James Emerson 

Jordyn Fahey 

Brooke Fernandes 

Memories: Good times at Brand New 
Concert, SSS + TC, art class, taco bell, 
the weekends, my Pontiac, 
adventuring, crazy nights, Thanks to 
everyone who gave me unforgettable 
times + thanks to Andrew B, who has 
given me the best four years, ily! 

Nicholas Finch 

Jeiza Fernandes 

Lemonz, Jei-Jei 
Activities: Soccer 1 
Quote: "Love is one of life's sweetest 
pleasures and greatest misfortunes." 
Memories: GT at BR, wild pep rally 
parties and crazy breakups; but all in all 
it was a great experience. TY to 
grandma and my friends (especially T) 
for making it one of the best of years. 
99 Sophomore Yr. GT: GL D.I.G, DJ, Nl, 
JG, JL, + the rest of the 2010 class. TY 
to all my family who supported me. 

Katelynn Fisher 

Jenevieve Freda 

Mia Kay Fuller Bythrow 


Activities: Yess 1 -4, GSA 2-4, Stuco 4 
Quote: "It's all make believe, isn't it?" 
-Marilyn Monroe 

Memories: Throughout the years, there 
hasn't been anything I have treasured 
more than my friends + family. ILY all. 
However, there is one person who the key 
to my heart and will forever have all of my 
love. IILY Brandon Alexander Cap. Pinky 
Promise. Fantasy is life's best reality. 

Evan Frye 

Activities: Musical 2-4 

Quote: "I don't know where I'm going 

from here, but I promise it won't be 


-Daniel Bowie 

Sarah Gallagher 


Activities: Going to Bucktown and 

Cheerleading 1-3 

Quote: "Everything happens for a 


Memories: YERR 

E.R., L.U., C.W., K.W. love you ladies! 

N.L <3 

Stephanie Gannon 

Spiffy, Split, Spif dawg 
Quote: "In order to be irreplaceable you 
must not be the same, thus, I dare to 
be different." 

Memories: to all my friends, ty so much 
for everything you have done for me. 
Mom, Dad, Heather, Katie, thanks for 
being there for me. A.K., K.O., M.B., 
K.F., J.N., B.B., A.J., R.F., and N.C., ty 
the great times we've had. This year 
has made me who I am, and I wouldn't 
change it for the world. 

Nicholas Georgantas 


Daniel Geggatt 

Eric George 

Anthony Giampapa 

Patrick Gillis 

Megan Gilmartin 

Meggie G, Meggo, OOGZ 
Activities: Cheerleading 1 , Field Hockey 
2-4 Captain, Lacrosse 1-4 Captain, 
Peer leaders 2-4, Mentoring 3-4 
Quote: "Fearless is living in spite of all 
the things that scare you to death." 
Memories: Jilly Wymy & Edirty- tt <3 
love you long time! JD bros for life 
lynmw! Fockey Fam; LAX to the MAX; 
ALWAYS Mom and Dad TFE! GL Chris! 
Lyall!"IO making memories 


Dana Giove 

Brendan Glavin 

B. Glav, Glav Daddy 
Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-4, 
Basketball 1-2 
Quote: "M.O.B" 

Memories: Getting it shakin'; Chillen 
with the boys 

Lauren Gogan 

Daniel Gomes 

Kyle Gomes 

Gomesy, K.G. 
Activities: Baseball 1-2, Football 1-2, 4 
Quote: "Do it Live" 
Memories: Great times over the 
summer, The Keys, Puerto Rico, Aruba, 
the pits, saran wrapping, The Guys, 
N.L, R.D., S.Q., N.M., B.M., M.M., T.K., 
D.S., M.C., T.B., E.C., Hill Dawg, 
Thanks Friends & Mom, Dad, Ashley, 
Love You Always 

Daniel Grady 

Jonathan Grandoit 

"Johnny Fresh" 
Activities: Football 1-2, Yess Club 4, 
Basketball 3 

Quote: "Dress to impress" 
Memories: History class when Tim and 
Ari argued 

Douglas Hall 

Activities: Tennis 1 , Swim Team 2-4 
Memories: Thank you to all my family 
and friends. 

Katelyn Hall 

Activities: Musical 
Quote: "Live life, love much, laugh 
always!! " 

Memories: Shram, Felicia, Rob, and 
Jillian I love you guys! You keep me on 
my toes. Colby I love you. Thanks for 

Jette, Mimi, Mom & Dad- 1 don't know 
where I'd be without you. Thank you to 
everyone that's been there for me. 

Kyle Hancock 

Timmy Storks 

Activities: Jazz Band 1 -4, Ski Club 1 -4 

Quote: "I love it." 

Memories: Nuggets. Sminson 

excursions. Various types of chives... 

Pygmy Twyle. 


Neil Harrington 

Activities: Football 1 -4, Baseball 1 -4, 
Winter Track 3-4 
Quote: "Competitions Bring 

Memories: 4- N.H., K.P., S.W.,T.M.T.M. 
K.R., CM., S.W., M.H., J.W., T.D., K.P., 
E.D., M.G, "Bro Time"Katie's in N.H. - 
skiing- Hike Mt. Washington, Semi, 
Prom, Mike's, Pat's Tommy's FTBALL 
2010 Playoffs! OCL Champs, TY so 
much Mom, Dad, Meagan, Love You! 
Love you Katie, ty for everything! 

Matthew Hart 

Matty Ice, Big Kahuna 
Activities:Baseball 1, Golf + Hockey 1-4 
Quote: "Uhhhh" 

Memories: That time Robbie took a bite 
out of Mr. Sylvia's donut and he never 
found out.Bumpin to Miley with JScalp, 
ballin in Nicky Nice's driveway, gts in 
the hockey locker room. Ty Mike, Pat, & 
Marianne for having us over all the time. 
Pentagon & Hockey boys ty for all the 
memories, we had good fun. 

Ryan Hart 


Activities: TJ 2 2-4, Science Olympiad 1 - 

4, Math Team 2-3, N.H.S. 4 

Quote: "Everyone is ugly at 3 o'clock in 

the morning." 

Memories: There's a hole in the wall! GT 

with Archiovore for those long hours, Eat 

WPI, "The Calculus", ASCII codes in 

Spanish, THE GAME, Ian Dashner saber 

stance, Drafting with Mr. Patrick, the 

words of Riskay, Loose Construction! 

Turtle Theory, Doing the Rubik's Cube 

Allison Hausen 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4, Science 

Olympiad 4, Student Council 2-3, 

N.H.S. 4 . 

Quote: "Ask not what your country can 

do for you, but what you can do for 

your country." 

Memories: Driving out of the parking lot 

with Mrs. Wheeler and having a foot of 

snow fall off her roof. Thank you Mrs. 

Norman! Love you Mom and Dad. 

Richard Hearn IV 

Emily Hemming 


Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, N.H.S. 3-4, 

Yearbook 4 

Quote: "Live the life you love, Love the 

life you live." 

Memories: Fockey Family ODS love you 

ladies. I'll never forget the late nights 

and our favorite date nights. Ashbash, 

Lauren, and Shan always my best. K.S., 

M.M., J.B., T.A., A.G., A.W.; thank you 

for everything. 

Michael Herrick 

Activities: Skating, guitar, drums, 


Quote: "Live Fast, Die Young." 

Memories: "The Trio Times," R.I. P. 

Quartet, Break time at Campus Plaza is 

not a good time. Regret nothing. 

William Higgins Jr. 

Meaghan Higgins 

Evan Hill 

Activities: Band 1 -4, Jazz Band 1 -4, 

Baseball 1 -2 

Quote: "Spiral Out" 

Memories: TY Mom and Dad and 


Good luck to my classmates. 

"What happens now?" 

Hyman Ho 

Haley Holland 

SMemories: Life, Love, Stress and 
Setbacks, for those trying to breathe... 

Nathan Hubbard 

Polly Huynh 

Po, PoPo 
Activities: Science Olympiad 2-4, Math 
Team 2-4, Peer Mentor 3-4, N.H.S. 4, 
Band 1 -4 

Quote: "I am a nice shark, not a 
mindless eating machine. If I am to 
change this image I must first change 
myself. Fish are friends, not food." 
Memories: BF: Q (K.N.), K.S., B.B. 
SO: No more mud. 

Niara Ijezie 

Activities: GSA club - 4 
Quote:"lf you're going to be two-faced, 
then at least make one of them pretty." 
- Marilyn Monroe 

Memories: GT walking to my second 
home. What was I thinking when I wore 
red skinnies and a yellow shirt. Lol. GT 
w/ Doug in chem. Love est. 1 1 .6.08 

Nicholas llacqua 

Brenden Jacobs 

Activities: Chillen, Basketball 

Memories: John Mccoy, Dave Sotera, 
Friday Nights, Boston Celtics games, 
Southstatton, Rap, Basketball, Daves 
House, Chillen, so many good times, 
Friends for Life 

Moriah lllsley 

Nickname Here 
Activities: Science Olympiad 1-4 
Quote: "There's nothing you can do 
that can't be done. Nothing you can 
sing that can't be sung. Nothing you 
can say that you can learn how to play 
the game. It's easy! - The Beatles 
Memories: Thank you Mom + Dad! <3 
RH, MG, AO, PH, SC, KC, JL, GH, KO, 
HB, AC, AH, AK, RS, BM, MC, HC, SO, 
EM <3 Great times in the basements - 
Getting Chill Zones. 

Cody Jaramillo 

Activities: Wrestling + football 1 -4 Trackl 
Quote: "If you fear Dying... You're 
already dead" 

Memories: BR wrestling HVY. TY 
coaches "Stump" Jeff Francis & Lee 
Beane 4 everything. TY Mom & Dad 4 
everything. ILY so much I couldn't do it 
without you guys. TY for being there for 
me. Buddies for Life KB. TY best friend 
Dillon Poh "D-Poh" A.G, M.M, C.N, K.B, 
T.B, D.J, S.L, M.L, SC, D.S 

Daniel Johndrow 


Activities: Lacrosse 1-4, hockey + golf 1-3 
Quote: "It's the thing that we're afraid of 
that are gonna show us what we're made 
of in the end." 

Memories: TROJANS LAX, all the wins, all 
the losses, and everything else, TY boys 
for all the memories. Special TY to Mr. 
Patrick, Connelly, Horton for all the help 
over the years. The friends I'll never forget 
KB, CJ, DG, JP, JM, SW, RL, HP, KS, 
KM, AC, TM, and so many more. Peace. 

Kevin Johnson 

Samantha Johnson 

Denise Jordan 


Quote: "When you do common things 
in life in an uncommon way, you will 
command the attention of the world. - 
George Washington Carver 
Memories: Wearing head scarfs 
everyday. Danny's road rage. GT in 
English. "I wanna go home." 

Isaiah Johnson 

Activities: football 1-4 basketball1-2 
Quote: "yeeeeeea" 

Memories: TrojanFootball OCL Champs 
(9-2) Best of times with the boys CS, 
KB, JA, DS, JW, JT, TD, SN, JG, MZ, 
SM, SD, CD,NH and TO. My girlfriend 
Mpm<3 Forever. Love you all 

Patricia Johnson 

Kristen Jones 

I Activities: Lacrosse 2-4,STUCO 3-4.NHS 4 
Quote: "Life is not about waiting for the 
storm to pass, but learning to dance in the 

Memories: Thank you for everything Mom 
and Dad. Erin xoxo, legendary, Lax to the 
Maxx... HOORAH! R.L been there for it all. 
JLK, my twin. SC and KC DPs. My girls, 
I ily. So many slices, SMC, MV09, BGT, 
050809, GG, MR, Sunapee. G110 study. 

Kalen Jordon 

Memories: J.B. B.F. B.O. K.O. M.J. and 
K.C... Just Kiddin. White Jetta, 
Freshman & Junior years <3, my 
basement and many others, art 06-07, 
Where's the car? - Prov. Rl, 18th Bday, 
cruisin', all the nights we spent getting 
ready for the night, snowboarding once, 
Sam, thanks it's been a real trip. 


Michael Kahler 

Activities: Spring track 1 -4 Winter track 1 - 
4 TJ2 2-3 NHS 4 

Quote: "Here's to the crazy ones. The 
misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. 
The round pegs in the square holes. The 
ones who see things differently. They're 
not fond of rules, + they have no respect 
for the status quo. You can quote them; 
disagree w/ them; glorify or vilify them. 
About the only thing you can't do is 
ignore them. Because they change things. 
They push the human race forward. " 

Samantha Kelly 


Activities: yess club 4 

Quote: "At the dividing line between the 

East of my youth and the West of my 

future" - On the Road 

Memories: hey remember that time..., 

friends, family, thanks for everything! 

The Lizard King, HL 10/11/09, running 

amuck, Summer 09, Bali, basements, 

The Orphanage, Dave's Diner, Florida, 

Narnia, kittens, Mr. Blue, vid projects, 

"willing to... chance?" 


Amanda Kemmett 

Patrick Kemper 

Amanda Kempf 

Activities: Art club 2-4, science 
Olympiad 3-4 

Quote: " I go to a great perhaps." - 
Francois R. 

Memories: As every high school senior 
in the 70's said: What a long, strange 
trip its been. Each year has been better 
than the last. Thank you to all my 
friends - you shall remain forever in my 
heart. Finally, "you like that?" 


1 ' 


~ 1 Lo 

L . Ek 

is. 1 

r-i t. 


VW^W ** 1 



* -** •■- * ' i 

Corey Kenn 

Choy Chen 
Activities: Fencing Team Co-Captain 2- 
4, Bee Keeping Society 1 -3 
Quote: "Noli nothi permittere te terere" 
Memories: Blanche, Rose, and Sophia, 
thank you for being a friend. I enjoyed 
singing acapella all those times. Big 
Mo's radio blew out. 

Timothy Kennedy 

Activities: wrestling1-4, soccer 1-4, 

Quote: "And then I found five- dollars" 
Memories: Bus rides up to wrestling, 
taking left footed volleys that I had no 
business taking, owning dunny in NHL 
09 S.Q., N.M., K.G., J.B., S.C., States 
and all states trips 

Julie Kimball 

. . Jule, Jules, Jube 

Activities: Field Hockey 2-4, musical 

theater 1-4, vball, foreign language 4, yb 4 

Quote: "You got a fast car, I got a ticket 

anywhere." - Tracey Chapman 

Memories: MV, Glen House, Banana 

Boating, half days, Gonzo and Pepe, Baby 

Got Back, Golden Girls, lollipops, Moose, 

Madagascar, M&M, Sebastian, Newport 

Movies,Flying Dogs, TB Diamonds r 4eva, 

Slom, FH Girls, Emu, Pee-wee! CK, SO, 

HP, NM, CB, KS, SS, AN, MS LY all! Mom 

and Dad: You're the best! 

Erin Knapp 

E - Knapp 
Activities: softball 1 -2 
Quote: " Some people come into our 
lives and quickly go. Some stay for a 
while, leave footprints on our hearts, 
and we are never, ever the same." 
Memories: Thanks to all the friends I've 
made, my mom and dad, and my 

Christie Kimball 

Dookie, Crust, Chris 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, track 2-4 
Quote: "But... he is Harvey Dent?" 
Memories: Meeting my best friend, 
Amanda Wong. Julie, Michelle, Amanda, 
Christie, Carly, Shan SQUASH. Baby Got 
Back Video. Glen House. Dome FH. Scary 
Movie 2. Cheesecake Factory. Sunday 
River. MV. Banana Boating. 6 Flags. True 
Blood. Cowardly Lion. Manderin/ Walmart. 
Rooster. Snort. The Little Mermaid. Hard 
Rock cafe. Ma, Dad + Julie TY. LYA 

Jillian Kitterick 

jkit, JK 
Activities: Gymnastics 1 -4, Stuco 1 -4, 
Tennis 2-4, NHS 4, Yearbook 4 
Quote: "Life's tough, get a helmet." 
Memories: Thanks Mom, Dad + Devin 
ily. SAM + BLS; I am who I am b/c of 
u2. Kjones; couldn't have survived w/o 
u + Hanny Montanny! KLJ + JLK all the 
way! GT's MV, beachtrips, GNO's, 
BigGreenTractorCrew. AM, RL, CS, SQ, 
NM, MH, JS SGC <3 Goodluck 2010! 

Patrick Koczela 

Activities: Baseball, Soccer, Golf 2- 
4,Tennis 3-4, TJ2 1-4, NHS 4 
Quote: "Impossible is Nothing" 
Memories: TJ2 Tries, "The Calculus," 
Mrs. Calef's study, Golf Team. Thanks 
to my teachers, family, and Friends. 


Matthew Kopcza 

Matty K. Ketchup, Kopscop 
Activities: TJ2 

Memories: Paul Slide tackling a kid in 
the hallway. Richard the gorilla, The red 
balloon and scrabble in French Class. 

Lindsey Kreckler 

Activities: TJ2 2-4.NHS4 
Memories: All the TJ trips- Billy Gersha, 
winning Chairman's and the VCU 
Regional, the hole in the wall... The 
swinging light, spiffy greens, Calef's 
study, the roadmap, my red balloon, 
"She contemplates she's tat." 
Treadmills in gym, Malcolm X, 
Lindsey's locker, prom night '09, Gillis's 
office, OH - and so much more. High 
school has been great. 

John Krill Jr. 

Anna Landucci 

Katelynn Landers 


Activities: Volleyball 1-2, Peer Leaders 
2-4, Spanish Club 1-2, Yearbook 4 
Quote: "It's Never Goodbye, It's See 
You Later." 

Memories: MV 09' was the best. Gt's at 
out second home BSween. Love you all 
BS, AL, SL, AB. Good luck Sarah. 
Loved going to the games with the 
girls. Miss you all so much. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, and Auntie couldn't do it 
without you. Good Luck class of 2010 

Kollyn Lavoie 


I A 

Nicholas LeBlanc 

Nicky Nice, Nick 

Activities: Biddy 1-4, CYO 3-4, B-R 
Baseball 1-4, Cross Country 2, Mock trial 
Quote: "Hakuna Matata" 
Memories: Good times: Baldies, Ballin' at 
the Y and driveway, CYO "dream team", 
Biddy champs '09, making it big, FSL, 
sombrerbros, DBWB, seran wrappin', red 
dogs, SG <3. GL: Patty, BL, MD. TY: 
Family, real friends, Freed and Luana 
(Junior Prom), Pat, Reichart, Marianne, 
Joe Bragga, You stay classy... B-R 

Michael Leon 



Joseph Lee 

JoeLee, Angelina JoeLee 
Activities:TJ2 2-4 

Quote: "You may say I'm a dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one"- John Lennon 
Memories: The Viet Clong; Dinosaur 
Face; Matter Wars: The Remake; the 
swinging light; "And then you'll make 
their heads explode?"; "Okay. I'm Miss 
Laura"; "Absolutely Oprah"; the Jesus 

Coleman Lewis 

Activities: Raynwater Players 1 -4, 
School Climate 4 

Quote: "Humanity Takes Itself Too 
Seriously. If the Caveman had known 
how to laugh, History would have been 

Memories: Thanks to the Raynwater 
Family, Fast & the Furious: Bridgewater 
Drift, Witchita, OHDASHAWTT, Relay 
for Life Crew, Good Times on 
Appletree, Hey Ian!, Nasberry, Thanks 
to all my friends and my family. Peace 

Martin Lewis 

Taylor Lewis 

Activities: Raynwater players 1 -4, 
Student Council 2-3, Y.E.S.S, School 
Climate 4 

Memories: Good times everywhere, 
Raynwater players- thanks for 
everything. Fast and Furious 
Bridgewater Drift! Friends- your 
awesome thanks for everything. B-R 
class of 2010. Good luck! Witchita! 
Apple tree. Peace out B-R! 

Stephen Libby 

Libby SNAFU 
Activities: Wrestling 1 -4, Capt 3&4 
Quote: "Today is the first day of the rest 
of your Life"- Charles Dederick 
Memories: TY Mom, Dad, Amanda, 
Matt... Magic green couch. BFishing. 
Hess run. Camping. Where are we. 
Thanx to all of you. P.S. Dragon 

Matthew Lincoln 

Christopher Lindahl 

Activities: Cross Country 1 -2 
Quote: " If you're going to be thinking, 
you may as well be thinking big."- 
Donald Trump 

Jessica Liston 

Activities: Massachusetts Small-bore 
Rifls Team 1 -4, Yearbook 4 
Quote: "Imperfection is beauty, 
madness is genius, and it's better to be 
absolutely ridiculous than absolutely 
boring."- Marylin Monroe 

Brendan Litchfield 

Rachel Livolsi 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-4, NHS 3-4 
Quote: "Don't cry because it's over. 
Smile because it happened." 
Memories: Love you Mom and Dad 
thanks for everything. Kristen thanks for 
being there since day one, my girls and 
gymgirls, MV '09, St. Mikes, Mr. 
Souza's class... Mike or Amanda, sooo 
many slices, big green tractor, day after 

Ryan Loftus 

Elias Loucagos 

Liako/ Li Li 
Activities: Soccer 1-4, TJ2 1-4, Tennis 
2-4, Math Team 2-4, Winter Track 2 
Quote: " I don't know what is up with 
this TJ2 nonsense, I mean why don't I 
just put up a billboard on the front of 
the school that says TJ2"- Cheek. 
Memories: I remember being tired of all 
the fancy stuff on the soccer team, 
granted I took a Ift footed volley senior 
year from the bench that I had no 
business taking and I hit the upper 90 

* -fll I 

Jason Loud 

Matthew Lynn 


Activities: Class President 1-2, Best of 
the bunch 1, Ninja 1-4 
Quote: "All I can be is myself. Whoever 
that may be" 

Memories: I would like to thank all my 
teachers, and classmates. Its been the 
best four years of my life. Special 
thanks to CJ O'Conner & Mike Stefano. 
Also to my parents. I'll see you all at the 
class reunion. Thanks. 

Matthew MacArthur 


Jamie MacDonald 

Kasey MacTighe 

John Lynch 

Summer Lyons 

Activities: -2, Volleyball 2-3, Math Team 
2-4, StuCo 4, YESS Club 4, NHS 4 
Quote: "Wherever you go, no matter the 
weather, always bring your own 

Memories: Jess Chute, love ya girl. 
Friends, thanks for everything. Always 
laughing. Stay classy. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Zac. BR 2010, we did it! 

Cameron Macdonald 

The Magic Man 

Activities: Football 1-4, Winter Track 1- 
4, Baseball 1-2, Spring Track 3-4 
Quote: "Hard work beats talent when 
talent fails to work hard"- M. Jordan 
Memories: Broin' it out at BC Camp 
and track, CYO "Dream Team," 
Mayflower Beach, 4X400, State, 
Competition brings Competitors!; 
Thanks to all my family and friends. 
Best of luck to the class of 2010 and 
Ray Wilcox. 

Kayla Machado 


Activities: GSA 3-4 
Quote: "I'm the king of this pitty party 
with my jewel in-crusted crown" 
Memories: Pride with AC, VP, CH, BH, 
and CR. Shopping with DD and GB. 
Best friend GB. Getting ready for semi 
with MD and SS. Flirting with KM 

Alex Major 

Thomas Mantia 

Activities: Biddy League 1 -4 
Quote: "What goes around, comes 

Memories: JB, my best friend, like a bro 
to me. BB, my boy, one of the funniest 
ppl IK. KL, so many gt's, your amazing. 
KL, BB, AM, my summer '09 crew. MD, 
MW, DS, IJ, JT, gt's past few years. TM 
and MN, two of my oldest friends. 
Thank you for everything Mom and Dad 

Michael Marden 

Nicholas Marini 

Marini, Marinara sauce 
Activities: XC, Captain, Winter Track, 
Spring Track, Captain, NHS 

Memories: 10th grade BIO w/Sargeant, 
1 1th grade APUS w/ spear. "Ipso 
Facto," Ballin' at Quigs' house, "stick it 
in your ear, Lefleur!", Alyss-so many 
times, High school wouldn't have been 
the same w/out you. TY. " My friend 
Saran, cross country! 

Marquis Marshall 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4, TJ2 1 ,4, Track 
and Field 1-4 

Quote: "You can shoot me, stab me, 
but words will never hurt me." Ludacris 
Memories: Play Xbox All Day Every day. 
If you are up to the challenge then 
come play. My name is Ninjas Fury and 
I'm here to stay. 


Bruno Martelli III 

Honest Abe 
Quote: "Always remember you're 
unique, Just like everyone else." 

Kristie Martin 

Marianne Mastrolia 

. . . Mare 

Activities: Softball 1-4, Field hockey 1-3, 

Peer Leaders 4, STUCO 4 

Quote: "I no doubt deserve my enemies, 

but I don't believe I deserve my friends"- 

Walt Whitman 

Memories: MG, CA,VC,TA,KS,EH ily So 

many good times. Summer 08,09. prom, 

toga, NYC, Cape, skiing, fockey. Maura 

and Courtney, my best. IJ, ily. TY to all my 

girls and guys for an unforgettable 4 years. 

Mom and Dad, ily. Ty for everything. 

Alexxi Mathi 

Activities: Shopping, Hanging out with 

Quote: "live life to the fullest" 
Memories: four long years of trouble, 
friends, fights, and laughter. Thanks to 
all my teachers and staff for your help 
and patience for putting up with the 
one and only "Lexxi Mathi" 

Lauren Matta 

Nicholas Maxfield 

Peter Maynard 

Steven McCarthy 




Jonathan McCoy 

Alyson McGill 

Activities: Basketball 1 -2 
Quote: "Never let the fear of losing; 
keep you from playing the game" 
Memories: Mom and Dad thank you for 
everything, love you guys so much. KL- 
Thank you for everything, you're always 
there for me no matter what. So many 
good times throughout high school. 
BBF! <3 Friends, thank you for 
everything. K.C, N.M, B.B, T.M, S.M, 

Ashley McGovern 

Activities: Basketball 1 , NHS 4 
Quote: "All your dreams can come true, 
if you have the courage to pursue them." 
Memories: Mr. Blue, tie dying, rock 
band, concerts with Meg and Britt- 
Jonas, Miley, Demi, Metro Station, Cash 
Cash, TWTA, Rooney, TDF, Honor 
Society, WTK, HM, Fast and Furious 
Bridgewater Drift, Freshmen Earth 
Science, Sophomore gym, Picadilly 
Plum, Spanish rap 

Michael McKinnon 

Mikey, Mack Attack 

Activities: cross country 1 -4, Wrestling 1 - 
2, Winter Track 3-4, Lacrosse 1-4, Ski 
Club 1 -4, yearbook 4 
Memories: First day freshman year, 
walked into the wrong class first period. 
O.C.L meet all four years! Pep rally! 
Playing basketball at Nick's. Spirit Week! 
Playing Soccer in Blakes health class. 
Having S.A.Ts after prom. Lacrosse 
games including Nantucket. Having fun 
at prom and on the bus. TY Mom + Dad. 

Emily McDermott 

Activities: Spring Musical 1-2 N.H.S 4 

TJ2 4 

Quote: "He preserved because he saw 

him, who is invisible" 

Memories: Thanks Dad, Mom and 

David for all your love and support. 

Thanks to all my friends for always 

being there for me and always having a 

great time. APUSH, kujo, Breakfast 

parties. i,Donde esta el sol? Lips 

Andrew McGovern 

Kaleena McHardy 

Activities: Powderpuff 3-4 
Quote: "Don't cry because it's over, 
smile because it happened." 
Memories: We finally made it! Love my 
girls MC, JC, VB, KC, AM. Memories 
made here are unforgettable. To all the 
friends, I made here, I love all of you. 
Special thanks and I love you to my 
Mom, and Dad, and family. 

Collin McLaughlin 


Activities: Soccer 1-4, Ski Club 1-4, 

Hockey 1 

Quote: "Some things happen 


Memories: that time Bernard and 

Gerald bought those fake mustard 

chives. I used to know a wise pony. 

He was eclectic. Chenley flew a tiny bi 

plane. I've always wanted a shiny 


Marc McLaughlin 

Nichole McNeil 

McNuggs, Nicho 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Softball 1- 
2. Foreign Language 1+4, 
Memories: Love ya Fockey Girls!! Kara 
and Nicolle love you both, thanks for 
everything. LLA <3 M.S: Since 7 years 
old <3 S.O never forget the jiggle face, 
lol. J.K, C.K, C.B, A.W, S.S, Mom and 
Dad TY for everything. W.J.R 1 1/6/06 I 
love you, You will always be a part of 

Alyssa McSherry 

Activities: dance 1-4, ski club 1-4, NHS 

Quote: "Dance like no one is watching" 
Memories: So many unforgettable 
memories at prom, the beach, football 
games, dance, and ski trips. Courtney 
you're my best forever. Nick, I don't 
know what I'd do without you. Mom, 
Dad, and Brian I love you. My best.. 

Marc Miller 


I \ 


? _ 

y - 



Eric Meoli 

Activities: Art Club, Piano, Guitar, 
Foreign Language, GSA, Library Docent 
Quote: "You like that!" 
Memories: HS was awesome for me. I 
watched myself grow + learn new 
things each year. I made many friends 
+ loved all of them in their own ways. I 
will never forget the meaningful people 
that I met in hs +the good times we 
shared. I love my family! Live, Laugh, 
Love, and Learn! 

Leah Molle 

Activities: GSA 
Quote: "No worries" 
Memories: I will never forget the friends 
I have made or the good times we have 
had. Thank you to everyone who has 
helped me get here and out of 

Lindsey Monson 

Activities: Soccer 1-3, Lacrosse 3-4, 
NHS 3-4, Jazz and Concert Band 1-4 
Memories: Thank you Mom, Dad, Josh 
and friends for making my high school 
experience truly unforgettable, I 
wouldn't be the person I am today 
without you.. ATU crew, Kujo, Donde 
esta el sol, Bring back my child... 

Nicholaus Monteiro 

Erika Monteith 

Activities: TJ 2 3-4, NHS 3-4, Band 1-4 
Quote: "What's coming will come, and 
we'll meet it when it does" - JKR 
Memories: LEM, EMM, BPB, RCH, JTC, 
NARNIA!" "BREEKS" Thank you to my 
girls- 1 couldn't have done it without 
you. I love you! Thank you to Robert, 
Kevin, Mom and Dad. I love you! 


Brittney Morgan 

Activities: Cheerleading 1-4 
Quote: "Get it" 

Memories: To old and new. Booksi 
git's in Big Mo. SM CK KM "Thank you 
for being a friend" QUILT. HP I will 
survive. SW thank you for keeping me 
sane. TW will always there. Family = my 
everything. Ryan, I love you. 

I w 

Shawn Morin 

Shane Morris 

Steven Moser 

Activities: Legacy 3-4 
Quote: "Discretion is key" 
Memories: Lupos, JT, TW, RS, Legacy, 
JC, SC, CB, MC. Gushie, Chillen SN, 
BS. Longboard Sessions CC Fresh 
Crew JF, NF, SF. Pasta Party, KB, JA. 
Spicoli, Getting Gnarly. 

Thomas Mullen 


Activities: Soccer 1-4, Wrestling 1-3, 

Track 2-4 

Quote: "You'll never walk alone' 

Memories: BR soccer, Crusaders 

United, Mike's, Drop the hammer, 

"Shake and Bake" 4x400, Brick Road, 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Andrew, and 

Jack. C-4, Joe, Dcliff, M.Z, P.O, Scaply, 

CM, J.D, J.W, Dunph, C.W, K.W- Keep 

doing your thing 

Andrea Murray 


Activities: Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4, Stuco 

2-4, NHS 4 

Quote: To dance is to be out of yourself 

Memories: Thanks to Mom, Dad, MM, 

PM. Emily, we fly high cyclone, THING 

TWO! Hurdle crew, Team Gryffindor, 

Dark Clouds, Dance Girls, Molpom, EC, 

Kwhitt, WC ty for everything. SEMIS, 

Better Bean, Sousa's class, football 

games, ski trips! Good luck CH, DL 

Shana Morochnick 

Activity: Mock Trial 2-4 
Quote: "Thank you for being a friend" 
Memories: Good times with Blanche, 
Rose, Dorothy- love you guys. Good 
times in Big MO. QUILTING FTW. The 
circle, the fire, the basement. 

Jeannette Morrison 

Jen, Jenskii, Jenny Bear, Nay-Nay 
Activities: Foreign Language 1 , GSA 2-3, 
YB + Prom Committee 4, Powderpuff 
Quote: "Be the change you wish to see in 
the world" 

Memories: Mom- ily so much thank you for 
everything. I couldn't have done it without 
you and Gram and Gramp and the rest of 
the fam. Kate Bumpus you're my best 
friend <3, My Bros TC. L-Boots, SS, LT <3, 
CHAOS! R.I.P Big Bob and Uncle Duke, 
rest easy. KOBE <3 

Josephine Mountain 


Activities: lacrosse 1-4, winter track 3 

Quote: "Stay Gold" 

Memories: Seeing best buds at BK, 

having a cup of tacks on New Year's, 

German Shepard puppies, fast and the 

furious Bridgewater drift, getting 

harassed by Erin dtf with our English 

posse, being Mr. Blue, visiting 

Plymouth Rock on random weekends, 

junior year English Class, AK 

Samuel Mullin 

Adam Muzyka 



Matthew Needham 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4, Hockey 1 -2 
Quote: "Live life to the fullest" 
Memories: I have enjoyed school, 
sports, going to pasta parties, hanging 
out with friends, meeting new people 
and just having fun throughout my high 
school years. I would like to thank my 
parents and my sister for all the support 
they gave me with my sports and 

Angela Nelson 

Quote: I'm gonna stay eighteen forever, 
so we can stay like this forever 
Memories: Vfest and boys forever. Erin, 
Haley, and Kerry- thank you. SCAM. 
Mike, love you! Thanks Mom and Dad. 
Good luck Gina. peace out BR, good 
luck 2010. 

Skylor Nelson 

Activites: Soccer 1 -4 
Quote: Dying to live when I'm living to 
die, dying to smoke when I'm just 
smoking to die 

Memories: Greenstar Hangin with the 
Buck Crew, freshmen year at the old 
high school, T.D., M.C., J.T.B, K.B., 
C.B, A.N2., T.W., S.M., J.C., J.F. 

Anthony Neumeister 

Kieu Nguyen 

Activities: Math team 2-4, Science 
Olympiad 3-4, N.H.S. 4 
Quote: "Friends are the most important 
part of your life. Treasure the tears, 
treasure the laughter, but most 
importantly, treasure the memories." - 
Dave Brenner 

Memories: S.O. : "There's no more mud 
left"B.F.S : PH, KS, BBI would like to 
say thanks to my entire family. Thanks 
so much for everything, I wouldn't be 
who I am today if it weren't for you all. 

Kelsey O'Brien 

Activties: GSA, SO, Art Club 
Memories: All those weekends I just 
couldn't seem to get my friends out of 
my house, and the summer nights 
when I barely slept an hour. Thank you 
guys; you made high school bearable. 
You mean more to me then you know. 
DR, TL, Ml, KC, SC, AK, RH, HB, EM, 

Jacquelin Nickerson 

Jackie, Woodsy, Jackattack 
Activities: Freshman Softball 1 
Quote: "Be who you are and say what 
you feel because those who mind don't 
matter and those who matter don't 
mind." T.Y. Mom and Dad. Erin, Erin D, 
Shellie, Jesse and Kay; thank you for 
everything. Paul, thank you for being 
apart of my life for these past 4 years. I 
love you. 

Kelsey O'Brien 

Charles O'Connor 

Patrick O'Connor 

Activities: TJ2 3-4, Mock Trial 1 , Chess 1 
Quotes: You're the man now, dog. 
Memories: Quantum of Solace was a bad 
movie, Hood's a Jaghut, loose 
construction, high five, that poor guy's 
front lawn, what were you thinking, turtle 
meary, has anyone really been so far..., 
castle siege, detention with Steve, la 
catrina, I happen to be a warhammer 
expert, shadow group. 

Alexandra O'Donnell 

Activities: Art Club, Science Olympiad 
Quote: " Farewell is tacky.. .I'd rather 
say see you later." 

Memories: Chillen out in Riss' car-five 
minutes after curfew, so hardcore. 
PCCDS, never frown. 

Kerry O'Donnell 


Quote: What you feel only matters to 

you. It's what you do to the people you 

love. That's what matters. That's the 

only thing that counts. 

Memories: Basements, admeral, 91907, 

cruising, baby blue cars, movie nights, 

the shed, and Plymouth, my girls and 

boys, I love you all. Alex, I like yaa. I 

don't know where I'd be without all you 


Sean O'Donnell 

Activities: TJ2 2-4, YESS 3-4 
Quote: " I want to stay as close to the 
edge as I can without going over. Out 
on the edge you can see all kinds of 
things you can't see from the center." 
Memories: Good times with WOT in 
Dean. HC, MC, RS, RB, Ml, MB you're 
all fantastic! Now broad casting. 

Brianne Oliveira 


Activities: Art Club 

Quote: "No stress. Love, life. Proceed, 
Progress." ■* Weezy 

Memories: We're finally seniors! Here's 
to the girls' nights, crusin', the buck 
crew, psalm, and all the other crazy ish 
we got ourselves into! Peace and Love 
SN JC JT TW AN AB.. and all the new 
friends I've made at B-R! 

Shannon O'Leary 

Shan, Shan-0 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Foreign 

Language 4 



Memories: Field Hockey, half days, 

Martha's Vineyard, "flying squirrel", 

JMACCS, Jelly dace-NM, Mac and 

Melon, NWNL, True Blood, Gonzo and 

Pepe, Glen house, Little Mermaid, 

zuchinni, pasta parties, TY Mom, Dad, 

Ky, HP, JK, NM, CK, CB, SS, KS 

Daniel Olson 


Activities: Science Olympiad -4 
Quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you 
miss, you'll land among the stars."- Les 

Memories: GT's in French with Madame. ! 
Me encanta Spanish V! S.O. - '09,'10! "It's 
a fabulous free- form Friday! " Major GT's: 
"Gym needs to be a board game with 
'push- up' chips." Weeble's Wobble, No 
more mud left! Dustbunny. Relay 4 life- 
'06-'10! TY- family and friends! 

Patrick O'Neill 

SActivities: Hockey 1 -2 
Quote: These who criticize our 
generation forget who raise it. 
Memories: The last four years have 
been great and I thank my family and 
friends for all the good times I've had. 

Heather Paiva 


Quote: "Whats meant to be will always 

find it's way!" 

Memories: beach with CA, oatberry, 

whale calling, Popsicle's, chips, WB 

park, Schussett Beach, Plymouth, 4am 

drives, monsters, because we can, 

sleepovers, midgets, apples to apples, 

bin class, LP Cape, CM, in a room..., 

TY friends+family, SO, JK, CK, CA, LP, 


Jonathan Palmer 


Activities: Football 1-3.5 Basketball 1 
Baseball 1-4 

Quote: "Put your face in that picture in 
see how many times it fits" 
Memories: T.JM.C,J.A,E.C, M.D, CM, 
D.S, S.M, Pentagon, GT at Pat O'Neills, 
Marrianes, Kaileys. Ballin at the Y. 
November 14th, 2009, Pasta Parties, Mini 
Hockey at the Harts household, Georgia 
with MA Pride, 21, Playoffs for baseball, 
biddy, Wii tournament, Dustin Ross 

Katherine Palmer 

Katie, KP 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, NHS 3+4, 

Student Council 4 

Memories: SLAM... always & forever. 

Glmd. JRC, ily! So secure. Darkcloudz. 

Flagstreak. Varsity soccer '09"griffindor 

wins!" Molpom twins4lyfe. Dan Dan 

"Love is free!" goodluck I.D. K.I. ST. 

J.P. J.C. J.B. D.L B.M. I love you Mom, 

Dad, and Jackie. Neil, thanks - ly. 

Jaimini Patel 

Quote: "Ask not what the teacher teach 

you, but what you can learn from the 


Memories: Good times with Teachers 

and friends. 


Activities: Weight lifting, basketball. 
Quote: "get rich or die trying" 
Memories: Fun times with C.C. and JB 
and PM, also working out with A.M. 

Mathew Peltier 

Lauren Perreault 

Memories: My girls and boys; thank you 
for everything, love you all! Mom, Dad 
and Ryan; couldn't have done it without 
you - love you always. Good luck class 
of 10! 

Erin Pochay 

Memories: Remember that 
time...roadtrips, Dave's, no hard 
feelings, the orphanage, Dunvegan, mix 
cds, South Carolina, no hearts, 
10/11/09, Wichita, kittens, driving 
around, I miss you owl. Take 
that... chance. Thank you Mom, Dad, & 
Amanda. E.B, LB, S.K, C.S, J.E. you 
guys are amazing. 

■ ' 

1 " 

, % -j, 


Matthew Pollard 

Naphtali Polynice 

Kevin Poole 

Activities: Art Club 

Quote: "Is this the real life, or is this just 
fantasy?"- Freddy Mercury 
Memories: NightLife 

Molly Pomroy 

Activities: soccer 1 -4, stucco 1 -4, Track 

Quote: "Happiness is only real when 

Memories: Ang; "like, I love you." JRC 
love so secure. Vfest craziness. 
Darkcloudz! Gryffindor. PGill: we match. 
JWMCCBBH forever. KP: twins4lyfe. 
Hurricane Wooley. Kass. Murphalurph! 
Osgood! GL: Kl, DL,ML Thanks: Jackie, 
Dad, Mom, Gus, Nanook- love you. 

Stephanie Power 

Activities: Volleyball 1-2, GSA 3-4, TJ 2 4 
Quote: "What you put into life, is what 
you get out of life" 
Memories: M.K; A.K; H.S; E.M; R.H; 
A.M; J.N; GTs@ Rhode Island, Next- 
house-over-sleepover, Halloween 
parties, sleepovers, driving crazy and 
getting lost, and beach days. I Love 
You Guys ! 

Joshua Price 


Activities: Baseball 

Quote: "The best things in life are the 

things you're not supposed to do." 

Memories: Good times with my friends 

and the Baseball team. Thanks to my 

friends, teachers, and my parents who 

have helped me throughout high 


Clairissa Prince-Davis 

Little Bit, Half Pint, Scrub, Little Bear 
Activities: Soccer 1-2, Mentors 4 
Quote: "Hold fast to dreams, for if 
dreams die, life is a broken winged bird 
that cannot fly" - Langston Hughes 
Memories: D.A.P.R, The production of 
"gimmie my diploma", "HEY YOU 
THERE", Random midnight trips to Wal- 
Mart + Dunks, "Go Prove", criminal 
Law... "We ain't never learn WHAT?, 
Beowulf undeniable G, "I got a big head 
and little arms!" Gur imaginary step team 

Wilky Prou 

Activities: School Committee Advisory 
Board, School Council, Peer Mentor, 
Student Council 

Quote: "One isn't necessarily born with 
courage, but one is born with potential. 
Without courage, we cannot practice 
any other virtue with consistency." - 
Maya Angelou 

Shawn Quigley 

Activities: Football 1-2, Biddy 1-4, XC 
3-4, Wrestling 1-4 
Quote: "Doing it live." 
Memories: Thanks Mom, Dad, T, Katie. 
And Esther Kim Gabriele make me 
smile. 11/11, Hey Nick I'm running 
through the shadows "Pits", The 
Leblanc Household. Basketball in the 
driveway Biddy. "Va light" . Maine and 
Normandy fishing with Joe and Evan. 

Russell Reed 

Russ, Rusty 

Activities: Football 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, 
Baseball 1-4, Class Treasurer, N.H.S 
Quote: "Baseball is 90% mental - the 
other half is physical." -Yogi Berra 
Memories: GT at football, winter track, 
baseball, and Calef's study, TY to all my 
teachers and friends. TY to my family; 
Mom, Dad, Alex, + Josh Bevilacqua. 
Memories of Gregorian chant w Benigni, 
Myth Busters w/ Haguis, Jessop's class, 
junior prom; Scarbrough's Mac, + Osgood 

Michael Reichart 

Activities: Basketball 1 -4 
Quote: "... you only live once." 
Memories: Road trips to Virginia with 
Scanlon, McFadden, Jake and the 
Broski... going to lupos, chilling with 
the boys, Normandy farms, and 
catching bangs on Dennis Clifford and 
my son Jared Klapman. 

Kyle Reid 

Activities: Football 1 -4, Track 1 -4 
Quote: "Time is not measured by the 
passing of years but by what one does, 
what one feels, and what one 

Memories: Thanks for everything Mom 
and Dad! "Track talks", LJ..., Bro time 
at BC Camp (CBC), JW 

Eric Rigo 

Glum, Shmortin 

Activities: Easter 1 -4, Flag Day 2-3, 
Glum 1, 3-4, Rowing 
Memories: "the freezer" = the 
conclusion was mildy salty but yet 
moderately tainted. The gravy was once 
a member of the John Stamos fan club 
, but the garment didn't fit!? Why must 
we slurp upon the grimiest nozzles!? 


Erin Riley 

Memories: Quad+ Lu+ Sam forever. 
Mom, Dad, Sean love you. 

Megan Riley 

Meg, Riles 

Activities: Field hockey 1 -4 
Quote: "Nobody's better, Nobody's 
worse... We're all just different." 

Phillip Riley 

Brandon Robertson 

B-Rob, Commando Brando 
Activities: Math team 2, N.H.S. 4 
Quote: "We are the future... Uh-Oh." 
Memories: Gregorian chant, Odds 
Bodkin, Jessop's class, Basketball 
extra points in Sylvia's class, Hagius 
and myth busters, Calef's study, The 
Calculus, junior prom. TY Mom, Dad, 
teachers, etc., etc., etc. 

Kasie Robinson 

. ,. . . „ Finni, Finnikinz 

Activities: GSA 1 -4, Ultimate Frisbee 1 - 

4, Extreme Ice Skating Ping Pong 

Challenges.Live Action Clue, Chorus 1-4 

Quote: "If I had a world of my own, 

everything would be nonsense. " 

Memories: TY to my family. You inspire 

+ motivate me + ily all so very much. 

To my true friends- ykwya. I adore you 

all. And Jay, who knows what's gonna 

happen, but all I know is you're the 

most amazing boy I've ever held hands 


Nicholas Rogers 

Activities: Soccer 1 -4, TJ 2 1 -4, Math 
team 2/4, Tennis team 3/4 
Quote: "Bananers." - Mr.Hayhurst 
Memories: Winning the VCU FIRST 
ROBOTIC Regional in 2009. Making it 
to the Tournament for soccer senior 

Jazzmyn Rodrigues 

Jazz, Jazzy Jayye, Jazzy Fizzle, 
Activities: Chorus, Rayn-water Players, 
Basketball, Non-traditional (BP), 
Multicultural, Peer Mentors 
Quote: "Through every dark night, there's 
a brighter day after that. So no matter how 
hard it gets, stick ya chest out, keep your 
head up, and handle it." 
Memories: "D.A.P.R" , me + Clairissa's 
song "gimmie my diploma". Trying to start 
"Dirty Diana" everday, "HEY YOU 
THERE!", football game "Go Prov". "This 
is it", Scrub", Summer 09! Beowulf 

William Rolls 

Activities: Baseball 1 -4 
Quote: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is 

Memories: GT's at the facility. Road 
trips with my boys. Intense late night 
wiffleball games. Chillen in Aram's 
shed. TEAM NAPY. All my boys and all 
my girls its been real. Mom, Dad, Kay, 
Nicole... THANKS. 

Evan Ross 

Activities:Golf 1 -4, Lacrosse 1 -2 
Quote: "Be yourself." 
Memories: Good times at golf practice, 
ballin up at the courts, Ringuette's 
class junior year, watching BR play in 
the snow at Gillete, and all the other 
good times with my friends. 


Jillian Rudokas 

Freed Saad Jr. 

Luana Saad 

Lu and Lavanda 
Quote: "The key to change is to let go 
of fear." 

Memories: Sgall, Eriley, Cwhite and 
Kailey.. Love u girls. Yerr. Junior (my 
twin) graduating wouldn't have been 
the same without you. TW.. ly! Thank 
you so much Dad, Valesca and baby 
Nate. Love you guys. And congrats to 
the seniors of 2010. 

Courtney Saba 

Michael Sansevero 

Courizzle Sizzle 

Activities: GSA 1-4, YESS 4, Ultimate 
Frisbee, Extreme Ice Skating Ping Pong 
Challenge, Live Action Clue, Chorus 
Quote: "I became insane with long 
intervals of horrible sanity. " - Poe 
Memories: I can't really say that I will 
miss hs. That would be a lie. I certainly 
will miss the memories though. Laugh. It 
never gets old. Believe. Sometimes its all 
you can do.ia-Kay, Kasie, Laurien, 
Jasmine, Christine, Mandy, and Sarah. 


Chelsie Santos-Silva 

Activities: Basketball Cheerleading 1 
Quote: Some people come into our 
lives & quickly go. Some stay for a 
while, leave footprints on our hearts, & 
we are never ever the same. 
Memories: Cdaly; babymama; adubz; 
jberg; kasedawg; lulus ad; hurricane; 
laurenzo; kbump; ang; epiesco love you 

Haley Sarcevicz 

Activities: Softball 1-4 Volleyball 1-3 
Peerleaders 3-4 

Quote: Sorry to burst your bubble! 
Memories: Fun times in softball! Fun 
times with my friends! Good laughs in 
school and out of school! SP, AK, EM, 

Soha Sattar 

Nickname Here 

School Achievement Info Here 

Yearbook 2-4, Musical 1-4, Track 1-4, 

Baseball 1-2 



This is where you would put the student 
information. You will need to allow only 
so many characters so 

Matthew Saulenas 

Nickname Here 

School Achievement Info Here 

Yearbook 2-4, Musical 1-4, Track 1-4, 

Baseball 1 -2 


In ten years I see myself as an 


This is where you would put the student 

information. You will need to allow only 

so many characters so 

Christopher Scanlon 

Scan, Scantron 

Activities: Football 1 -4, Track 1 -4, 

Basketball -1 , VP -4 

Quote: Sweetness 

Memories: Olympics, Wednesday 

nights, Greenstar, Cruisin, Road trips, 

Fishing trips, Jesus house, Courts, The 

Revolution, Buck, the fro, RTB, Dollar 

pizza, IS, TD, SN, KB 2 , JA, JT, MC, JG, 

MM 2 , DC, JW, MZ, TW, CC, DG 2 , MR, 

SD, ER, SG, AN, PG, KC, HH, JC 2 , SM 

Timothy Schuttauf 

Nickname Here 

School Achievement Info Here 

Yearbook 2-4, Musical 1-4, Track 1-4, 

Baseball 1-2 



In ten years I see myself as an 


This is where you would put the student 

information. You will need to allow only 

so many characters so 

John Scleparis 

The Candyman 

Activities: Golf, Baseball, Biddy 

Basketball, CYO. Basketball 

Quote: "When in Rome..." "There's no 

wrong way to eat a Reeses" 

Memories: Jammin' to tunes with Matt, 

Baldies, Sombrero, Football game, 

Ballin, Reicharts, Quoting movies, Pats, 

Mariannes, NH, Dunks crew 

Matthew Scripter 


Activities: TJ 2 1-4, Spring Musical 1-4, 

Pep Band 1 -4, Jazz Band 3, Drama 

Club 2 

Quote: The world is more malleable 

than you think, and it's waiting for you 

to hammer it into shape -Bono 

Memories: I want to thank everyone 

who I've had such truly amazing times 

with. Without you, my hs experience 

wouldn't have been as fantastic as it 

Dylan Seale 

D., Dill 
Memories: All the GT's with Collin, Jon, 
Shawn, Jball, Tex, Moser, Whitey, 
Whitehead, Carly, Marianne, Kasey, 
Ashley, Jack, Sam, Eric, Clay, Lucas, 
Jerry, Ryan, Baker, Tom, Jeff, and Pat. 
"In a world", Kung pow, warp tour, 
SHANK, Floopin', freshness battles with 
Tex, Business Time in Bro with Steve. 

Andrew Seedholm 

Courtney Semas 

Activities: Musical 1-4, Field Hockey 1- 
4, Drama Club 4, School Climate 4 
Quote: Live the life you love, love the 
life you live 

Memories: So many GTZ KOL, Dunks 
love, RIP Tyrese Camping, AFY. Sousa 
09' mixe or Amanda? Alyssa is my 
BFF4L! My best... AM, JL, CL, MS, CL, 

Brittany Sharpe 

Ryan Shaw 

Shawsie, Shozboz 
Activities: Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4 

Memories: Gts all 4 yrs. To all the guys 
on the football team, we had a fantastic 
run & it was the best group I've ever 
been involved in. Good luck Karyssa. 
TY to my parents, teachers, & friends. 
Georgio's 3-way best sandwich ever. 

Colleen Sheridan 

Donald Sheridan 

Activities: Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4 
Quote: Go big or Go home 
Memories: GT playing sports at BR 
Football, wrestling, lax. GT Fox 25 High 
School Friday football game. GT on the 
Attitash snowboarding with friends. GT 
on the boat w friends. GT w/ the Wells 
Family. TY to my Mom, Dad, sister, 
family, coaches, teachers. GT with LK I 
will never forget you! Katie we had a 
blast thx for everything. You're the best. 

David Silva 

Activities: TJ 2 3-4, NHS 4 
Quote: There are 10 types of people in 
this world, those who know binary, and 
those who do not. 

Memories: Pat +Dr. P made it to Oregon 
safely. The Calculus, Gregorian chant, 
The Good Republican Brutus of 
Antiquity, ASCII codes in Spanish, the 
swinging light in the library, loose 
construction, Scarbrough's Mac, Ian 
Dashner's saber stance, Watson +Crick, 
Riskay, La Catrina, Operation Ventilation. 

Katie Sheridan 

... Kad 

Activities: Cheerleading 1 -4, Wrestling 

manager 1-4, STUCO 12, Class officer 12 

Quote: Never give up! 

Memories: Donnie, you're the best 

brother, thanks for everything, couldn't 

have done it w/o you! Mom + Dad, ty for 

everything, ly! TY family, teachers, 

coaches. '09 girls ily - AG, CH, JM, LC, 

LM, SS. Fri. night FB, Fox 25 game, 

snowboarding @ Attitash, B. Spears 

Concert, prom, semi. Good luck cheer 

girls! Good luck 2010! 

Shannen Silva 

Shan, Shanny 
Quote: Everything happens for a reason 
Memories: Dad, Ally, April, Angel ~ 
always been there for me! My boys: 
Matty, Chris, Johnny, & Erik; Nights at 
Nantasket! Summer '08<3, Manhunt, 
Enrique, Wendy's ~ ily guys! My girls: 
Liz, Jen, Amanda, Jordan, & Jenna; 4th 
of July, Friendship bracelets, Six flags, 
Warped Tour, Berkshires, Shopping 
sprees, Ice skating ~ I trust you all with 
my life! 

Jessica Sivien 

Activities: Band 1-2 4, Basketball 1-2, 
Art 1,3 

Memories: Senior study, 
POD/SPRITE/HOOD, The rocks, Junior 
babies, 7/1 1 , November 27, 2009, 

Ryan Slack 

Stephanie Slicis 


Memories: Thank you Mom and Dad for 
all the love and support you have given 
me. Kara, I love you to death and I 
wouldn't have made it without you. 
Jess, you've been by my side forever 
and there is nothing that can change 
that. JT, KS, LD, TH, SO, NM, CK, JK, 
CS, love you girls! 

Douglas Smith 


Activities: Cross County 3-4, Winter 

track 3-4, Spring track 3-4, Being 

awesome 1 -4 

Quote: what? 

Memories: Cross country was fun. 

Winter was cold. Spring track was 

aight. Physics was cool. Brought up the 

redhead ratio in AP chem.. Spittin' mad 

rhymes in English. School's okay I 

guess. Pee out. 

Krista Son 


Activities: Trombone 1 -4, Science 
Olympiad 1-4, Math team 2-4, NHS 4 
Quote: Tomorrow is waiting for your 
smile. Here's a little something for you. 
Things will only get better. 
Memories: BB, KN - BFFs. 
Kamsahamnida Omma, Appa, Kara, 
Karisa, and Wesley. Good luck class of 

David Sotera 


Rita Spacone 


Memories: 1 more year Josh! S-s-stop! 

The laugh. Muffin face, GTs with 


Brittany Spinney 


Activities: NHS 

Quote: The world is a rollercoaster +l'm 
not strapped in, maybe I should hold w/ 
care but my arms are busy in the air. 
Memories: Spanish rap haha Dia 
despues Dia. Jessop's class that's all I 
have to say ykwya! :) Semi '07 = 
amazing night Gym & Mindless self 
indulgence crazy; ILYSM 10 to 12. 
1 1/14. GT w/ Celina. MF, SG, TT, EM. 
CHOCOLATE! Harry Potter ily LB! 

Michelle Spinney 

Spinz, Spinnah, bisquick 
Activities: Field Hockey 1 -4, Track 2-3, 
Peer Mentor 1 -4 

Quote: Never let the fear of striking out 
keep you from playing the game. 
Memories: OB. 8-06: Plymouth, cookie 
or a metal, play by play, Love you 
Fhockey girls, LLA, N.M-since 7 years 
old. N.B. A.B. E.D. AN. CK. E.P. J.K. 
S.O. Mom, Steve, and Mimi- thanks for 
everything, Love you 

Chloe St. Thomas 

Field Hockey 1 -3, Lacrosse 2-4, YESS 

Club 4 

"Only that day dawns to which we are 


Thanks fam. TY friends: KK, EP, SK, 


good times. Love you doods. Peace 

Robert St. Germain 

Robbie Saint 
Activities: Hockey 1-4, Lacrosse 1-4 
Quote: I like to make WEREWOLF 

Memories: Thank you, Mom & Dad, 
Mike, Chris, Sabrina, Pentagon and 
company, B-R Hockey. Memories, 
State, Hockey Season 

Adrienne Stearns 

Cheerleading 1 -2, Foreign Language 1 
"Enjoy the little things, for one day you 
may look back and realize they were 
the things that mattered most." 
High school has been a rollercoaster. I 
don't know where I would be today 
without the support of my friends. 
Thanks for everything. I love you guys! 
Never ever change. Adios B-R! 

Douglas Stewart 


Activities: TJ 2 1 -4 

"They just flipped a chicken!" 

The flock, Hole in the Wall, TJ 2 Virginia, 

Boston, Maryland, Atlanta, New Jersey, 

Savage Soccer, Physics, AP Bio, 

History, Drafting, R and H, Mr. Potato 

head, the Crucible, Santana Champ, 

turtle theory, do as I say, not as I do. 

Thanks to my teachers, family, and 


Katrina Stoddard 

Kitty Kat, Kat Daddy, Hurricane 

"Life is divine chaos. Embrace it. 
Forgive yourself. Breathe. And enjoy 
the ride." Solbeam 

LP, SW, KB, AD, EH, JB, CS2, SC my 
best, thanks for everything. JWP, my 
everything. I love you. Mom and Dad, 
thank you so much, I wouldn't have 
made it without you. Love you both. 


Kara Sullivan 

Volleyball 2, Foreign Language Club 1- 
4, Peer Leaders 1 -4 

"Life is what happens when you're busy 
making other plans." 
TY Mom & Dad for all you have done 
for me. Stephanie, my slotch, you are 
such an amazing friend and ily more 
like a sister. Nichole, you mean so 
much to me, ily Nicho my BFFL ZM my 
baby, forever in my heart. LY ladies: 
SS, NM, LF, TC, CO, SO, CK, JK, HP, 
AF. Congrats 2010! 

Bridget Sweeney 

Field Hockey 2-4, Soccer 1 
ODS. GT's going to all the B-R hockey 
games with my best friends Kate and 
Sarah. GT's attending some of the 
school functions, like the school play 
and Mr. B-R. LY Mom, Dad and JB. JB 
good luck with the last two years in 
high school and good luck on the 
hockey team. LY BF's: KL, SL, AL 

Kasey Sullivan 

Field Hockey 1-4, Student Council 3-4, 
Peer Leaders 4, Yearbook 4 
Where ever you go, go with all your heart" 
Never forget New York and Boston trips, 
date nights, scrubbin' it, freshman field 
hockey, late nights and early mornings 
with the best, and summer of '07 and '08. 
Mom + Dad, Courtney + Carly, my girls 
and "the guys" I love you all so much and 
I'll miss you, ty for everything! 

Joseph Tarbox 

JT cash money the kid 
Wrestling 1-3, Cross Country 4 

Hangin with the crew. Dennis yamming 
on customers. Dunks. Revolution. 
Hustlin. Shep's homeroom 

Erin Taylor 

E, E-Dawg 
"Keep your eye on the prize." 
TY Mom, Greg, Jimmy, Lynne, 
Catherine, Aiden, Amparo, Jimmy, Matt 
and friends. Miss you lots Daddy 

Jasmine Teixeira 

Captain Cripple 
Band 1-4, Chorus 2+4, Pep Band 1-4, 
Softball 1 , GSA 1 +4 

f ' 1 ^ 

Ryan Teixeira 


Here and There 1 -4 

How ya doin? 

GT's, Mackin, Stogtime, BaByT, 

crownstatus, influenzas, conundrums, 

crews, bfb, fazes, implosions, elegance, 

maniacal, dude! 1roy, lobsters, pfat, 

lapels, bumping, Betty dominating, no! 

boasting, roasting, montanyas, battles, 

doops, colbult toner, devastating, 2.0, 

savages, epic, I WON! 

Amanda Thomas 

Jonathan Tonderys 

Sing B's was a daily routine since 

Freshman year at the old school, chillin 
with Slack, Rob, and Tbo. My long hair. 
Hanging out in the garage as much as 
possible. The jeep. Coming into school 
late with Dunphy all the time. Riding 
motorcycles with Tim. Partying with the 
Buck Crew. Rock the Bells. All of the 
girls in my grade, thank you. 

Jonathan Vallarelli 


Baseball 1-4, Biddy League 2-4 
"Don't lose your dinosaur, don't lose 
your dream!" -Step Brothers 
Thanks Mom and Dad and everyone 
else. Great times at Pats house, BIDDY, 
3 foul shots, DMB at Saratoga and 
Camden! YA FACE! Basketball, Jimmy, 
singing in the car way too much. Best 
four years of my life. 

Bradley Wall 


TJ 2 1-4, N.H.S. 4 

"But my name!" -John Proctor 

All the TJ 2 trips, the flock, the crucible, 

Beowulf, VEX robots, Chairman's 

Award, VCU Regional Championship, 

Virginia Bus Ride, March 24th 2009, 

Rock 'n' Roll, overdrive, Dashner, Rubix 

cube, the swinging light, savage 

soccer, and all of the good times with 

AM,DS, SV, KM, DS, Toby, LK, RR, BR, 


Erin Thayer 


Volleyball 1-3 

"Live your life to the fullest and don't 

regret, because at one point it was 

everything you wanted." 

Meeting Felicia, Doug and Chelsie. 

Finding out Stacie's related to my best 



Lucas Tirrell Jr. 

Christopher Turpel 


N.H.S 4, Music 1-4 

"Nothing great ever comes easy." 

Good times hanging out with friends, 

playing music with my band, and riding 


Steven Viera 

Steve Bonanza, Stevie needles 
TJ 2 1-4, Tennis 1-4 
The flock, C block chem, hole in the 
wall, karaoke in Atlanta, TJ 2 , Virginia, 
drive team, Boston, Maryland, New 
Jersey, physics, CW, DS, BW, KM, Det. 
With Pat, Drafting with Patrick, losing my 
voice, Santana Champ, 07 arm, Junior 
prom. TY to all my friends, family, 
teachers, mentors who made school 
enjoyable, + made robotics something 
that changed my life. 

Kailey Walsh 

Michael Warish 

Cross Country 4, Winter Track 4, Spring 
Track 2+4 

"The grass is always greener" "You get 
what you pay for" 

Amazing four years, endless number of 
great memories with CD, JB, TM, BB, 
TB. Great times and experiences, thank 
you all! 

Jordan Washburn 

Steven Watson 

School Newspaper 1-3, Chess Club 1 
"Only on Tuesdays!" 
sophomore year biology when 
Stephanie Power.Matt Lynn, Nia 
Barbosa, and I used to hang out and 
talk about our lives. Mr. D's class with 
Matt Lynn and Matt Peltier and all the 
great times we had (Leslie Fife) 

Stacie Webber 


GT's in Cheekos class and Hickeys 
class. Walking down the Shoosh 
hallway. So many gt's throughout all 4 
years. Gonna miss SB, CH, CS, and 
DR. Helping out Blakie and Hickey. 


James Weldon 

Activities: Hockey 1 -4 
Quote: "Life's a garden, dig it." 
Memories: Pentagon+JP,NH,NL,MD, 
High school, Hockey, Pasta Parties, 
DBWB, Red Dog, Sombreros, Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Jenna, Patty, and Doug. 

Timothy Wells 

Timmy, Timbo, Timma 
Quote: "Live the life you love, Love the 
life you live." 

Memories: Buck, getting rowdy, the 
garage, the bike, Hangin w/ my 
boys...JT,TD,MC,SN,CC, just a few, 
many more 

Molly Wendland 

Activities: YESS Club 4, Yearbook 4 
Quote: "Imperfection is beauty, madness 
is genius, and it's better to be absolutely 
ridiculous than absolutely boring." 
Memories: Late nights, Jr Prom '09, 
Recycled Fashion Show, Friendly's, 31 1 , 
3rd+4th of July '09, KTK, Hickey's study, 
Dunks Crew, Ceramics table, The 
Cruise, Badfish, Colorado trips, + all the 
adventures of HSI. TY Mom, Dad, 
Delaney, and friends. 

Scott Westcoat 

Nickname Here 
"You know a long time ago, crazy 
meant something. But nowadays, 
everyone is crazy" 

Tyler Whealan 

Activities: Hockey 1 -4, Lacrosse 1 -4, 
Football 2-3 

Quote: "Because limits, like fears, are 
often just an illusion." 
Memories: Dunny, Jlo, Robbie Saint, 
Hart, Weldon-brothers for life. 
Sombreros. uhhhh. Jay Doherty...Ben 
Dunn... brothers. Lu-thanksfor 
everything.. ly. Thanks Mom and Dad for 
making me who I am today. 

Scott Wheeler 

Courtney White 


Activities: Musical 1 -4, Cheer 1 -4, 
Pepperonis, Spirit Week, STUCO 2-4 
Quote: "ooooh tsss!" 
Memories: quadpod+ lu forever! Good 
luck Matty White + Johnny. KW my 
other half. 2010 stay rowdy! 

Ryan Whitehead 

: \ 

Catherine Whittington 

KWHIT, KDAWG, "Katie Kakes" 
Activities: Ski Club 1-4, Musical 3-4, 

Quote: "Keep your face to the sunshine 
and you can never see the shadows." 
Memories: Love for the D-clouds, Ford!, 
Walmart raids w/ Jor, "Soulmates", the 
Stratus blowing up, TINA!, Anzy, juicy 
steak, bro-fests 


Ryan Williams 


Quote: "Memories are made with the 
best of friends, the true ones will have 
your back till the end." 
Memories: Friends and Family Forever. 
Friday night football games. BR Hockey 
Games. Thank you to all my teachers for 
their support and helping me become a 
better student. Thank you to all my 
friends for being there beside me 
through everything. AEK, I wouldn't be 
who I am now without you. ily a&f 

Amanda Wong 

Wonga, A,Wong, Tutu 
Activities: Softball 1 -4 Capt, Field Hockey 
2-4 Capt. 

Memories: Christie, can't TY enough for 
everything. You'll always be my best 
friend. JMACCS,NB,EH,NM, through 
thick and thin. GT's at Glen House, 
6flags, Boston, MV, the Baby Got Back 
Video, Scary Movie2, grass banana. 
Fockey + Softball ladies- never will be 
forgotten. LYA. Andrew- You are the best 
brother. Mom + Dad- TYFE. LY. GL '10 

Samantha Wholley 


Activities: Soccer 1 -4, Student Council 


Memories: Kaypee my best friend, I 

love you GLMD forever. HURRICANE 

MOLPOM<3 JRC My Best ly, 

KASSbass! Girls Varsity Soccer-team 

Gryffindor wins! SCAM. GOODLUCK- 


you Mom, Teresa, and Tricia. Gt's 

Class of '10 Best of Luck. 

Jacob Williams 

Jake, Downtown funky stuff Malone 
Activities: Football 1 -4 

Memories: Semi '08, Mike's House, 
Xaverian Triple OT, Attleboro Heart 
Break, Dennis yamming on custy's, 
Virginia Beach, IJ, KM, JT2, DC, MR, 
JA, SD, MM, CS, TD, SN, CC, NH, TM, 
JP, MC2, JS, SM, JC, snowbowl 

John Winn III 


Activities: Hockey 1 -2 
Quote: "Don't ever give up." 
Memories: Gt's 2010, JV Hockey, 
Trojan Football games, NYC, Summer, 
OOB w/ friends and family, best times 
with all my friends. Thank you Mom and 
Dad for all your love and support 

Jill Wyman 

JillyPoo, J Dubya 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4 Capt., Winter 
Track 1-4 Capt., Musical 1-4, Student 
Council 1-4 

Quote: "This is not the way that it should 
end, it's the way it should begin." 
Memories: ED & MG my best, tt<3, table 
talks, DP's, Diamonds r4eva, so many 
slices!, late night play practices, 
Sylviepoo, D.Os, Fockey;Family, GL 
sister Ali, great mem's, TY KR, Mom, 
Dad, Brett, Matt, ily. Peace & Love B-R! 


Michael Zutuat 




*-•» . 


From the Editors 

Congratulations Class of 2010! 

Making this yearbook has been stressful and time consuming, 

but very much worth it! Thank you to everyone who worked 

hard to make this book, donating time and pictures. We hope 

that you will look back on this yearbook and cherish the time 

you spent here. In the past four years, in the Old School and in 

the New School, we have been able to share our secrets, 

lockers, friends, and memories. It's hard to think that our lives 

are just beginning and we have so much more to experience. 

We wish everyone luck in whatever they chose to do (: 

Live. Laugh. Love. 

Liz Boutilier and Erin Pochay 



\\&*st& fawwEwmy. 





iv * ^'Tfl6^^.> 


vos-wfV y^ 



Class of 201 1 

Class of 2012 

Class of 2013 





Class of 201 1 

Charles Acampora 
Cassandra Agger 
Brittany Ahearn 
Nicole Alfonso 
Brendon Alves 
Joseph Amrhein 
Jillian Antonelli 
Emily Atkinson 
Kevin Audette 
Catherine Ayers 
Samuel Babchuck 
Elisabeth Baird 
Michayla Baker 
Laura Baldwin 
James Barca 
Jackson Barron 
Kelsey Baumgarten 
Elizabeth Belanger 
Amanda Bell 
Sarah Belmore 
Shareese Bembury-Coakley 
Jenna Beneski 
Brittany Bergen 
Rachel Bergeron 
Collin Betit 
Russell Bezanson 
Edward Blais 
Ryan Blake 
Brian Boates II 
Elisabeth Bodensieck 
Matthew Bonner 
Ashley Brady 
Kara Brady 
Amanda Brasill 
Samantha Brown 
Jessica Bryant 
Edward Buckley 
William Buckley 
Erin Bumpus 
Christina Burke 
Ian Burke 
Shannon Burke 
Nicholas Burnett 
Christopher Butler 
Erica Bynarowicz 
Zachary Callaghan 
Peter Callinan 
Zachary Camara 
Kyle Campbell 
Joseph Car Bonneau 
Rachel Cardaci 
Brooke Cardoso 
Joanna Carroll 
Paige Castiglione 
Brendon Cavallaro 
Shayna Cavino 
Zachary Celia 
Michael Chicoine 
Dave Chokshi 
Alexander Cicchese 
Benjamin Clark 
Kaylie Cloudman 
Julia Coakley 
Olivia Coakley 


- v. 

Kimberlee Cogan 
Amanda Colby 
Matthew Collins 
Sarah Connelly 
Sean Connolly 
Amy Coole 
Jeffrey Cooney 
Jamie Correia 
Catherine Corsini 
Sharee Cotone 
Kathleen Courtemanche 
Joshua Crawford 
Scott Cuddy 
Matthew Cummings 
Nicholas Cummings 
Anne Cushing 
Kathleen Dadak 
Jordan Daly 
Madison Dasilva 
Mackenzie Davis 
Daniel Delsignor 
Derek Demello 
Danielle Demers 
Lauryn Deponte 
Rose Derienzo 
Erin Desrosier 
Michael Devin 
Isabella Devincenzo 
Devon Dimartino 
Phillip Dimillio 
Anthony Do 
Devinn Doherty 
Benjamin Donovan 
Mathew Driscoll 
Nolan Driscoll 
Kristen Dufault 
Eric Dufour 
Carissa Dunbar 
Iotha Durham 
Joseph Elias Jr 
Danielle Enos 
Joseph Esposito 
Brett Estes 
Nicholas Fernald 
Jessica Ferrigno 
Daniel Filler 
Matthew Fiorino Toy 
Annelise Fisher 
Lee Fitzgerald 
Michael Fitzsimmons 
Michael Flaherty 
Veronica Flaherty-Spencer 
Kaitlynn Flanagan 
Katie Flanagan 
Jessica Forrester 
Kristen Foster 
Lauren Fox 
Christopher Fraga 
Chelsea Freeman 
Morgan Fries 
Nathan Frim 
John Fulton 
Kimberly Gabriele 
Emily Garcia 




Alan Gay Jr 
Gavin Gebauer 
Andrew Giannino Curtis 
David Gilbert 
Jonathan Gilio 
Chelsea Gill 
Jessica Gillis 
Lauren Gomes 
K C Gordon 
Alyssa Gray 
Tracy Greco 
Shawn Green 
Alexander Greet 
Jessica Hadley 
Michael Hagen 
Christopher Hall 
Marquis Hall 
Zachery Hall 
Anthony Hardy 
Adam Harrington 
Colin Harrington 
Brian Harris 
Spencer Harris 
Robert Hasomeris 
Anastasia Hatfield 
Aikaterini Hatzidis 
Shannen Heath 
Ryan Hebard 
James Heffernan 
Brian Heger 
Corilyn Henault 
Kevin Ho 
Christofer Hohnsbehn 
Robert Hollstein IV 
Dawn Hook 
Christopher Hudson 
Frlica Hugnes 
Brandon Hull 
Kelly Huynh 
Dominique Ilacqua 
Kalie Imprescia 
Domenic Ingargiola 
Kristin Ivaldi 
Matthew Ives 
Derek Januskis 
Nathaniel Jaramillo 
Betsey Johnson 
David Kaipu Jr 
Andrew Kelley 
Garrett Kelly 
Lauren Kelly 
James Kenney 
Lydia Kern 
Gina Kinan 
Kendall King 
Jared Klapman 
John Kunkel 
Brittany Kurey 
Mark Lacouture 
Alex Laham 
Sarah Landers 
Steven Larocque 
Rebecca Larson 
Jaime Laurin 


^■1 I^HV 

Jacqueline Leombruno 
Nicholas Leone 
Danielle Levy 
Matthew Libby 
Christopher Lincoln 
Reilly Lindsey 
James Lonergan 
Ross Looby 
Nina Louison 
Christine Luciano 
Derek Luthi 
Jacqueline Lynch 
Olivia Lynn 
Melissa Macdonald 
Daniel Machadinho 
Shelby Mackay 
Devany Mackinnon 
Joshua Mackinnon 
Kathryn Maclellan 
Alyssa Macleod 
Kali Macleod 
Samantha Macmillan 
Ryan Macswain 
Billi Mactighe 
Brian Mahoney 
Patrick Mancinelli 
Jennifer Marinella 
Olivia Marks 
Nathan Martin 
Tyler Martin 
Chelsea Mason 
Amanda Matton 
Brian Maynard 
Kayla Maynard 
Paige McBride 
Sean McCall 
Sarah McCluskey 
Marc McDonald 
Jillian McElroy 
Jacqueline McFee 
Nicholas McGee 
Jessica McGinn 
Adam McGrath 
Allison McGrath 
Jeffrey McGuire 
Eric McHugh 
Kari McKenna 
Brooke McLaughlin 
Kaitlyn McLaughlin 
Kendra McMasters 
Patrick McNamara 
William McNamara 
Tiana McQueen 
Devin Meagher 
Daryl Medeiros 
Emily Medeiros 
Stephen Medina Jr 
Kimberly Medros 
Ashley Miller 
Lauren Monahan 
Michael Moreshead 
Nicholas Morrill 
Marisa Morrison 
Kathleen Morrissey 


Justine Muldonian 
Erin Mulkern 
Morgayne Mulkern 
Kevin Mulligan 
Brittani Nardi 
Briana Nash 
Taylor Nash 
Megan Nehiley 
Ashley Nelson 
Ryan Newton 
Michael Norgaard 
Cody Nussbaum 
Shawnessy O'Connell 
Sean O'Donnell 
Molly Oilman 
Christopher Oien 
Shawn O'Neill 
Tyler Oslund 
Eric Ostiguy 
Owen O'Sullivan 
Joshua Pacheco 
Joshua Pagels 
Thomas Palmieri 
Nikolas Parks 
Akash Patel 
Nihar Patel 
Jeremy Patti 
Thaddius Pedersen 
Alexandria Pellegrini 
Matthew Perez 
Jacqueline Perkins 
Alex Perry 
Jennifer Petty 
Erin Piesco 
Adam Piff 
Joseph Pizziferri 
Zachary Poh 
Stephen Pruyn 
Brittany Pulley 
Kevin Pyne 
Amanda Quigley 
Valini Ramlal 
Madison Reilly 
Sean Ridge 
Cameron Robbins 
Alicia Roberts 
Kristen Roberts 
Gary Roebuck 
Alexandra Rogers 
Nicholas Rondeau 
Alexander Rose 
Laurien Rose 
Abbie Rosen 
Aliya Rosenberg 
Carolyn Russo 
Tom Saade 
Natasha Sajous 
Hunter Sarafian 
Jeremias Sarante 
Allison Sasenick 
Anthony Scolamiero 
Jessica Secatore 
Caitlin Seddon 
Kali Seitsinger 


\ ..*miir* 

Alexandra Sharland 
John Shea 
Jeffrey Sherman 
Stephanie Sherrick 
Imani Silva 
Chelsea Simonzi 
Noah Simonzi 
Madison Small 
Lauren Smart 
Christopher Smith 
Kathleen Smith 
Krystal Smith 
Shannon Smith 
Samantha Spatola 
Leonard Sprague Jr 
Jessica St George 
Lyndon St Laurent 
Noelle St Louis 
Joshua Steffen 
Brett Stewart 
David Stone 
Alexandra Strang 
Jedidiah Sullivan 
Kayla Sullivan 
Courtney Svenson 
Stephanie Sylvester 
Mark Sylvia 
Lindsey Tardiff 
Steven Tardiff 
Scott Taylor 
Cherylann Thakur 
Kara Thomas 
Ryan Thomas 
Eric Thompson 
Erica Thompson 
Justina Tieck 
Samantha Torpey 
Alexi Tranter 
Adam Travaglione 
Priscilla Trecarichi 
Constantine Tremouliaris 
Olivia Trieber 
Elissa Turpin 
Edrik Luis Umali 
Kalyn Valencia 
Vasiliki Vasvatekis 
Paul Vento 
William Vey 
Elizabeth Visser 
Nicole Wadsworth 
Ronald Wallace III 
Matthew Wapenyi 
Timothy Watson 
Kurt Weineck 
James Weiner 
Erica Weiss 
Jeffrey Wentworth 
Matthew White 
Sarah Wigley 
Anniessa Williams 
Cyann Williams 
Jessica Williams 
Sean Williamson 
Rachel Winsor 


Cody Wood 

Cassandra Young 

Michelle Young 

Jillian Yung 

Kristen Zarrelli 

Dylan Zingg 

William Zolsa 



Class of 2012 

Michael Abate 
William Aimone 
Kaitlyn Akers 

Sarah Almeida 

Ikechi Amaefule 

Emily Amichetti 

Hannah Amirault 

Luke Amirault 

Dylan Augustine 

Michael Baker 

Anna Balaschi 

Bryanna Barber 

Samuel Barbetto 

Cameron Barca 

Gregory Barrett 

Andrew Bean 

Ian Bell 

Nicholas Bergeron 

Jessica Black 

Gianna Botticelli 

Jaclyn Bournazian 

Cristian Bracero 

Mitchell Brady 

Nathan Braga 

Laura Brandos 

Madison Braz 

Shae Brazil 

Samuel Brennan 

Garrett Brooks 

Timothy Brown 

Treavor Brown 

Jerry Buissereth 

Joseph Bumpus 

Trevor Bumpus 

Eva Bunszell 

Renee Burke 

Ryan Burke 

Jessica Burns 
Ryan Bushlow 
Erin Bussey 
Connor Byrnes 
Daniel Cannata 
Joshua Cannon 
Arielle Catton 
Brian Cavanaugh 
Auday Chabba 
Alexis Chabot 
Patrick Chalmers 
Eric Champagne 
Kelsey Charland 
Valdemar Chaves 
Michael Chipman 
Lily Kate Christopher 
Trevor Chute 
Kristina Cicalis 
Kelsie Clark 
Jeremy Cleveland 
Samantha Clifford 
Cody Cloudman 
Matthew Clough 
Thomas Cocio 
Cameron Cohen 
Ellen Collins 
Julianne Collins 





James Concannon 

Kevin Conley 

Brandon Conlon 

Alana Conn 

Ryan Cooney 

Jason Correia 

Donald Correia Jr 

John Cote 

Samantha Coute 

Nicholas Cox 

Kathryn Crealese 

Christopher Cream 

Daniel Creighton 

Breanna Cullinane 

Alisa Curley 

Kevin Curley 

Chelsey Curtin 

James Curtin Jr 

Tyler Davis 

Christopher Dawson 

Austin Deandrade 

Deanna Decost 

Kristin Deibel 

Bradley Deiuliis 

Mallory Deleo 

Eric Demoura 

Samantha Denneno 

Kaitlin Derocha 

Michael Dias 

Matthew Dicarlo 

Elaina Dicorpo 

Anthony Dimeo 

Michael Dimos 

Jessica Dion 

Kerin Doherty 

Peter Doherty 

James Doherty Jr 

Audrey Dolloff 

Marissa Dolloff 

Kelly Donnelly 

Joseph Downing 

Elise Dubord 

Mark Dubord 

Zachary Dwinell 

Brandon Echevarria 

Samyra Echeverria- 


Christopher Edgington 

Gunther Errhalt 

Mikaela Esposito 

Lenstony Esquil 

Emma Estabrook 

Albert Fava III 

Julia Finkelstein 

Chelsea Flaherty 

Cori Flanagan 

Gabriel Fleming 

Michael Folsom 

Brian Foster Jr 

Tyler Freeman-Pina 

Sarah Frye 

Kristina Furey 

Vasilis Gerakis 

Vanessa Gerring 


Kerrin Gillis 
Michael Gillis Jr 
Christopher Glynn 
Jennifer Goncalves 
Adnely Gonzalez 
Tatiana Gonzalez 
Nicholas Goodhue 
Alison Gordon 

Geoffrey Gordon 
Kelly Gormley 
Kylee Gourdin 
Erin Grabau 
Raechel Grady 
Lauren Gray 
Mark Guarino 
Anja Guenther 

Victoria Gulusha 
Taylor Gunville 
Brittany Hagman 
Anna Haluch 
Jessica Hamlin 
Nicole Hamm 
Paige Hamm 
Michael Harrison Jr 

Jonathan Hart 
Matthew Hart 
Randi Hatch 
Daniel Hatfield 
Samantha Hearn 
John Heavey 
Katelyn Hebb 
Tommy Heng 

Derek Henrique 
Steven Henriquez 
Danielle Henshaw 
Shannon Hess 
Kevin Hexamer 
Katherine Hill 
Kaelyn Hilliard 
Elizabeth Hinckley 

Annabelle Hood 
William Hooper 
Brandon Hoyle 
Connor Hughes 
Anita Ishmael 
Tyler Jack 
Danielle Jefferson 
Jillian Jewett 

Alfredo Jimenez Jr. 
Ryan Johnson 
Ashleigh Jones 
Alissa Joy 
Dylan Joyce 
Julie Kaetzer 
Amanda Keaney 
Alexandra Keating 

Kevin Kelly 
Morgan Kelly 
John Kemmitt 
Derek Kenney 
Sean Knapp 
Sonja Knowles 
Lauren Koczela 
Jillian Korotsky 


Brian Jr Kunz 

Brian Kunz Jr 

Nicholas Laflamme 

Benjamin Laing 

Olivia Larcom 

Kelsey Larkin 

Brenna Larsen 

Brian Larson 

Melissa Laubi 

Christopher Leazott 

Zachary Lecesse 

Nicole Ledoux 

Victor Levaggi II 

Cayla-Anne Levesque 

Jarred Lima 

Matthew Livingston 

Samantha Loonie 

Marissa Lopez 

Matthew Luca 

Kristen Lundstedt 

Christopher Lydon 

Daniel Lynch 

Shawn Lynch 

Zachary Lyons 

James Macarthur 

Tiffany Machadinho 

Kristin Maclellan 

Russell Macmillan III 

Matthew Macomber 

Anthony Madden 

Kevin Magazu 

Brendan Mahoney 

Sean Maloney 

Kristina Manter 

Nicholas Markham 

Kara Mazzoleni 

Emily McCabe 

Rachel McCall 

Katherine McCarthy 

Megan McDonald 

Ashley McGill 

Brittanie McGovern 

Alyssa McKinnon 

Bradford McKinnon 

Peter McManus Jr. 

Kenneth McNeil 

Michael Meagher 

Dylan Medairos 

Amanda Medeiros 

Tyler Meek 

Joseph Mele 

Kelly Miller 

Justin Montani 

Aaron Montefusco 

Megan Moriarty 

Branden Morin 

Shane Moroge 
Alysha Moroni 
Kimberly Morrissette 
Erika Mortimer 
Kendell Mulrey 
Mikala Murad 
Taylor Murphy 
Martin Murray 

fl e Hfl 

Pooja Nannapaneni 

Jasmyn Nee 

Robert Nee 

Kelsey Neil 

Benjamin Nelson 

Gina Nelson 

Kevin Nguyen 

Kay Nickerson 

Caissie Niles 

Brianna Nunes 

Anne O'Brien 

Courtney O'Brien 

Lindsey O'Brien 

Shane O'Connor 

Thomas O'Connor 

Scott Olson 

Evan Osborne 

Alexis Overstreet 

Christina Page 

Brian Pentz 

Brianna Peter 

Connor Peterson 

Julia Phelps 

Chiara Phillips 

Miranda Piff 

Dillon Poh 

Brian Pope 

Kelsey Post 

Tyler Powers 

Samantha Prescott 

Julia Prisco 

Danielle Purcell 

Ryan Putt 

Nicole Quigley 

Jordan Quintin 

Jade Ravida 

Abigail Raymond 

Trevor Reis 

Joseph Reis III 

Samantha Rennie 

Jamie Richard 

John Rizzo 

Kyle Robinson 

Alexandra Rosher 

Lauren Russell 

Ryan Saba 

Victor Santiago 

Anna Sargent 

Maegan Saulenas 

Laurel Scannell 

James Scaramozzino 

Megan Schavrien 

Nicholas Schlatz 

James Seddon 

Karyssa Shaw 

Breanna Sherman 

Victoria Shoemaker 

Trey Sibert 

Jonathan Silva 

Kayla Silva 

Robert Silva Jr 

Clara Small 

Christopher Smith 

Elizabeth Smith 




Kendal] Smith 

Tyler Smith 

John Snow 

Courtney Soares 

Cori Spagna 

Sara Sperber 

Melanie Starke 

Kathryn Stoehr 

Jennifer Sullivan 

Jessica Sullivan 

Michaela Sullivan 

Seamus Sullivan 

Jacqueline Swanson 

Joseph Sweeney Jr 

Allyson Tabaczynski 

Chelsey Tate 

Courtney Taylor 

Nicole Taylor 

Katelyn Teague 

Ashley Thomas 

Corey Thomas 

Emily Thomas 

Matthew Thompson 

Christopher Thrasher 

Karisa Thurston 

Monica Todros 

Katelyn Travers 

Nicole Urbano 

Cain Vanderbrink 

Sarah Vitali 

Brian Voelker 

Eric Wabrek Jr 

Erin Walsh 

Kevin Walsh 

Erica Warish 

Sarah Webber 

Ashley Webster 

Scott Weinstein 

Samantha Weis 

Steven Wentworth 

Zachary Whittemore 

James Whynot 

Shaquille Wiggins 

Christina Wilbar 

Erin Wilbur 

Daniel Williams 

Krysta Williams 

Brian Williamson 

Jessica Willoughby 

Kimberly Wolohojian 

Benjamin Yanoff 

Amanda Yetsook 


Class of 2013 

Daniel Adams 
Ashley Aimone 
Kelly Aliberti 
Darvin Anderson Jr 
Mark Antonelli 
Raymond Armstead 
Gabrielle Aveni 
Tanay Azza 
Sarah Barnett 
Madison Barron 
Cameron Battista 
Joseph Belanger 
Ashley Belmore 
Renee Beneski 
Bradford Beninati 
Matthew Benson 
Tony Beram 
Cassandra Bergen 
Matthew Bergeron 
Lauren Berolini 
Brandon Berry 
Paige Bjorkman 
Colin Blanchard 
Trevor Bonitto 
Samantha Bonner 
Trevor Borges 
Brianna Borghetti 
Lawryne Boyle 
Zachary Boyle 
Katie Bragga 
Cody Brocato-Reid 
Edward Brooks Jr 
Michael Bruemmel Jr 
Kenneth Bryant 
Brian Buckley 
Lauren Burgess 
Ariana Burkett 
Molly Busa 
Glenn Butts 
Hailey Cahill 
Nicholas Caliri 
David Carlino 
Jeffrey Caron 
Molly Caron 
Jaimee Carrico 
Victoria Carter 
Kiel Cashman 
Andrew Cathcart 
Jordan Chapman 
Nicholas Chappell 
Stephanie Chicoine 
Katherine Ciampa 
Jonathan Cicchese 
Margaret Clancy 
Jamie Clement 
Samantha Clementino 
Michael Clifford 
Daniel Cohen 
Jordan Cohen 
Kayla Cohen 
Erin Cohoon 
Jeremiah Collins 
Jason Connell 
Nathan Connelly 


Rachel Connolly 

Benjamin Cormier 

Jeffrey Cormier 

Chelsea Correia 

Melissa Costello 

Emily Cox 

Ryan Cox 

Tayla Crimmins 

Brianna Crosby 

Carly Cullenberg 

Kyle Cumiskey 

Conor Cunningham 

Kathleen Cushing 

Jessica Daly 

Truman Daniels 

Alexandria Degrace 

Tyler Delsignor 

Michael Demers 

Brianna Demoura 

Anthony Derienzo 

Agamemnon Despopoulos 

Donald Desrosier 

Jessica Dicarlo 

Paige Dilley 

Anthony Dinapoli 

Kelsey Donahue 

Alexia Dosis 

Danielle Doucette 

Andrew Driscoll 

Peter Drowne 

Kristine Dunham 

Mark Dunphy 

Steven Durfee 

Mahalia Durham 

Derek Dwyer 

Jacqueline Elias 

Jake Elliott 

Robert Emond 

James Fahey Jr 

James Farris 

Marquez Farris 

Amanda Fava 

Jonathan Feldman 

Belmiro Fernandes 

Amara Fernandez 

Summer Fernandez-Ortega 

Alexandra Finnegan 

Kevin Fisher Jr. 

Erin Flannery 

Amelia Foley 

Elton Fontes 

Alison Fox 

Brianna Freda 

Gabrielle Frim 

Kyle Frisco 

Anthony Gallo 

Alexis Gatzimas 

Abigail Ginty 

Tyler Glavin 

Claudia Gonzalez 

Mark Gorman 

Gregg Goss 

Victoria Gourdin 

Kaitlyn Graham 


R r ,ti&flN 

Shellie Green 
Amy Grimmett 
Jared Guaraldi 
Kathryn Guinazzo-Kallas 
Joseph Guzman 
Maranda Haley 
Edward Hall 
Zakar Handricken 
Ryan Hanley 
Jennifer Harrington 
Abigail Hatfield 
Eleni Hatzidis 
Conor Healy 
Dustin Heath 
John Hebb II 
Kristina Hendry 
Samantha Hines 
Rebecca Hogan 
Amanda Hook 
Matthew Hopps-Probert 
Jacob Home 
Jarek Home 
Kyle Houle 
Valerie Hoyle 
Samari Ijezie 
Salvatore Imprescia 
Kyle Irving 
Jamie Johnson 
Kevin Johnston II 
Amanda Jones 
Brenna Jordan 
Maidea Kaipu 
Cody Kane 
Cameron Keane 
Meghan Keane 
Mackenzie Keating 
Michael Keller 
Grace Kelley 
Alyssa Kelly 
Nicole Kemmitt 
Christopher Kemper 
Mikayla Kenney 
Benjamin Kern 
Emily Kern 
Jacqueline Kern 
Tyler Kochan 
Mary Korotsky 
Thomas Kruger 
Ryan Lafleur 
Mathieu Lafond 
Michael Laham 
Katerina Lampros 
Rebecca Larson 
Jessica Laurin 
Meghan Lear 
Rebecca Leblanc 
Erica Leonard 
John Leone 
Breanna Levesque 
Joseph Levy 
Katherine Levy 
Kelsey Leydon 
Kristen Lowder 
Kyle Lundgren 

■ *: 


Breanna Machnik 

Joseph Macinnis 

Joseph Maclellan 

Victoria Macuch 

Bryson Malcolm 

Marissa Manning 

Octavia Marks 

Taylor Marquardt 

Malik Marsh 

Emily Marshall 

Samantha Martin 

Lauren Mason 

Sonya Mason 

Caitlyn Masterson 

Michael Matta 

Sarah Matton 

Brooke Maxfield 

Michaela McCarthy 

Colleen McCuddy 

Zachary McDermott 

Kyle McDonough 

Meghan McGillvray 

Ryan McGinn 

Kathleen McGrail 

Shae McHowell 

Patrick McKinnon 

Kylee McLaughlin 

Brian McSherry 

Cody Medairos 

Austin Melo 

Patrick Melo 

Robert Menconi 

Jonathan Meyer 

Julie Mikush 

Julia Milardo 

David Miller 

Christopher Moitoza 

Cassandra Montefusco 

Kevin Monteith 

John Moreshead 

Matthew Morin 

Ryan Mulkern 

Brandon Murphy 

Maureen Murphy 

Ryan Murphy 

Shannon Murphy 

Angela Murray 

Haley Murray 

Conor Myers 

Nicholas Myers 

Sierra Nardi 

Maegan Nedell 

Patrick Nee 

Nicole Nelson 

Colin Newbury 

Daniel Noviello 

Samantha Oakhem 

Shae O'Connell 

Kendra O'Connor 

Michael O'Connor 

Owen O'Connor 

Patrick O'Connor 

Timothy O'Connor 

Annalise Olsen 


Daniel O'Neil 
William O'Rourke 
James Overstreet 
Brandi Pace 
Brittany Pace 
Stephen Pace 
{Catherine Pacitto 
Kristiana Packard 

Samantha Packard 
Brendan Page 
Craig Pantano 
Courtaney Parks 
Briana Pascarelli 
Jenna Pascarelli 
Kevan Patel 
Jared Pearson 

Alison Peart 
Hannah Pereira 
Rebecca Pereira 
Edson Perez 
Nicole Perry 
Patrick Peterson 
Trent Petronelli 
Matthew Petty 

Katherine Phieffer 
James Polk 
Thomas Poole 
Nicholas Poulin 
Kevin Power 
Meghan Powers 
Kyle Provost 
Chelsey Prussel 

Andrew Pryles 
Alyssa Quigley 
Kathleen Quigley 
Chandler Quintin 
Amira Rachouh 
Pedro Ramos 
Chelsie Ray 
Nolan Raymond 

Alexander Reed 
Jessica Reid 
Sabrea Reid 
Sean Reilly 
Isabella Renzi 
Carly Rettig 
Jake Rezendes 
Jorden Rhodes 

Jessica Ribeiro 
Patrick Ring 
Nida Rit 
Joseph Robinson 
Jordan Rodrigue 
Samantha Rodrigues 
Marisa Romano 
Alyssa Rosado 

Carli Rosenfield 
Tyler Ryan 
Kaitlyn Salter 
Brianna Sanders-Couto 
Joseph Sargent 
Mary Sbabo 
Spencer Scaife 
Stephanie Schlatz 


Zachary Schuttauf 

Ryan Scripter 

Andre' Selles 

Gino Sergio 

Thomas Shalginewicz 

Zachariah Shalginewicz 

Dominic Shea 

Thomas Sheridan 

Sierra Shivers 

Evan Shortes 

Shannon Simmons 

Justin Skov 

Anthony Sousa 

Deana Spingel 

Rachel Staffier 

Nicolle Stearns 

Jesse Sternberg 

Bethany Stoehr 

Stavros Stratoudakis 

Brendan Sullivan 

Courtney Sullivan 

Timothy Sullivan 

Timothy Sullivan 

Ian Svagdis 

John Swanson 

Brittany Sweetburg 

Ross Talpey 

Nicholas Tardiff 

Raina Terry 

Rachel Thomas 

David Thrasher III 

Christopher Torpey 

Shannon Trahon 

William Tremouliaris 

Nicholas Trieber 

Amy Trottier 

Paige Tucker 

Dillon Tufts 

John Urquhart 

Miguel Vazquez 

Anthony Vitali 

Mark Wabrek 

Matthew Wabrek 

Kevin Wadsworth 

Lauren Watson 

Austin Webster 

Michaela Wellman 

Meredith Wells 

Bridget Weygand 

Daniel Whitaker 

Lucy White 

Seth Wilde 

Evan Williams 

Matthew Williams 

Morgan Williams 

Ashley Willoughby 

Thomas Witcher 

Andrew Wolsky 

Megan Wood 

Matthew Wyman 

Jeffrey Young 

Matthew Young 

Samantha Yowell 

Thomas Yung 


All Classes Unite 

On March 12, 2010, the 
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional 

High School community came 
ogether for the annual Red Cross 

Blood Drive. Mr. Burke and his 
group worked hard with the Red 
Cross to accommodate as many 
students as possible for this great 








High Pond Estates 

Stone Meadow 

Arthur Wyman 





Business Advertisements 


1 1 

I I 

CLASS OF 2010! 




The Drosos Family 




"N A Unt of Bill s Taxi Servce. Inc. 

Congratulations Class of 2010! 

Thomas P. Arrighi 


1001 Bedford Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324 

(508) 697-001 7 (800) 437-3844 




Taryn Arrighi 


\b^ ^i^ ^-1^ X I^. ^I<. ^LC. ^lC N,/ N *' 

"•4C ~*i\ '•jC "•,* *jC ~i* ~i~ ^*~ 'W* 

Congratulations Taryn!!! 

vV V/ \'/ VV V'^ \V \»^ \»^ \i/ 

"•iC ~jC 7"|C "Pj-T *P t C '•jC ~jC "•jC "•(C 

From your first day of school to today - where has the time gone? 
Watching you navigate your way through school, always determined and full of 

heart, we are so proud of the person you have become: strong in spirit, 

compassionate, authentic, and filled with a great sense of humor. You have 

worked hard to reach your goals — you deserve you dreams! As you look 

toward your next chapter - college - remember always, deep in your heart that 

you are so very loved. 
We love you to the moon and back! 

Dad, Mom, T.W., Tesslyn 


rin Taylor 

Congratulations Erin Taylor! 

We are so proud of you and all 
! of your hard work. 

Mom and Gram 

Brittany Spinney 

Jimmy Weldon 

Congratulations Jimmy! 


Mom, Dad & Jenna 

Erin Desrochers 

I must be willing to give up what I am 
in order to become what I will be". 
I Einstein 

Good luck to Brittany and the entire 
Class of 2010. 

&UH "OfeQ" F?tK: 

(jou ate tRe. llqk ofr oua. dittes. . . So pxoud 05- you! 

May you adways stay tiiue to youAsefyy. . . . 

Enjoy add, tRat fafre, Ras to ojj-freji you qkcI im&nba. . 

(jou can do anytRing you se.t you* mind to. 

Snjoy ail tRe wioM.&iits ofr yowi. difj-e,, big and swaM 

.Ad it&M£Mbex tRat you cul& LOO/ED!!!! 

Lotte A toys, 

Mo*, Mcmty, KeMie. and fo(!ly 


Michael Mckinnot 

Congratulations Jill! 

Our "Athlete Artist" 

You gave it your all and created so many great 

memories! We're so proud! 

Good Luck at Holy Cross! 

Always "Live, Love and Laugh" 

Love & XOXO Mom, Dad, Brett & Matt 
Best Wishes Class of 2010! 

Summer Lyons 


CLASS OF 2010!!!! 



Mom, Dad and Zachary 

We're so proud of you! 


Mom & Dad, 

David and Patrick 


You are a great son and a terrific big 
brother. You make us all proud! We 
look forward to your future success. 



Mom, Dad & Ryley 


Donnie and Katie Sheridan 

Thank you to all of Dan and Katie 's 

family, friends, coaches and teachers 

for the high school experience!!! 

Congratulations Donnie & Katie 

On four very successful years at B-R. We are so proud of you!! 

We wish you success in your next four years at 

UMass Dartmouth - Nursing and Mass Maritime Academy. 




Class Treasurer 

Lots of Love, 

Mom and Dad 


VfMass (Dartmouth 

Katie-Miss Regional 

9fat '[Honor Society 


"Weight Lifting 



(Div 1 State Champ 

Katie - Manager 

MMA Transportation 


Katelynn Landers 


Dear Katelynn, 

Congratulations you've grown into a 
wonderful compassionate and honest 
young woman. You came into this world 
with the odds against you, but you never 
gave up. With your tenacity we have no 
doubt that you will succeed in whatever 
you set out to do. Stay strong in your 
faith and alway know that we are very 
proud of you and always will be. 
Love and God Bless. 

Mom, Dad, Sarah and Auntie 

Matt Hart 

Congratulations Matt! 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2010!!! 

We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Jon and Anthony 




Christian Cunha 

Christian . . . 

You have come so far in twelve fleeting years, 
embracing life's challenges, while planning your career. 
Along this journey came fear and doubt, as you learned 
what life was all about. 

We watched you grow into a fine young man, 
one, who never said never, but rather "I can." 
Always a supporter of the weak not the strong, you 
principles and character carried you along. 

You handshake and work is as good as gold, 
for you value friendships and family as everyone knows. 
You've reached out to strangers and raised money too, 
helping those who were less fortunate than you. 

Not afraid to cry at the loss of someone you love, 

you stand tall for your family, with strength from above. 

A free spirit for sure, that we all know, 

you're not afraid to set out in this world on your own. 

So today stand proud on the day of graduation, 

as you take the next step toward your career destination. 

Prouder parents we could not be, 

because as our son, you make it easy. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

Inspiring People 

to Care about 

The Planet 


You have set your compass, and are ready for 
the road ahead. Fortitude & courage will guide 


>• - 

The world is open to so many 
possibilities, and You are 
ready for the journey 


Robbie St. Germain 


* * 

f X 



£ s 


Each dream in our heart lies within reach 
If we can just believe in ourselves... 


Love, Mom, Dad, Mike, Chris & Sabrina 

303 EV/ELL PHOTOGcVvPH f LLC. (5 I3i53v-'J»J22 



Bm filK^l 




Liberty Reopens 

On July 4th one of the nation's most 
recognizable symbols of freedom, the Statue 
of Liberty, reopened its crown to visitors. 
After the September 1 1th attacks, the 
monument was closed to all visitors until 
2004 when the base and lower observation 
decks were reopened. Guests will be allowed 
to make the 1 68-stair climb to the top for 
the next two years, when the crown will close 
again for safety work. 

Balloon Hoax 

Millions watched as a large metallic 
balloon, said to be carrying a 6 year old 
boy, soared through the air in Colorado. 
When it landed and "balloon boy" Falcon 
Heene was not inside, the world was 
relieved to learn he had been hiding 
in the attic the entire time. Three days 
later, after a telling interview, the whole 
spectacle was deemed a hoax in the 
parents' pursuit of fame and fortune. The 
parents pled guilty to criminal charges 
and received jail time. 

Fort Hood Tragedy 

On November 5, 2009, Fort Hood, America's 
largest military base, transformed from a 
place where soldiers prepare for war to an 
actual battlefield. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 
a licensed military psychiatrist, opened 
fire in the processing center where soldiers 
report before deployment. Twelve soldiers 
and one civilian lost their lives, while 30 
others were injured, including Hasan. In the 
past, Hasan had been openly critical about 
the war on terror. 

Clunkers Make Some Noise 

For nearly a month in the summer of 2009 America was 
consumed by CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System), commonly 
known as Cash for Clunkers. The government program was 
designed to encourage drivers to trade-in old gas-guzzlers in 
favor of new, fuel-efficient vehicles. With an incentive of up to 
$4,500, the program was wildly successful and nearly 700,000 
cars were traded in. 

A Music Icon Remembered 

Legendary performer Michael Jackson passed away suddenly at 
the age of 50. As news spread of his death, the internet suffered a 
significant slowdown as people worldwide conducted simultaneous 
searches. Jackson was also nominated for five American Music Awards 
in 2009, including Artist of the Year, after his music sow a tremendous 
surge in sales and airplay. As a final tribute, Sony Pictures released 
This Is If. The never-before-seen footage of Jackson rehearsing for his 
final 50 shows was a massive success, making millions. 

Nuclear Test 

North Korea conducted a series of rocket 
and missile tests, including an underground 
nuclear bomb test in an attempt to lure 
the U.S. into talks to loosen sanctions. The 
international community was outraged, 
stating that the test was in clear violation 
of international law. In 2008, North Korea 
agreed to suspend its nuclear testing in 
exchange for economic stimulus, but the deal 
I through after it removed inspectors from 
the country. 

Catastrophic Quakes 

The island nation of Haiti was struck by 
a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake 
so strong it could be felt nearly 200 
miles away. The flattened capital city 
left millions seeking shelter and medical 
attention and Haitian government 
officials estimated over 1 1 1,000 
people lost their lives. Humanitarian 
organizations such as the Red Cross 
set up aid and relief efforts while 
streamlining donations by allowing 
individuals to text message pledges. 
Within days, over $355 million in 
donations had been raised through the 
combined efforts of companies, charities 
and individuals. 

All a Buzz 

Kavya Shivashankar, a 13 year old from 
Kansas, won the Scripps National Spelling 
Bee. A four-time competitor and aspiring 
neurosurgeon, Kavya won the trophy and 
more than $40,000 in cash and prizes with 
her correct spelling of "Laodicean"— meaning 
lukewarm or indifferent in religion or politics. 

Oprah Moves On 

Popular syndicated talk show host and 
business tycoon, Oprah Winfrey, announced 
she would end The Oprah Winfrey Show 
in late summer 201 1 . The news came as a 
shock to fans that have elevated her status 
to nothing short of on icon since the show's 
inception in 1 986. Early speculation indicated 
she may start a new show on her own Oprah 
Winfrey Network in 201 1 . Her show currently 
draws about 7 million viewers a day. 

Iranian Election Protests 

Iran's presidential election drew international attention when disputes 
over the winner sparked two weeks of protests. Reformist activists 
claimed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's landslide win was a fraudulent 
mishandling of the ballots. The protests resulted in 20 fatalities, 
numerous arrests and trials for nearly 100 demonstrators facing 
charges such as attacking government property, violence toward 
security forces and creating panic in public. 

Sonia Supreme 

With a vote of 68-31, Sonia Sotomayor 
became the first Hispanic person to become 
a Supreme Court Justice and just the 
third woman of all time. Sotomayor was 
appointed to the Supreme Court with 17 
years of federal experience, having tried 
over 3,600 cases. 

Toyota Troubles 

Automobile giant, Toyota, recalled eight of its 
models after learning of a problem with its 
acceleration mechanisms that caused some 
gas pedals to stick and vehicles to accelerate 
without warning. Though the company said 
the problem is "rare and infrequent" it 
decided to recall about 4.2 million vehicles 
worldwide and brought U.S. sales and 
production to a halt. The company tried to 
remedy the situation and ease the nerves 
of uncertain drivers by sending new parts to 
dealers to fix the faulty pedals. 

Ares Blasts Off 

Forty years after putting the first men on the moon, NASA 
is once again elevating its space program with the new Ares 
1-X Rocket. The streamline rocket's simpler design is cheaper 
and up to 10 times safer than its shuttle predecessors. 
Despite a successful first test in late October, officials say 
that the 1 -X may not carry astronauts until 2017. 


What were your favorite 
headlines of the year? 

H1N1 Flu Outbreak 

In the spring of 2009, HI Nl emerged with the first 
reported cases in Mexico. The virus reached the 
United States in April and officials worried the flu 
would spread rapidly, causing a global pandemic 
and fear that the unpredictable flu virus could 
mutate into a more dangerous strain. In the fall, 
President Obama declared a national emergency, 
enabling the government to provide more aid to 
the states. In the U.S. alone, millions of people 
were infected and thousands lost their lives. 
When a vaccine became available in the fall, 
thousands flooded phone lines and clinics 
around the country, as the demand greatly 
outnumbered the first supply. 


Health Care Hurdles 

In groundbreaking sessions of Congress, both the House and 
Senate passed bills for health care reform after months of 
debate. The next step was to merge the nearly SI trillion 
proposed plans for a final vote. If passed, the bill would 
become the largest federal health care expansion in forty 
years since the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid. The 
goal of the bill is to bring extended insurance coverage to an 
additional 30 million Americans. 

Surprise Prize 

A surprise to many, the Norwegian Nobel Committee 
honored President Borack Obama with the 2009 Nobel 
Peace Prize, just eight months into his tenure. The committee 
explained it was Obama's "extraordinary efforts to 
strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between 
peoples" that brought his name to the top of the nominees 
list. Upon learning the news, the president remarked that he 
was humbled by the decision. 

Shifting Frontlines 

President Obama announced the deployment of 30,000 
additional American troops to Afghanistan starting in 
early 2010, bringing the total U.S. presence to about 
1 00,000 troops. The intended strategy was to combat the 
growing momentum of the Taliban in the region and to 
provide training for Afghan security forces. Plans to begin 
withdrawing troops were set for 20 1 1 . 


Dubai in the Sky 

Marking a stunning architectural achievement, the Burj 
Khalifa in Dubai opened, becoming the tallest skyscraper 
in the world. The towering needle-shaped structure 
stretches nearly 2,700 feet into the air. The building has 
1 60 stories which include apartments, office space and a 
hotel designed by Giorgio Armani. The eye-catching main 
attraction of a new shopping district, the Burj Khalifa 
reportedly cost Si. 5 billion to build. 

Found 1 8 Years Later 

The discovery of Jaycee Dugord 18 years after her 
disappearance renewed hope for families of missing 
children. When Dugard was 1 1 years old she was 
abducted by Philip Garrido while walking to her school 
bus. Jaycee was held captive in Garrido's backyard. 
Both Garrido and his wife face multiple charges, 
including kidnapping and false imprisonment. Jaycee 
has since reunited with her family. 

. ■ 

Goodbye Good Morning America 

In a teary farewell, Diane Sawyer said "goodbye" to Good 
Morning America and "hello" to ABC's World News. After more 
than 10 years on the weekday morning show, Sawyer replaced 
the retiring Charles Gibson as the anchor of the nightly news 
program. Sawyer's replacement was George Stephanopoulos, 
former President Clinton staff member ond moderator of This 
Week on Mi. 

Fall of the Wall Remembered 

Twenty years ago the Berlin Wall fell, marking the end of the 
Cold War and the divide between East and West Germany. 
To celebrate the anniversary, thousands of German citizens 
celebrated as 1,000 towers, all 8 feet tall, were toppled to 
symbolize the destruction of the dividing wall. The celebration 
was overseen by current German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
and former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who many hold 
responsible for reforming the former Soviet Union. 

Be Mine 

Sweethearts®, the popular Valentine's Day 
treat, added a new phrase to its line of 
endearing candy love messages. Teaming up 
with the social-network, Twitter, the candy 
company started stamping "Tweet Me" on its 
heart-shaped candies. Sweethearts also plans 
to introduce a new iPhone app that would 
allow users to send electronic versions of the 
candy with personalized messages to friends' 
"Twitler" pages. 

Palin Resigns 

Alaskan Governor and 2008 Republican 
Vice Presidential candidate Sarah 
Palin resigned from office, saying that 
Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell would 
"fight even harder" for Alaskans. Palin 
added that her decision was made to 
protect her family from further criticism 
and would also allow her to advocate for 
causes such as energy independence and 
national security. In January 2010, it was 
announced that Palin would join Fox News 
as a contributor. 

Electronic Text Books 

College students caught a break this 
year— with free text books. Flat World 
Knowledge allowed 40,000 students at 
over 400 colleges and universities to 
access their course materials online, for 
free, saving students nearly $3 million in 
the fall semester alone. With other options 
like print-on-demand and integrated audio 
ond video, the company hopes to expand 
its offerings to other schools throughout 
the country. 

Frightening Flight 

On Christmas Day 2009, a Nigerian man 
attempted to blow up a flight carrying nearly 
300 passengers from Amsterdam to Detroit, 
Michigan. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had 
a bomb sewn into his undergarments and 
tried unsuccessfully to detonate the devices 
as the plane made its final descent. Stringent 
security precautions were put into effect and 
President Obama ordered a thorough review 
of safety regulations. Al Qaeda later claimed 
responsibility for the terrorist act. 

On Shaky Ground 

The South American country of Chile 
was the target of an 8.8-magnitude 
earthquake that destroyed many villages 
in its path. The next day the same south- 
central region of the country was struck 
again by a tsunami that created waves 
over 18 feet high. Approximately 800 
people lost their lives and the destruction 
between the two natural disasters 
brought widespread shortages in food. 

Linking Languages 

Historically, URLs have been constructed with 
Latin based characters like 1, 2, 3 and A, B, 
C. Now, after approval by the International 
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 
(ICANN), domain names will appear with other 
characters from Arabic and Chinese languages. 
The chairman of ICANN, Peter Dengate Thrush 
said, "The coming introduction of non-Latin 
characters represents the biggest technical 
change to the internet since it was created 
four decades ago." 

NYC Flyover 

Workers in Manhattan, New York were 
panicked as a Boeing 747 and an F-l 6 
aircraft circled the Statue of Liberty, causing 
many to fear a repeat of the 9/1 1 attacks. 
It was later discovered that the planes were 
official government aircrafts conducting a 
photo shoot. The official who approved the 
fly-over later resigned. 




House Party Crashed 

Virginia couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi, crashed the first state dinner 
held by the Obama's. Passing two security check-points, the couple mingled 
with Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel before 
exiting two hours later. The breach of security caused a full investigation by 
the Secret Service. Months later, speculation turned to White House social 
secretary Desiree Rogers who was criticized for not keeping a checklist of 
attendees as they entered the event. Rogers later resigned. 

Late Night Shuffle 

After 17 years, Tonight Show\\os\ Joy Leno passed the torch to fellow NBC late-night personality, 
Conan O'Brien — but not for long. The Tonight Show lost millions of viewers and Leno's new 
self-titled primetime show was deemed a flop. Just seven months after giving O'Brien The Tonight 
Show, NBC reversed course, returning Leno to his former seat. As part of the deal, NBC agreed to 
pay Conan S33 million, with SI 2 million going to his staff in severance. O'Brien hosted his last 
show on January 22nd, while Leno returned to The Tonight Show on March 1st. 

Google China 

After a sophisticated cyber attack rooted 
in China, Google announced it would no 
longer censor search results on, 
the Chinese version of the popular search 
engine. The Chinese government requires 
censorship of search results and websites to 
prevent security and state secrets from being 
jeopardized. China has the largest population 
of internet users in the world. 

FDA Takes on Tobacco 

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco 
Control Act gave the FDA more power to 
control the tobacco industry. Under the new 
legislation, tobacco companies were no longer 
allowed to use words like "mild" or "low-tar" 
and were also prohibited from selling candy 
or fruit flavored cigarettes. 


What were your favorite 
headlines of the year? 


Air France 

An Air France Airbus Flight AF 447 
flying from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to 
Paris, France crashed into the Atlantic 
Ocean. None of the 228 people on board 
survived. Despite initial reports, the 
plane hit the water vertically, instead of 
breaking apart in mid-air. The crash was 
the worst in Air France's 75-year history. 

Dangers of Fast Food 

For two years, John Manley, a 50-year-old North Carolina 
man, complained of severe coughing, pneumonia, and 
vomiting. When doctors used a tiny camera to investigate 
his lungs they were shocked to find the cause— a piece 
of plastic. The plastic was removed and traced backed 
to a spoon from fast-food chain Wendy's after doctors 
recognized the eatery's logo. 


The Next American Idol Judge 

After eight seasons, American Idol judge Paula 
Abdul left the show. Emmy award-winning 
talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres 
filled the seat and began judging duties when 
the show returned for its ninth season. Shortly 
after the show's return another Idol judge, 
Simon Cowell announced his intended split at 
the end of the season. It was reported that 
Cowell planned to develop a new talent show 
series based on the popular U.K. series, 
The X Factor. 

Pirates Hold Captain Captive 

After five days of being held hostage on the dangerous 
seas off the coast of Somalia, Captain Richard Phillips was 
rescued from his pirate capturers. In a tired moment, the 
pirates let down their guards long enough for U.S. Navy 
SEAL marksmen to take their shots, ending the lives of all 
three pirates. Days eorlier, Phillips offered himself as a 
captive to the pirates in order to prevent them from seizing 
his vessel, the Maersk Alabama, ultimately protecting his 
fellow crewmen. 



O J 

r. V 

^ ^ . / 

- -* _ 


Aerodynamic Seeds 

"Helicopter seeds," the seeds from maple 
trees, have provided hours of fun for children 
but researchers were stumped as to what 
made the seeds hover. A team of Dutch and 
American scientists discovered the answer. 
When a maple seed swirls, a tornado-like 
vortex lowers the air pressure around the 
seed, sucking the wings upward to oppose 
gravity— insects, bats, and hummingbirds 
employ the same technique. 

• iBI 1,1, - -, 

In Hot Water 

Ocean temperatures around the world 
measured 1 degree higher than normal 
between June and August, averaging 
62.5°F, according to the National Oceanic 
and Atmospheric Administration. August saw 
the warmest temps on record since 1 880, 
when record keeping began. Though climate 
change is listed as a factor, meteorologists 
say the warming is also due in part to 
a natural El Nino system. Ocean heat 
puts coral reefs in harm's way and also 
contributes to melting Arctic sea ice and 
hurricane strength. 

A Farmer's Friend 

Even plants have joined in the text-messaging craze. Through 
SmortCrop™ infrared thermometers planted in soil, plants can 
"tell" farmers when they are hot or thirsty. Most crops have an 
ideal temperature for growth and these thermometers allow 
farmers to be notified by text message if a plant has risen 
above the ideal temp. 

Growth Spurt 

The Bristlecone pine is the world's longest-lived tree, 
sustaining ages up to 4,800 years. Recently, researchers 
found that these ancient trees are growing at a much 
faster rate than ever before as evident by its widening 
rings. The growth is presumably due to the increase in 
temperature in their high-altitude climate over the past 
50 years. 

Solar Energy Makeover 

Developers have found two ways to 
make solar power panels more 
appealing to the average 
homeowner. First, underground 
panels use fiber optic cables 
to capture and distribute 
sun energy, instead of 
heavy panels. The second 
option is to incorporate 
shingle-like solar panels 
that have a thin copper 
film covering to absorb 
light energy into the roof. 
The Powerhouse™ Solar 
Shingle is expected to be less 
expensive and easier to install than 
full-size panels. 

Poo Power Payoff 

In response to rising energy costs year-after-year, 
Shawn Saylor turned to an unlikely renewable 
source to power his family's dairy farm. Using the 
manure from 600 cows, Saylor used a process known 
as anaerobic digestion to generate energy. Saylor 
explained that this method produces a savings of about 
$200,000 per year with the ability to sell left over 
energy back to the power company. 

11 , 


"j TERRY HARRIS/MO /londoir 

Tiny T-Rex 

History's fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have had 
miniature ancestors. A newly discovered ancient creature 
known as "Raptorex" closely resembles its massive 
relative, at only a fraction of the size. Experts report it 
may have weighed only 1 50 pounds compared to T Rex's 
1 3,000 pounds. Raptorex would have existed 60 million 
years before T-Rex, and despite its size, would have 
touted an extremely powerful bite. 

Let's Go Fly a Kite 

Scientists from the University of 
California and the Carnegie Institution 
have discovered a way to create 
sustainable energy— through kites. 
High-altitude winds contain a vast amount 
of energy. By releasing kite-like wind 
turbines miles above the planet and 
tethering them to the ground, researchers 
believe they could create enough energy 
to supply electricity worldwide. 

Carbon Capture 

Professor Klaus Lackner of Columbia 
University has created a "synthetic tree" 
able to capture destructive carbon dioxide 
1,000 times better than real trees. When 
the wind blows through the "leaves", 
carbon is trapped and converted to a liquid 
form. One unit could remove up to a ton 
of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere a 
day— the equivalent of 20 cars. 

Cooling Sun 

Scientists have discovered that the sun is at 
its dimmest in over 100 years. Typically, the 
sun undergoes 1 1 -year cycles, culminating in 
the expulsion of solar flares and planet-sized 
debris. After 2008 the sun was expected to 
become increasingly hotter, but instead it 
was at a 50-year low for solar pressure and 
a 100-year low for sunspot activity. Although 
dimming of the sun has resulted in decreased 
temperatures in the past, the onset of global 
worming has likely counteracted 
this phenomenon. 

Colossal Sea Monster 

The fossilized skull of an ancient sea 
monster called a pliosaur was discovered 
along the Jurassic Coast of England. The 
skull— dating back 150 million years — 
measured nearly eight feet. Scientists 
believe the creature's full size was up to 52 
feet long, making it the biggest pliosaur 
ever found. The dangerous sea predator 
could have eaten a T-Rex for breakfast! 

Robots Can Swim! 

Mechanical engineers Kamal Youcef-Toumi 
and Pablo Valdivia Y Alvarado of MIT 
designed robotic fish that can swim and 
maneuver just like real fish. They hope 
to one day use the robots to help patrol 
bodies of water such as lakes and rivers, 
looking for pollutants and inspecting 
underwater structures. 

Now that's a Ring 

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope 
discovered the largest ring 
around the planet Saturn. The 
never-before-seen ring is so 
colossal that NASA's Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory estimates that it would 
take 1 billion earth-sized planets 
to fill it. Composed of dust and ice 
particles, the ring's temperature is 
approximately -31 6°F. 

Super Natural Glue 

The asparagus beetle attaches its eggs using 
what is said to be some of the strongest 
natural glue in the world. A study discovered 
the almost invisible eggs require a pull-off 
force of "8,650 times higher than the egg 

I." It's not unusual for an insect to 
produce egg glue and this research could 
lead to the discovery of other natural 
bonding agents. 


H 2 on the Moon 

For the first time, water was discovered on the moon's surface. NASA announced its significant 
find after reviewing data from on intentional satellite crash it conducted in search of water. 
The dota also revealed there were more than just droplets but rather "a dozen, two-gallon 
bucketfuls." Experts said the discovery will open the door to other space exploration 
opportunities, including the potential for a sustainable lunar space station. 


Glow-in-the-dark Puppies? 

Scientists in South Korea cloned a 
genetically engineered litter of pups, 
enabling them to glow red under ultraviolet 
light. The intention of the experiment was 
to prove that if fluorescent protein can be 
created though the modification of genetic 
code, there may be a way to fix genetic 
flaws in humans by similar innovations in 
genetic coding. 


Mighty Mice 

In a scientific breakthrough, two labs in China 
bred the first induced pluripotent stem cell 
(iPS) mice, meaning they were the first of 
their kind developed from adult stem cells, 
instead of the more controversial embryonic 
cells. Scientists reprogrammed the cells back 
to an embryonic state where they could 
again develop into actual mice. This discovery 
is strong evidence that iPS cells have the 
potential to be used for treating disease. 

Autism Brain Discovery 

To learn more about the causes of autism, 
researchers conducted a study of MRI 
brain scans of 50 toddlers. Preliminary 
findings showed that on average, an area 
in the brain called the amygdala is 13% 
larger in young children with autism. It 
is believed that these children are born 
with normal-sized brains but later in the 
first year the area begins to grow larger. 
Autism is a developmental condition 
affecting as many as 1 in 1 50 children. 

.. J L/JJJ L 











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What's the Word? 

Social networking giant Facebook grew to more 
than 250 million users in 2009 and was valued at about 
$1 5 billion. With that many users it's no wonder the site has 
become a part of our daily language. This trend became 
even more evident when New Oxford American Dictionary 
and the American Dialect Society announced their "Word(s) 
of the Year". "Unfriend" was the first internet-inspired 
word to take the Oxford title while the American Dialect 
Society announced "Tweet" as its top word for the year and 
"Google" as "Word of the Decade". 

Twitter on the Mind 

Millions share their thoughts, opinions and 
updates every day (or hour) using Twitter. 
But University of Wisconsin doctoral student 
Adam Wilson's research revealed a new 
use— establishing a form of communication 
for those with extensive paralysis. Wearing 
an electrode-covered cap, Wilson focused 
his attention on flashing letters on a 
computer screen while his brain activity 
was monitored to figure out which letter he 
wanted. In the end he was able to tweet 23 
characters with his mind. 


Seeing Eyeborg 

Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence has 
lived with permanent damage to his right 
eye since the age of 1 1 . In his efforts 
to regain vision, Rob partnered with a 
camera provider in an attempt to replace 
his eye with a wireless, battery-powered 
video camera for what is being called the 
"Eyeborg" Project. 

Cyborg Beetles 

Ripped from the pages of science 
fiction comes the government- 
funded cyborg beetle. 
Development began on a project 
that has scientists implanting 
miniature electrodes into beetles 
to enable them to control the 
insects' every move via remote 
control. Though still in testing, 
the high-tech critters could one 
day be used as military spies. 

Darth Vader Arm 

The Darth Vader robotic arm, the 
latest and greatest in Star Wars 
related toys and collectibles, is 
easy to assemble with 45 pieces 
that snap together. Though just 
a toy, this robotic limb has the 
power to grip, turn, extend and 
hold objects. 

The Bladeless Fan 

It's been 1 27 years since the standard electric fan was introduced 
and people have been pretty satisfied. Now, the Dyson company, 
well known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, introduced the 
first bladeless fan. The Air Multiplier pulls air through its base, 
which is then pushed through a hidden vent into the circular head 
of the fan to create an uninterrupted breeze. 




© LUCAS JACKSON/Reulers/Londov 

3-D TV 

Riding a wave of popularity since the release 
of hit movies like Up and Monsters vs. Aliens, 
3-D is coming to television. Manufacturers 
such as Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC 
all reported working on 3-D televisions. In 
the future, viewers will have the option of 
watching programs in 3-D, utilizing special 
glasses to see the third dimension. 

Disposable Timing Chips 

After years of clunky timing devices and 
expensive lost chip fees, runners will benefit 
from disposable timing technology. Using 
radio frequency identification (RFID), race 
organizers can put an integrated tag on race 
bib numbers to accurately record time during 
competition. The cost effective design also 
allows runners to simply throw away the chip 
after racing. 


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Energy Saving Light 

Philips Electronics introduced a new 
energy-efficient LED light bulb that uses 
just 10 watts (compared to 60 watts 
of the standard bulb) and generates 
the same amount of energy but lasts 
25 times longer as its counterpart. The 
bulb may save as much electricity as is 
needed for 1 7.4 million households in a 
given year. Philips Electronics LED bulb 
was entered into the U.S. Department 
of Energy's L Prize competition and if it 
takes the prize, the company could be 
awarded $10 million in cash and federal 

Beatles Rock Again 

The Beatles rocked the music industry, 
re-releasing their famed anthology and 
launching their first ever video game. 
Decades after their last album was recorded, 
all 12 of The Beatles' studio albums were 
re-released in a new digitally re-mastered 
format. The Beatles: Rock Band, an 
experiential video game, features 45 of 
their hits and offers players an option to 
relive music history by playing through the 
tracks chronologically. 



Smart Thermostat 

EnergyHub™ Dashboard was introduced addressing both the 
environmental and recession-minded concerns of today. The 
device wirelessly tracks your appliances and informs you of how 
much energy you are using. It also tells you how much your 
usage costs so you con make adjustments, conserve energy and 
pocket the savings. 

Ieality Gaming 

) games got a dose of reality by taking 
heir inspiration from the news. Games 
like Hero on the Hudson, Swinefighler and 
Trillion Dollar Bailout allowed users to be 
a part of the headline-making stories. The 
two-dimensional games, mostly developed for 
internet or cell phones, were simple, allowing 
creators to release them quickly after the 
actual events took place. 

Tetris Turns 25 

With an undeniable place in video game 
history, the popular puzzle game Tetris 
turned 25. A series of new features for a new 
generation were announced, such as Tetris 
Acorn Drop, a concept taken from the movie 
Ice Age. 

VC^'on limes. 

Walk this Way 

Before iPods became the "it" way to listen to music on the go, there 
was the Sony Walkman. Once the leader in music technology, the 
audio cassette player and radio turned 30 this year. The grandfather 
of personal music devices allowed users to take their favorite tunes 
anywhere, ultimately paving the way for the Discman, the MP3 
player and the iPod. 




Smart Phones get Smarter 

The smartphone continued its rise in popularity as 
on-the-go technology evolved. From the popular 
Blackberry® series to the iPhone, smartphones offered 
everyone from business professionals and techies to 
senior citizens and even children hand-held access to 
the internet and continuous connectivity to the world. 
Additionally, 2009 was deemed "the year of the 
app" by many, with available applications surpassing 
1 00,000 (and over 1 billion downloads) that can do 
just about anything imaginable —from efficient and 
practical to simple and fun. 

► V 

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The New Face of Hollywood 

Legendary filmmaker James Cameron reshaped the movie industry by 
helping develop the advanced camera technology used in his blockbuster 
hit Avatar. Cameron helped pioneer a lightweight, two-lens camera that 
can shoot dynamic live action footage in 3-D and a head-rig camera that 
accurately records facial expressions. The result is a stunningly realistic, 
digitally created movie that captures even the most obscure details on an 
actor's face. The computer generated characters, like those on Avatar's 
fictional planet of Pandora, appear more realistic than ever before. 


Dirty Work 

A DustCarl robot, reminiscent of Disney's WALL-E, 
recently took to the streets of Italy. The robot, which 
will be tested in cities around the world, responds to 
residents who place their trash and recyclables on 
the curb and call for pick up. It fills up its belly with 
unwanted waste, much the same as the traditional 
dump truck. Though not as efficient as a fleet of 
trucks, the DustCarl monitors air pollutants and is 
much quieter, running on lithium ion batteries. 


E-Book It! 

The Amazon Kindle wireless e-book reader has been growing in 
popularity since its introduction nearly three years ago. During 
the holiday season, the mobile reading device boasted record 
performance becoming the most gifted item in Amazon's history 
selling more e-books than physical books for the first time ever. 
Proving a growing trend, Barnes and Noble, Inc. introduced its 
own electronic reader, nook™ which took the number two spot 
on TIME Magazine's Top Gadgets of 2009. 


^/ J 

Pursuit of the Cup 

In a precursor to the World Cup next year, 
Brazil won the FIFA 2009 Confederations 
Cup held in South Africa. The Brazilians 
bounced back from a two-goal deficit late 
in the game to dramatically beat the U.S. 
It was the third tournament championship 
for Brazil and the 14th win of 15 games 
against the U.S. 

Yankees Win 27th Title 

The New York Yankees defeated the 
defending champion Philadelphia Phillies in 
game six of the World Series. The win marks 
the 27th World Series title for the Yankees, 
the most titles in all of sports, and the 
first win in their $1.5 billion new stadium. 
Hideki Matsui was named series MVP with 
o record-setting six RBIs in gome six, while 
Andy Petlitte became the pitcher with the 
most wins in the post-season, claiming his 
18th victory. 

Champion Mom 

Kim Clijsters rejoined the world of tennis in grand fashion. 
After retiring from the sport in 2007 to start a family, Clijsters 
returned to win the US Open. By defeating Caroline Wozniacki 
in the finals, the Belgian tennis pro became the first unseeded 
woman ever to win the 2009 US Open; and the first mother 
to win a Grand Slam title since Evonne Goolagong Cawley at 
Wimbledon in 1980. 


Eun-Hee Ji, from Korea, won the US Women's Open. 
Going into the final round, Ji trailed American 
Cristie Kerr by two shots. With a double-bogey on 
the 1 0th hole, Ji's chance at victory looked slim. 
Kerr, however, had a disappointing final round, 
allowing Ji to come from behind, sinking a final 
20-foot putt for the win. 

Golf Goes Global 

From its birth in the Scottish 
countryside to the manicured 
greens of Augusta 
National Golf Club ^\, 
in Georgia, golf 
traditionally has been 
played by Europeans and 
Americans. In 2009, two 
players proved that golf has 
gone global. Angel Cabrera 
won The Masters Tournament to 
become the first Argentinean 
to wear the prized green 
jacket. YE. Yang defeated 
Tiger Woods, winning the 
PGA Championship and 
becoming the first Asian 
man to win a major title. 




Buehrle Pitches Perfect 

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark 
Buehrle tossed a gem of a game on 
July 23rd to become only the 1 8th 
player in history to pitch a perfect 
game. The feat came two seasons after 
he threw a no-hitter, which makes him 
just the 26th player to throw multiple 
no-hitters in his career. 

Little League World Series 

In a suspenseful final game, California 
clinched the 5th straight Little League World 
Series title for the U.S. Fans, including Vice 
President Joe Biden, watched and cheered 
as the team fought their way back from a 
three-run deficit to defeat Taiwan 6-3. After 
the game, the team celebrated its win with 
class, inviting the Taiwan team to join them 
in their victory lap. 

championship W» 

Saints Go Marching 

For the first time in its 43-year franchise history 
and its first appearance at the big game, the New 
Orleons Saints won the Super Bowl beating out 
the Indianapolis Colts. With a stunning defensive 
performance and unstoppable offensive drive that 
dominated three quarters, the Saints claimed its 
31-17 victory. Later, team quarterback Drew Brees 
was honored as Most Valuable Player having tied the 
record for most completions in a Super Bowl, finishing 
with 32 completions out of 39 passes for 288 yards. 

Welcome, WPS 

This year marked the inaugural season for 
the Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) 
league. The league consisted of seven teams 
scattered across the U.S. with two more teams 
set to join the league in the future. With a 
score of 1-0, the Sky Blue FC team from 
New York and New Jersey defeated the Los 
Angeles Sol to claim the first ever 
WPS Championship. 

Lakers Out Trick Magic 

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the 
Orlando Magic in game five of the 
NBA finals. Four-time NBA champion 
Kobe Bryant was the standout star 
of the series, leading his team to 
victory and claiming the title of Most 
Valuable Player. 

Mercury Rising 

The Phoenix Mercury defeated the Indiana Fever to win 
the WNBA championship. Fueled by stars Diana Taurasi and 
Cappie Pondexter, the Mercury prevailed in game five to 
take the title. Taurasi was honored with the series 
MVP award. 

Winter X Games 

Snowboarding star Shaun White proved his resilience and talent 
at the annual Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. After taking a 
spill face-first on the halfpipe while practicing his newest and most 
dangerous stunt, White returned to take first in the Snowboard 
SuperPipe competition for the third straight year. White wasn' 
the only repeat winner— Ophelie David took home her fourth 
consecutive Women's Skier X title. 

20 1 Winter Olympic Highlights 

Many historic and memorable moments were witnessed over the 1 7 days of the 201 Winter 
Olympics, held in Vancouver, Canada. 

• In a highly-anticipated showdown between the U.S. and Canadian hockey teams, the home team 
claimed the gold medal in overtime, becoming the first host nation in 30 years to win o men's gold 
medal in hockey. 

• Reigning women's figure skating world champion, Kim Yu-Na of South Korea delivered stunning 
performances that brought her gold and put her 23 points ahead of silver medalist Mao Asada of 
Japan. Taking the bronze was Canada's Joannie Rochette whose mother unexpectedly passed away 
just two days before the competition began. 

• U.S. speed-skating star Apolo Ohno became the most decorated winter Olympian of all time with a 
career total of eight medals, winning three in Vancouver— two silver and one bronze. 

Fantastic Federer 

Roger Federer cemented his place in tennis history by breaking 
the record for most major title wins. By winning the French 
Open, the Swiss tennis star tied Pete Sampras' historic record of 
14 titles, while also completing his career Grand Slam. Federer 
went on to win Wimbledon for the sixth time, giving him his 
1 5th major title. Sampras praised Federer by saying he was the 
greatest player ever. 

Penguins Win Stanley Cup 

The Pittsburgh Penguins triumphed over defending 
champions, the Detroit Red Wings, in a nail-biting game 
seven of the Stanley Cup. Thanks to Penguin team 
member Max Tolbot's two goals in the second period, the 
Penguins became the first team since 1 971 to win game 
seven on the opposing team's home ice. 


I I 

lllj J/ 

What,%ere your favorite sports 
highlights of the year? 


Jimmie Johnson became the first driver in 
NASCAR history to win four consecutive Sprint 
Cup series titles, breaking the tie he previously 
held with Carl Yarborough. By finishing fifth in 
the final race of the season, Johnson earned 
enough points to secure the title. With 6,652 
points on the year, Johnson beat out his next 
closest opponent by 1 41 points. 



Bolt Strikes Again 

Deemed the "fastest man alive" during 
the 2008 Olympics, Jamaica's Usain 
Bolt continued to amaze at the World 
Championships. Not only did Bolt break 
his own world record in the 100-meter in 
a stunning 9.58 seconds, he went on to 
set a new record of 1 9.1 9 seconds for the 

Horse Play 

In front of a crowd of over 1 50,000 
onlookers, Mine That Bird won the 
Kentucky Derby. The 50-1 long shot 
defied the odds to take the title, 
returning SI 03.20 on a $2 bet. Mine 
That Bird appeared on the cover of Sports 
Illustrated the following week. 





o^ tf 



Twilight Shines Bright 

Now in its 10th year, the Teen Choice Awards 
recognized achievements in movies, television, 
music and more. Among the winners of the coveted 
surfboard trophies was Twilight, winning 1 1 out of 12 
nominations, including Choice Movie Drama. The 
movie's stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 
also picked up top acting awards. In television, Chace 
Crawford and Leighton Meester won Choice Acting 
praise for their roles in the Choice TV Drama Gossip 
Girl. Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift both received 
Choice Music Artist awards. 

Swift Steals the Show 

The night belonged to Taylor Swift, 19, as she won all four Country 
Music Awards for which she was nominated. The singer won Album 
of the Year for Fearless, Video of the Year and Female Vocalist 
of the Year, beating out favorite Carrie Underwood. In her most 
impressive victory, Swift took home the trophy for Entertainer of 
the Year, making her the first female to win since 1 999. Other 
winners included Darius Rucker for New Artist of the Yeor and Lady 
Antebellum for Vocal Group of the Year. 


Michael Makes History 

The American Music Awards were a night 
filled with emotion and history making. 
Adding four awards to his resume (accepted 
by brother Jermaine, pictured above), 
Michael Jackson became the most awarded 
artist in AMA history. Jackson won Favorite 
Male Artist in both the Pop-Rock and Soul- 
R&B genres, while his Number Ones album 
took home the top spot in both categories 
as well. Taylor Swift was also a big winner, 
taking home five awards in total, including 
the lop honor, Artist of the Year. 

MTV Movie 


Teens ruled the big screen 
this year at the MTV Movie 
Awards. Kristen Stewart won 

t Female Performance 
"" her role in Twilight, while 

Efron won Best Male 
Performance for his musical 
perforin u : in High School 
Musical 3.1^ hit vampire 
love story Twilight won top 
honors as Best Movie. 

Oscar's Big Night 

Hollywood's biggest night belonged to a 
lesser-known movie titled The Hurt Locker 
which picked up six awards in all, including 
top nods for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow 
and Best Picture. Bigelow was also the first 
woman to win the Best Directing award. In the 
acting categories, Sandra Bullock was honored 
as Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side 

Emmy Awards 

Despite repeat winners, the 61st Emmy 
Awards still had some surprises. 30 Rock 
took home the statue for Outstanding 
Comedy Series for the third straight year, 
while Mad Men repeated as winner of 
Outstanding Drama Series. The Amazing 
Race won for Best Reality Competition for 
the seventh consecutive year. Unexpected 
winners included Kristen Chenoweth for jj 
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy 
Series for the cancelled Pushing Daisies and 
Jon Cryer won Outstanding Supporting Actor 
in a Comedy Series for Two and a Half Men. 




Moonman Madness 

The stars turned out for the Video 
Music Awards and the night was full of 
memorable moments. Janet Jackson 
paid tribute to her brother Michael with 
a moving performance to open the show. 
Later, in a controversial move, Kanye West 
stormed the stage, interrupting Taylor 
Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female 
Video. Despite the distractions, Moonmen 
were still awarded. Beyonce took home the 
prize for Video of the Year, Lady Gaga was 
named Best New Artist, and Green Day won 
Best Rock Video. 


^.L...#. Ma*. ... ^ 

Beyonce's Grammy Record 

There's no doubt the night belonged 
to Beyonce, who was nominated in 1 
categories and won a female artist record 
of six trophies including Song Of The Year, 
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best 
Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best 
Traditional R&B Vocal Performance, Best 
R&B Song, and Best Contemporary R&B 
Album. Taylor Swift was a close second with 
four wins including Best Female Country 
Vocal Performance, Best Country Song, 
Best Country Album and Album of the 
Year for Fearless. Among the nights most 
memorable moments was the appearance 
of Michael Jackson's kids, who accepted 
the Lifetime Achievement award on their 
father's behalf. 

Harry's Midnight Millions 

After two years, fans eagerly awaited the 
sixth installment in the Harry Potter series, 
which proved even more magical than 
the rest. The midnight showings of Horry 
Potter and the Half-Blood Prince raked in 
S22.2 million at the box office, beating the 
previous record of $1 8.5 million held by 
The Dark Knight. 



' HUBERT BOESL/dpa /Landov 

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©DOUG PETERS/PA Pholos /Landov 

High School Cool 

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards kicked off with its 
traditional hijinks when host Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 
zip-lined over the audience in a stunning entrance. The 
evening's top honors went to High School Musical 3 for 
Favorite Movie and its star Vanessa Hudgens won Favorite 
Movie Actress. Miley Cyrus won for Favorite Female Singer 
and Twilight was named Favorite Book. 


Juno Awards 
Nickelback, nominated five times, took 
home three Junos for Group of the Year, 
Album of the Year, and the Fan Choice 
Award. Hip-hop artist Kardinal Offishall 
earned Best Rap Recording, while Alanis 
Morrisette won Best Pop Album. This 
year marked the 38th anniversary of the 
Canadian-based awards. 

Decade Darlings 

In celebration of a new decade, 
Entertainment Weekly published their list of 
top entertainers of the 2000s. Rounding out 
the top five were actor Johnny Depp noted 
for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean; 
10-time Grammy winner Beyonce; Harry 
Potter author J.K. Rowling; American Idol 
judge and entertainment mogul Simon 
Cowell and Emmy award-winning writer/ 
actress Tina Fey. 

Top 5 in '09 


1 . Boom Boom Pow - Block Eyed Peas 

2. Poker Face -Lady Gaga A. ^. 

3. Just Dance - Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O'Donis 

4. / Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas 

5. Love Story -Taylor Swift 
(According to Billboard Hot 100) 


1. Avatar -5445,768,203 

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - $301 ,959,1 97 

4. Up- $293,004, 164 

5. The Twilight Saga: New Moon - $291 ,1 49,228 
(According to Box Office Mojo) 


B.E.T Awards 

The top stars of 2009 were out at the annual Block 
Entertainment Television Awards. Winners included Beyonce for 
Best Female R&B Artist and Best Music Video for Single Ladies; 
Ne-yo won for Best Male R&B Artist; and MTV reality stars, Day 
26 took home Best Group. Other wins included Best Actor, Will 
Smith; Best Actress, Taraji Henson; Best Male Athlete, LeBron 
James and Best Female Athlete, Serena Williams. 



People Have Chosen 

Fan favorites in film, television and music were awarded at 
the 36th annual People's Choice Awards. Twilight continued its 
triumphant award streak, picking up four awards including Favorite 
Movie, Favorite Franchise, Favorite On-Screen Team (awarded to 
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart), as well as Favorite Breakout 
Movie Actor for Taylor Lautner. Johnny Depp was also honored 
with the Favorite Movie Actor for the Decade award for his film 
achievements over the past 1 years. Favorite TV Comedy Actor/ 
Actress awards went to Steve Corel! for The Office and Alyson 
Hannigan for How I Met Your Mother. Favorite Male/Female Artist 
went to Keith Urban and Taylor Swift respectively. 

ALMA Awards 

Held during Notional Hispanic Heritage Month in September, 
the ALMA Awards handed out accolades to Latinos in the 
entertainment industry. Winners included Selena Gomez for 
Comedy Actress and David Archuleta for New Artist. Eva 
Longoria Parker and George Lopez hosted this year's festivities. 

Avatar Strikes Gold 

The 67th annual Golden Globe awards' top honors for Best Motion 
Picture - Drama went to the blockbuster hit Avatar while director 
James Cameron also won for Best Director. Top movie acting nods 
went to Sandra Bullock for her role in The Blind Side and Jeff 
Bridges for Crazy Heart. In the television categories it was Mad Men 
that took home the trophy for Best Television Series - Drama while 
Glee was presented with Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical. 

9 - J 



., -'- i - • 


l/UPI /Londov 

Latin Grammy Awards 

The 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards belonged to Calle 3. The 
hip-hop/alternative-reggae duo walked away with all five trophies 
they were nominated for including Record of the Year and Album of 
the Year, Best Urban Music Album, Best Alternative Song, and Best 
Short Form Music Video. Alternative rock also won big with Cafe 
Tacvba, Jaguares and Caetano Veloso receiving two awards each. 






Cupcake for the Cure 

The world's largest cupcake record was 
crushed eight times over by a mammoth 
1,224-pound triple vanilla cupcake 
containing an estimated 2 million calories. 
The postry took over 1 2 hours to bake and 
included 800 eggs and 200 pounds each of 
sugar and flour. The cupcake was served to 
raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the 
Cure breost cancer organization. 

Daily Double 

Sean Sanders, an 
unemployed mortgage 
worker played the 
odds and won ... twice! 
After winning $1,400 in the 
California Lottery, he checked 
his Mega Millions lottery ticket 
and realized he'd won an 
additional $141,519. Sanders 
reported that he plans to pay 
off his bills and invest what 

Skinny Scare 

Despite being a popular fashion trend for 
years, skinny jeans could be causing nerve 
damage. Doctors reported seeing an increase 
of young women complaining of tingling 
or numbness in the upper legs, supposedly 
caused by the trendy pants. Diagnosed 
as a form of nerve damage, meralgia 
paresthetica is usually not permanent and 
the effects con be reversed by trading in the 
tight fitting jeans for a looser alternative. 


In a survey conducted by the Marist Institute 
for Public Opinion, "whatever" was found 
to be the most annoying word in America. 
47% of the vote, the popular word of 
disinterest beat out other phrases like "you 
know," "it is what it is," and "at the end of 
the day." "Whatever" gained popularity in 
the 1 990s after its use as valley-girl slang 
in movies like Clueless. 


Boy Hit by Meteorite 

A 14 year old from Germany lived to tell 
his story after being struck by a meteorite 
traveling 30,000 mph. Explained k a 
massive fireball, the meteorite struck the 
boy's hand before hitting the ground. Though 
not seriously injured, the impact sent the child 
flying and left a three-inch scar on the boy's 
hand and a foot-long crater in the ground. 


Terrifying Toilet Tales 

Japanese author Koji Suzuki, famous 
for horror stories like the one that 
inspired Hollywood movie, The Ring, 
created a story to be printed on rolls 
of toilet paper. The nine-chapter 
story is set in o public restroom and 
can be read in just a few minutes. At 
approximately three feet long, each 
roll contains several copies, each 
can be read in one sitting. 

Fastest Texter 

Kote Moore, 1 5, amazed 

onlookers as she won the 

title of National Texting 

Champion, beating out 

more than 250,000 

participants to win 

the grand prize of 

$50,000. Moore, who 

averages 14,000 

texts a month, 

completed the winning 

phrase "Zippity Dooo 

Dahh Zippity Ayy 

... My oh MY, what a 

wonderful day! Plenty of 

sunshine Comin' my way 

. . . ZippittyDooDahZippityAay 

Wonderful feeling, Wonderful day!" 

with no errors in less than 60 seconds 


Snuggie Chic 
Perhaps not the most 
anticipated show of New 
York's exclusive Fashion 
Week but probably the 
most unique was for 
the Snuggie™. Shown 
to only 20 people 
in a hotel room, the 
popular blanket with 
arms unveiled its new 
collection in basic colors, 
as well as bold new 
animal prints and a 
Snuggie for dogs. 

Achieve the 

Willa Chen, 1 7, 

accomplished what all 
college-bound teens 
consider impossible— 
acing the PSAT, SAT, and 
ACT college admissions 
tests. According to Chen, 
who is a senior, she did 
not study much for the 
tests but enjoys learning 
and plans to attend 
Princeton University after 
high school. 

Cat Earns Diploma 

Oreo has always been a smart cat but did she 
really earn a diploma? Better Business Bureau 
Georgia president and CEO, Kelvin Collins, 
enrolled his cat Oreo into Jefferson High School 
Online as part of an investigation into online 
diploma mills. After a test and S200 fee, Oreo 
was the proud recipient of her high school 
diploma, though Collins admits he may have 
helped her answer the questions. 

Cover Your Ears! 

Competition reached a fever pitch 
at Thailand's Ripley's Believe It or 
Not Museum where contestants from 
around the world competed for the 
title of loudest scream. The winner, 
Russian Sergey Savelyev rang in at 
1 16.8 decibels, just falling short of the 
Guinness World Record. Though he says 
he was "only getting warmed up," his 
winning shriek was roughly as loud as 
an ambulance siren. 

Little Fashionista 

While most 1 3 year olds are consumed by algebra, 
Tavi Gevinson had a different focus— high 
fashion. The teenager from the suburbs of Chicago 
shot to fame when her blog, Style Rookie, was 
discovered by two big name designers. Soon she 
was seated in the exclusive front row at several 
New York fashion Week shows, impressing the 
industry with her poise and sharp eye. 

Looking Good! 

No ordinary doll, Barbie has held over 108 
jobs including three runs at the presidency. 
This year the iconic children's toy celebrated 
her 50th birthday ... and looks better than 
ever! Since her introduction in 1959, over one 
billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide 
with no signs of stopping — 1 00 million dolls 
were sold in the past year alone. 



'O MARIO AUZUONI/Reulers Aandov 




Lost and Found 

Sixty-three years after losing his wallet 
at a high school basketball game, I 
Fulton received a surprising knock on 
the door. Remarkably, his wallet, which 

included his social security card, 
was returned after being recovered 
during the gym's renovation. Having 
sent his children through the same 
school, it's likely Bill came within feet of 
the missing wallet several times since its 
1946 disappearance. 



to > 

Fill in the blank with your friends and classmates. 

Best smile 

Best laugh 



Can you believe it?! Determine if these stories are real or fake. 

The average U.S. teenager sends 
and receives an estimated 500 text 
messages a month. 

Ashton Kutcher became the first person 
on Twitter to have one million followers. 

In the wake of Paula Abdul's departure 
from American Idol, Miley Cyrus took 
over judging duties on the popular 
singing competition. 


Most unique . 
Most athletic 
Most spirited 
Class clown _ 
Class flirt 

Class gossip 

Fastest texter 

Most dramatic 

Most likely to become President 

Most likely to get out of trouble by smiling _ 
Most likely to stay up late doing homework . 
Most likely to capture everything on camera 



Hint: This young star hit the Broadway stage at age 8 and now stars 
in a popular new musicol-comedy TV series that won Best Television 
Series - Comedy or Musical at this year's Golden Globe Awards. 

Hint: This young country singer/songwriter swept the music award 
shows this year including the Video Music Awards, Country Music 
Awards and the American Music Awards. 

Hint: These stars of the night were honored at the Teen Choice 
Awards for sinking their teeth into their roles in the popular book- 
turned-movie Jwilia 


Who is she? 

Who is she? 

Who are they? 


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